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again joins for es) to show the ater. With crisp wful pretty up ... e series, whic ed by Scott Bi alities and imag ... ologies of the more recent v tween MOCCA xcuses  ...

This W Week in F Film: Wa atermark k, Burnin ng Down n the Sub burbs,  Kevin Jerome Everson n, and thee Torontto Palestiine Film Festivall  Posted by Blake William ms / SEPTEMBE ER 26, 2013

k in Film round ds up notewortthy new release es in theatres,, rep cinema a and avant-gard de screenings, This Week festivals, and a other spec cial cinema-rellated events ha appening in To oronto. NEW RELE EASES L Varsitty) Watermark (TIFF Bell Lightbox, A Special Presentation at a TIFF early th his month, Can nadian docmakker Jennifer Baichwal once again joins forrces ard Burtynsky (whose ( work was w featured in n her landmarkk Manufacture ed Landscape es) to show the e with Edwa world just how dependent we are on the not-as-unlimited-as-we-tthink resource e known as wa ater. With crisp p, profession nal-grade phottography of bo oth natural and d man-made sttructures, it ou ught to look aw wful pretty up on a big screen n.

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Also openiing in theatres s this week:  Ba aggage Claim (Cineplex Yon nge & Dundas))  Clo oudy with a Ch hance of Meatballs 2 (Cine eplex Yonge & Dundas)  Do on Jon (Scotia abank)  Enough Said (C Cineplex Yonge e & Dundas)  Me etallica Throug gh the Never (Scotiabank)  On n the Job (Cineplex Yonge & Dundas)  Re ed Obsession (TIFF Bell Ligh htbox)  Ru ush (Varsity, Scotiabank) S  The Spy (Cinepllex Yonge & Dundas)  Yo oung Detective e Dee: Rise of the Sea Drag gon (Cineplex Yonge & Dund das) SPECIAL SCREENINGS S e - Burning Do own the Suburrbs (Saturday, September 2 28 at 7PM; Marrkham Museum m) Land|Slide

This is the first of three screenings s in the t Land|Slide e series, whic ch will run for tthe next three Saturdays at tthe Transporta ation Hall in the Markham Museum. Curate ed by Scott Bi rdwise & Clintt Enns, "Burnin ng Down the Suburbs" is i a six-film prrogram dealing g with the "rea alities and imag ginaries, the fa acts and mytho ologies of the suburbs." Including 16m mm prints of film ms by Norman n McClaren an d Diane Bonder, as well as more recent videos by Chris Chan C Fui Chong g and Clive Ho olden, among others. o There a are free shuttles running bettween MOCCA A (leaving at 2PM and 5PM M) and Markha am Museum (6:30PM and 10 0PM), so no tra ansportation ex xcuses!

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The Free Screen S - All Do own the Line: Films by Keviin Jerome Eve erson (Thursd day, October 3 at 6:30PM; TIIFF Bell Lightb box)

The first of a tw wo-night Kevin n Jerome Evers son binge at th he Lightbox, th his first Fall ed dition of The F Free Screen compiles some s of the hig ghlights from the t last six yea ars of the Ohio o native's shorrt film work, w which amasses to form one of o the purest and a most fascin nating portraitts of African Am merican life an nd labour in av vant-garde (or any) cinema. Ev verson will be present to intrroduce his film ms both for thiss program and d the next even ning's screenin ng of his most re ecent feature, The Island off St. Matthews s. FILM FEST TIVALS ctober 4; TIFF F Bell Lightbox x) Toronto Palestine Film Festival (Septtember 28 - Oc "The Toron nto Palestine film f festival is ready for anyo one who didn'tt get enough o of a film fix from m TIFF. Only in its 6th year, th his festival has s quickly estab blished a stron ng audience fo or its selection n of Palestinian n film and mus sic. In addition to o highlights fro om the year's best b Palestinia an films, there is also an ann nual art show a and the very popular Pa alestinian Brun nch, one of the e hottest ticketts of the festivval." To purcha ase tickets onlline, gohere. Lead still from f Watermarrk

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