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Apr 8, 2010 - which featured the Haywood Scottish Dancers. Knowing we were coming, they had asked us along with Brian an
The Petronella Paper March-April 2010 Newsletter of The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society - Atlanta Branch, Inc. h

Bob and Dawn Receive Branch Awards! As we took our partners for the pre-intermission dance at the Unicoi Ball on March 13th, Susan Tumlin stepped to the podium: “Fred and Ginger, Batman and Robin, Anthony and Cleopatra, Posh and Becks, Chip and Dale, Smith and Wesson; we all know these famous pairs. Individuals who stand out alone, but paired together really shine. “Bob and Dawn - the Atlanta Branch of RSCDS is most fortunate to have our own stellar pair, Bob Messner and Dawn Dorsey. Individually Bob and Dawn are wonderful assets for our branch, but team them up and they soar to new heights as resources that extend far beyond the Atlanta area into the entire southeastern United States. “Working as a team, Bob and Dawn have been facilitating and promoting Scottish Country Dancing for many years. They coordinate many of the demos the branch participates in as well as teaching on the platform at the Stone Mountain Highland Games, the Blairsville Highland Games, and other festivals. They have been responsible for many workshops including this weekend’s Spring Workshop here at Unicoi. Currently serving her second term as the Chair of the Branch, Dawn is especially gifted in working both with children and adults and encouraging lots of audience participation. Bob, “the sound man,” has a first class portable sound system, which he is constantly trying to improve, that many of our groups have grown to rely upon. He has an extensive music library and is very proficient at putting together music CDs for our monthly socials, out-of-town dances, and demos. He delights in finding new dances from other areas to bring into our locale. After listening to some great recordings and wondering what dances accompanied them, Bob introduced us to some of our newest favorite dances including Montreal Rendezvou s, The Magic of Merrill, and The Architect . “Through the years Bob and Dawn have taught various classes in the Atlanta area. At present they are teaching the newest Atlanta Branch beginner class in Cartersville, Georgia. Dawn puts together the lesson plans covering

all the basics and with Bob presents them in an easy to follow manner. They are both patient and encouraging of new dancers and try to make the learning process fun and not too daunting. On top of that, they brave the Friday afternoo n Atlanta traffic for the 40+ mile trip to reach the class. “Bob and Dawn - quite a pair! The Atlanta Branch would like to honor both Bob and Dawn for all of their hard work and dedication in enhancing the enjoyment of Scottish C o u n t r y D a n c i n g f o r a l l w ho participate. And Headquarters agrees. Tonight it is my honor to present the Branch Award of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society to Robert W. “Bob” Messner and Dawn W. Dorsey. Congratulations! ” (Susan’s presentation speech incorporates parts of the award citations prepared on behalf of the Branch by Sylvia Priest and Rhonda Raye.)

Dawn Dorsey and Bob Messner with their framed Branch Award certificates. Photo courtesy of Pat Pennington.

News of Members

LaGrange Class’ Farewell to Cathy Schane Sylvia Priest

Our thoughts and prayers are with Pat Rubey whose th mother passed away on February 9 at the age of 102.5 in Pennsylvania. Please remember Maggie Mathewes whose father, Buford Woodward, passed away on February 16. Also, please keep Steve and Cheryl Bindl in your thoughts and prayers. Steve’s mother, Betty, passed away on March 18. Many of you will remember that Betty and her family attended the Stone Mountain dances last October and really enjoyed the music and watching the dancing. On a more cheerful note, Kaileen Anich (Colleen’s daughter) has been accepted at Colorado State University and plans to major in Wildlife Biology. She hopes to dance with the Fort Collins SCD group.

Group photo courtesy of Lou Harvath

The whole class gathered for a pot-luck supper at the home of Elfrieda and Lou Harvath on February 6th. Cathy has moved to Gainesville, FL to be closer to family. We hope her schedule will allow her to dance more often with the SCD group there.

As always, please let me know when you have any changes in your contact information by sending an e-mail to sapriest at or calling 770-377-5114. Thank you for your help in keeping our membership information current.

Members’ Birthdays March


05 11 14 15 22 24 24 30

03 08 16 16 20 28 29 30

Clara McRae Kay Barrow Harris Adams Anne Patrick Bill McCullough Gwen Lopez Brenda Maguire Bernard Kaiman

Linda Lovejoy Ron Gemmell Colleen Anich gene Ligon Anne McLaughlin Randy Allen Werner Linz Lamar Britt

Ian McFrosty (A potent ial member who didn’t stay around long)

Hostess Elfrieda, Cathy, and class teacher Myrtice Adcock Photo by Becky Sager

Where’s Andrew?? by Becky Sager That’s the question we’ve been asking the members of his class, the “Leafmore ” Class which now dances at Covenant Presbyterian Church, for over a year and a half. Most people have heard that he had to go back to Scotland to fix some visa problems. He had only been here since 1984 when some few of us remember his arrival as one of the SMHG-sponsore d Bobby Jones Scholars for that year. As a teacher and musician he was a great asset to the Branch. He tutored a Candidate Class in 1999; he taught at our workshops and at others, including Pinewoods in 2007; we danced to his piano. We hoped for his return . Now we hear his visa is OK –but – he has been offered and accepted a good teaching job in Kansas. Can this be goodbye, Andrew? Say it isn’t so!

Website Changes

Ladies, Tired of dancing as a man? Create your own partner! Although bold with his stag’s horn, his footwork was just a bit stiff. He was much more fluid in a couple of days. --Rhonda Raye 2

You may have noticed something going on with the Branch website over the last few weeks. Bob Messner , with webmaster expertise provided by Richard Walker , is taking it over from Nancy Kidd, whose hard work and bubbly style over the past several years have been very much appreciated . We will be with a new hosting service, have a lot more space and a more streamlined domain name. Stay tuned…

Atlanta Branch April Social Saturday, April 10, 1:00 pm Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens 780 Timothy Road, Athens, GA MC: Thistle and Kudzu Scottish Country Dancers Welcome to the Dance Mr Watson’s Favourite Delvine Side Ian Powrie’s Farewell… The Clansman The Lea Rig Lady Home’s Jig Flowers of Edinburgh

32J2,RR 32R2 32S3 128J4sq 32R2 32S2 32J3 32R3

Let’s All Dance Graded Book Book 2 Bill Hamilton Book 32 Book 21 MMM 1 Book 1

The White Rabbit Gramachie Frog in the Middle The Silver Square This is no My Ain Hoose Old Nick’s Lumber Room Saint John River The Deil Amang the Tailors

32R2 32S3 32J3 32R5sq 32S3 32J3 32S4 32R3

Iain Boyd MMM 1 MMM 2 Terry Glasspool Book 15 Book 26 P. Edwards Book 14

A Piece of Branch History by Becky Sager When the Atlanta Branch was coming into being, way back in 1976, it was felt that we needed a Vice-Chairman . In order to give that office-holder something to do, in addition to waiting around for the Chairman to be absent from a Board Meeting, it was decided that they should also chair the Social Committee. This means the ViceChairman is responsib le for setting the date of our monthly socials, finding a location, persuading a teacher to devise a program and serve as MC and with sometimes theoretical help from other dancers make sure that things are in place for dancing and partaking of refreshment. Small wonder that the Vice-Chairman came to be known as “The Keeper of the Punch Bowls”. Recently, Sylvia Priest, our Secretary , c a m e a c r o s s t h i s s t r a n g e “Proclamation” in her files:

BY THE IMMEDIATE PAST VICE-CHAIRMAN R.S.C.D.S. ATLANTA BRANCH A PROCLAMATION Be it known that past Vice-Chairmen have hauled around from social to social two heavy glass punch bowls: That these punch bowls have caused much worry and added weight to an already dangerous job:

Atlanta Branch May (AGM) Social Saturday, May 22, 2:00 pm Saint Bede’s Episcopal Church 2601 Henderson Mill Road, Tucker GA MC: Becky Sager The Highland Fair The Clansman Jean Martin of Aberdeen Miss Allie Anderson Monday Madness The Trysting Place The Barmkin

32J2 32R2 32S3c 32J3 40R4 32S2 88R4sq

Graded Book Book 32 3 Dances 2006 RSCDS Leaflet Ted Blaschke Book 35 Roy Goldring

Jubilee Jig Jessie’s Hornpipe The Ellwyn Strathspey Old Nick’s Lumber Room J B Milne The Wind on Loch Fyne

32J3 32R3 48S4 32J3 32R3 32S3c

The Reel of the 51st Division


RSCDS Leaflet Book 8 John Duthie Book 26 Hugh Foss John Bowie Dickson Book 13

The Annual General Meeting of the Branch will be held during the intermission of this Social. It is not anticipated that this will be a long meeting, but we do need a quorum of members to make it official. Therefore, there will be no admission charge. Come on out and dance for free (but bring finger foods to share as usual!)

And that these punch bowls have reached out and caused themselves to crash against the body of a certain Ted Blaschke: The Immediate Past Vice-Chairman feels that it is an honor to bestow upon the Atlanta Branch new punch bowls that are light in weight and unbreakable in character, and therefore will have reduced capability of causing injury to any dancer, either carrying said punch bowls or merely standing nearby Therefore, the Immediate Past Vice-Chairman, with great pleasure, hereby presents these new unbreakable punch bowls to the Branch, to be known henceforth as the BLASCHKE BOWLS. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand, this 19th day of February, 1993.

I can see it as if it were yesterday – a Social at St. James Church in Marietta – across the room Ted Blaschke is watching the dancers. He strikes a casual pose with one hip against the refreshment table, and as they say in the comic strips – KAPPOOWW!! The legs at his end of the table fold under and the punch bowls come sliding off. Ted was not long recovered from hip-replacement surgery at the time, so it was really scary. However, he suffered no lasting harm and the Branch did get the unbreakable bowls as a result of the incident. You can see the famous bowls to this day, at every Branch social. Thank you, Bob Messner! 3

Atlanta RSCDS Unicoi Workshop 2010 – OR – How I Learned to Dance Upside -Down with Blisters by Sonya Clarkson

Images of Unicoi 2010 Some of these pictures taken by Linda Lovejoy on Sunday morning show Sonya – still standing, still dancing!

After three years hearing about the Atlanta branch RSCDS Unicoi workshop from other members of the Athens group, and attend ing the Ball last year, I knew I wanted to get the full experience this time around. Luckily, I was able to register with the help of a scholarship from the Atlanta Branch Memorial Fund. I arrived early, missing most of the heavy rains on the way, to help Rhonda, Gwen, and company decorate the ballroom. Then I settled into Cabin C1, where I would be sharing a single bathroom with seven other lovely people, three of whom I had never met before. Though I had come prepared, it turned out that all my meals were provided for – dinners were brought by the wonderful Gwen and an unexpected bonus of my scholarship included meal tickets for breakfast and lunch, giving me more opportunity to socialize with people in the dining hall. The dancing started off with a warm-up Welcome Dance that included just enough difficulty to keep things interesting, while letting me focus on meeting everyone attending. I saw my first of many new set orientations , the three couple triangle set in Indian River Strathspey. I sat out only one dance and managed to get blisters on half of my toes! At the after-social, I got to talk with Marshall McLaughlin, a member of the review committee that awarded my scholarship, as well as meet another young, relatively new dancer from South Carolina. The next day, after copious amounts of coffee to get me going, I took both technique classes, which I thoroughly enjoyed despite them not being exactly what I had expected. We learned new dances and new figures, like set and unlink, the wheelie chain, and the Bourrel , and practiced learning by watching, which I was able to use at the Ball that night when I had read a dance, but didn't quite know what it should look like. The Ball itself was wonderful fun, with more challenging dances - including a five couple set dance, something I had never done before. Each successive dance got harder and harder for me anyway with my blisters, especially when we ended up doing most dances twice! Sunday morning class was exciting after I was properly caffeinated and got my I-wish-they-were-numb-already feet warmed up. I learned even more new figures - set and rotate and the progressive chain - and a few new set orientations. I finally got to do a five couple square set, after hearing about them in class for a semester, and I also learned how to dance upside-down when we did a six couple mirrored set dance (The Bonny Bells of Heather by Jean Attwood – Ed) that took a while to learn but was really fun when we finally got to dance it. All in all, I had a fantastic time dancing and getting to talk with so many people, especially all the Atlanta branch members. I am definitely looking forward to next year.


Our great staff – Mara Shea from NC, Nicholas Williams from Canada, Jeff Corrigan from VA and James Kutzner from FL.

Jeff demonstrating with Peter Taylor from SC. Peter’s wife Fran stands in front of Anne McLaughlin and Sylvia Priest. James with Sonya behind him, and Lorena Armendariz from LaGrange in the foreground.

The dance in these two pictures is the Buchan Tensome Reel. Here’s Sonya again, dancing in a five-couple handsacross.

No comment. Taken by Becky Sager after the Saturday morning session

The Gemmel ls’ 50th Wedding Anniversary Social by Myrtice Adcock Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary celebrations are usually occasions for receiving gifts and for being entertained. Barbara and Ronald Gemmell planned a turn-about. Their love of dancing and their regular involvement with the Atlanta Branch of the RSCDS inspired them to host the February Social. Initial plans were to entertain where Ron has taught the class at the Union Hill Community Center near their home in Canton, GA. Building inspectors found termite damage and condemned the structure as unsafe for use. Not to be denied, the Gemmells arranged for the use of the Cherokee County Recreation Building in Woodstock. Ron and Barb planned and MC’d a wonder ful program with just the right balance of familiar dances placed between more challenging dances to keep good dancers on their toes. How rewarding to them it must be to have both their granddaughters active participants in Scottish Country Dancing.

The granddaughters can be seen here, as 3rd and 4th women in The Piper and the Penguin, while the men, including Ron and Barb, give left hands across Barb provided swatches of fabric designed to be made into a quilt. Pens for writing on cloth were available for each guest to express congratulations and sign. Barb will make these into a quilt preserving the memory for all the family to enjoy. A family event it was! Daughter Karen took leadership , providing a dinner following the dance. She set a delicious Bar B Que buffet supplemented by covered dishes brought by family and friends. M a n y fr i e n d s a n d extended family attended the event, some traveling from Florida and even California. A highlight during dinner w a s a s l i d e s h o w— complete with captions — of the Gemmell family at holiday and party gatherings.

Barb and Ron, we appreciate your contributions to Scottish Country Dancing in Atlanta . M a n y o f u s remember you welcoming us to Jacksonville Weekends in the early 2000’s. We’re glad you moved here. Florida’s loss is Atlanta’s gain!

Upcoming Dance Events in the Southeast After a tough and seemingly endless winter it’s good to have so many dancing events to look forward to. First, of course, April 16-18 is Loch Norman Weekend . Can it really be the 17th Annual Games? Eilean Yates always puts on two great dances. Music will be provided by the MacRowdies and the programs can be found on the Shelby SCD website The Games are held at Rural Hill Farm, not far north of Charlotte, NC, a lovely site with easy parking, and there is dancing on a great platform with a tent to provide shelter from the rain or shade from the sun, as needed. For years there have been no dances in conjunction with the Gatlinburg Games. This year Cynthia Atkins -West has spearheaded the effort to bring SCD back to Gatlinburg on May 15. Musicians for the Gala will be Dave Wiesler and David Knight (remember them from Dillard Weekend, 2006?) The dancing will be dedicated to Audrey and Bernard Kaiman and the program can be accessed through the Games website by clicking on “Scottish Country Dancing” in box #3. At Unicoi, Brian Carr of South Carolina (he’s the one who makes the rum balls) was handing out programs for the Greenville Scottish Country Dancers’ First Annual Dance. The date is May 29, 7:30 pm, at the Traveler’s Rest U. M. Church, 19 S. Main St., Traveler’s Rest, SC. Admission is only $5.00 The group’s teacher, Bill McCullough, has put together this great program: Swamp Rabbit Parade The Happy Meeting Sugar Candie Gretchen’s Fancy Let’s Have a Ceilidh Gypsy Dreams Follow Me Home The Balgeddie Reel Bobby Brown’s Canadian Breakdown

RTR 32J2 32S3 32J3 32R4 32S2 32J3 32R5 32R4sq

GSCDS Book 29 Book 26 Marilyn Blaschke Bob Campbell Terry Glasspool Book 38 Mary Brandon Bob Millar

Dashing White Sergeant Tribute to the Borders Catch the Wind The Minister on the Loch Ian Powrie’s Farewell… The Black, Black Oil Mary Hamilton A Trip to Bavaria The Drunken Sailor Mairi’s Wedding

RTR 32J3 32R3 32S3c 128J4sq 32R5 32S4 32R4 32R3 40R3

Book 3 RSCDS Leaflet Book 45 Roy Goldring Bill Hamilton John Drewry John Drewry MacGregor-Brown Edwin Werner James Cosh

Information about the Greenville Games can be found at – Brian says the GSCDS group has invited the Honored Guest, Prince Edward, to the Dance! 5

Celtic Adventure 2010 by Susan Tumlin February 5-7, 2010 was the weekend for the third annual Celtic Music Adventure at the historic Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC. This was our second time in attendance, and this time our friends Harry and Christy Thompson, beginner dancers in the Cartersville class, accompanied us. Friday’s events began with Donna Germano playing the hammered dulcimer in the Great Hall while the local Highland Brewing Company generously provided an informative and most enjoyable beer tasting. Later we met more dancing friends Anne and Marshall McLaughlin and Gwen and John Clemens for dinner at the Grovewood Cafe before heading over to the Grand Ballroom for the evening’s concert. This year Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas and Friends entertained us not only with their fiddle/cello duets, but added some vocals and dancing for a very enjoyable concert. We woke Saturday to a beautiful snowfall and headed to the huge breakfast buffet included in the weekend’s package. We were filling up for the morning ’s activities which featured the Haywood Scottish Dancers. Knowing we were coming, they had asked us along with Brian and Barbara Youngman and Cheryl Jones of Cary, NC, also attending the weekend , to participate in the demo.

for a second round of tasting with different brews from the previous day. In addition, they debuted their new beer, Great Gatsby Abbey Brown Ale, available exclusively at Grove Park Inn. Event participants all received a free six pack of the ale to take home. Having skipped lunch, we had a delectable meal at the Sunset Terrace, and then headed upstairs to the Grand Ballroom for the Saturday night concert featuring Gaelic Storm. As usual this Celtic band did not disappoint in entertaining us with their rowdy, raucous music. Many of their fans were dancing and singing along. Grove Park’s Celtic Music Adventure is full of wonderful music, lively dancing, great food and drink. It is a weekend worth splurging for. Celtic Adventure Weekend 2011 is already scheduled for February 4-6, 2011. Save the date!

Arkansas 2010 Mid-Winter Workshop and Ball by Becky Sager It was a small gathering this year, but there were still enough dancers from several states to have good dancing. Lovely Elke Baker provided all the music for the Workshop and the Ball. Her great arrangement for Montreal Rendezvous was much enjoyed by everybody. John Middleton was originally scheduled to teach, but had withdrawn because of what turned out to be his final illness. We remembered him while dancing The Middleton Medley at the Ball.

Elke Baker

In John’s place, Keith Bark, chairman of T.A.C. taught a very good Workshop, with rigorous technique balanced by some fun dances.

Lewis and Susan with the Cary contingent

Due to the snow, we were skeptical of the attendance, but were pleasantly surprised as the crowd filled the room to capacity. The demo was held at the beautiful Grove Park Country Club which has an awesome wooden floor in the ball room. Steve Kraus led the demonstration dances which included Hooper’s Jig, Mairi’s Wedding, Machine Without Horses, and Postie’s Jig. Flora MacDonald Gammon led the audience participation dances which had the majority of the attendees up and on their feet having a wonderful time. In past years, Grove Park has had a group of Irish dancers to fill this time on the program, but they enjoyed the Scottish dancing so much, they are already planning to ask the Haywood group back again next year. There were plenty of events for Saturday afternoon including Border Collie demonstrations and another concert featuring legendary Alex Beaton. A wine tasting was held and the Highland Brewing Company was back 6

Keith Bark – both photos courtesy of Pat Pennington

As always in Little Rock there were good social gettogethers with the wonderful members of the Arkansas SCD group. I particularly liked the new location for this year’s Brunch, a house on the ridge with a spectacular view of the river.

Atlanta Area Scottish Country Dance Classes Wednesday Social Class: 7:45-9:30 p.m. LaGrange School of Ballet 212 Bull Street, LaGrange Teachers: Myrtice Adcock – (706) 882-9655 m41m33 at Randy Allen – (706) 663-2545 raallen at Contacts: Anne Short – (706) 845-0503 Werner & Catherine Linz walinz at Thursday Beginner/Intermediate: 7:30-9:30 p.m. First Presbyterian Church 189 Church Street, Marietta Teachers: Walt Ligon wligonmd at Becky Sager bsager3 at Contact: Sylvia Priest – (770) 377-5114 sapriest at Beginner/Advanced: 7:00-9:30 p.m. Covenant Presbyterian Church 2461 Peachtree Street NE, Atlanta Teacher: Andrew Smith Contact: Trish Bolton – (770) 442-5423 tabhome at Please call or e-mail for details/schedule. Novice dancer instruction is scheduled in September Beginner/Intermediate: 7:00-9:00 p.m. (The Thistle & Kudzu Dancers) Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens 780 Timothy Road, Athens 30606 (off of Loop 10) Teacher: Jesse Behmke Contact: Carrie Slayton 706-255-1010 For more information, please email info at Friday Evenings (First and Third of Month) : Beginner: 7:30 - 9:30 p.m. Heritage Baptist Church 1070 Douthit Ferry Rd., Carterville, GA Teachers: Dawn Dorsey Bob Messner Contact: Susan Tumlin (H) 770-386-3656 susantumlin at

RSCDS Atlanta Branch Committee of Management Chairman Vice-Chairman Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer Scribe Mem.-at-Large Mem.-at-Large Editor

Dawn Dorsey

770-934-1561 bionicelt at Rhonda Raye 770-606-0356 Rstarthistle at Sylvia Priest 770-377-5114 sapriest at Becky Sager 770-427-4642 bsager3 at Christine Transue 770-952-3704 ctscot1 at Bob Messner 770-457-3973 rmess61412 at Susan Tumlin 770-386-3656 susantumlin at Rhonda Raye 770-606-0356 Rstarthistle at

The Atlanta Branch Committee of Management meets on the first Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM, at First Presbyterian Church, 189 Church Street, Marietta. All members are invited to attend and may speak on any issue. The next meeting will be held on April 8, 2010 .

The Atlanta Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society publishes The Petronella Paper six times a year. Full-year subscription (mailed to US address) is $6.00; half-year is $3.00. The newsletter may be accessed on the Branch website. Articles, subscription requests and other correspondence regarding The Petronella Paper should be addressed to: Editor, The Petronella Paper RSCDS – Atlanta Branch P.O. Box 33905 Decatur, GA 30033 Articles for the May/June issue should be received by the editor on or before April 30 and may be of any length: typed, neatly handwritten, or e-mailed to rstarthistle at . Any material submitted becomes the property of The Petronella Paper and will not be returned. Anonymous contributions will not be accepted. All letters must be signed. All articles may be edited (as required by limitations of space and appropriateness) before publication.

Before attending a class for the first time, or for more information, please contact the person(s) indicated. You don't need to bring a partner. Flat, soft-soled shoes are recommended!


Upcoming events April



Atlanta Branch Social - Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens, GA 16-18 Atlanta Dogwood Festival 16-18 Loch Norman Highland Games – Charlotte, NC 30 (Triad Highland Games, Greensboro, NC have been postponed – a 2011 return is envisioned)

4-9 8-11 24



15-16 Gatlinburg Scottish Games & Festival – Gatlinburg, TN 15 SCD Gala – Community Center, Gatlinburg, TN 22 Atlanta Branch AGM and Social – St. Bede’s Episcopal Church, Tucker, GA 28-29 Greenville Scottish Games – Furman University, Greenville, SC 29 First Annual Greenville Scottish Country Dance – Travelers Rest, SC

June 12-13 Blairsville Scottish Festival and Highland Games – Meeks Park, Blairsville, GA 12-13 Richmond Silver Thistle Ball – Richmond, VA 19 Atlanta Branch Social – Covenant Presbyterian Church, Atlanta, GA

If undelivered, return to: The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Atlanta Branch Post Office Box 33905 Decatur, GA 30033 U.S.A.


Thistle School – Banner Elk, NC Grandfather Mountain Highland Games Atlanta Branch Social – Heritage Baptist Church, Cartersville, GA 25-Aug.22 RSCDS Summer School – St. Andrews, Scotland Info. online at

8-15 14

T.A.C. Summer School – Waterloo, ON, Canada Info. online at www.tac Carolinas Tea Dance – The Grange, Greensboro, NC

October 15-17 Stone Mountain Highland Games

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