Time for Success

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Vodafone, Ford, Volvo, Novartis, BT, BP and many others. Joe is an accredited behaviour analyst, specialising in the sci
Time for Success “better time management to improve personal effectiveness, enhance productivity and encourage success”

The L-evate Portfolio


Who are L-evate?

Why is time management so important to your success?

We are a team of Training, Coaching and Business Development consultants with many years of experience who have joined together as a result of sharing the same desire - a desire to offer a more unique approach to personal and business development

People who are in control of their work and their lives are more productive - they make things happen. They are more energised, motivated and successful. Also, their positive behaviour helps to create a high performance environment which impacts on their colleagues. Time is our most valuable resource in life and managing it effectively is a core skill for success. Managing increasingly busy email and paper inboxes, dealing with the pressure that comes from the ubiquitous ‘open door’ policy and generally trying to do more work with less resource all adds pressure. Add to that the fact that our world is also full of distractions making it very easy to fill our procrastinate. At L-evate, our intention is to work with you to make you more aware of your work style and give you real-world tools to help you to manage your time more effectively, and make you more productive.

The approach Our programme will help you to identify unproductive habits and strategies and replace them with productive ones. Ultimately this learning will promote personal balance and improved performance.

We bring together a portfolio of personal and organisational development tools designed to meet every need delivered by an outstanding team of professional facilitators.

And what makes us different? Two things: (1) we tailor our approach based entirely on your needs, and even templated courses are designed to ensure that there is plenty of engagement tailored for a specific person or audience and (2) we focus on the individual in everything we do. Any team or organisation is made up of individuals with their own thoughts and ambitions

This is the key to time management - to see the value of every moment Menachem Mendel Schneerson

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The L-evate Portfolio

How would it work (in brief)? This development programme has been designed to suit the exact requirements of you or the group of people you have in mind. There can be considerable advantage, on this course, of asking the delegate(s) to complete a simple questionnaire which would enable us to better understand and analyse the individual pressures they are suffering with.

Defer no time, delays have dangerous ends William Shakespeare

This is a one day course with a number of useful follow-up

tools that participants can use to help them in their everyday lives. This will help to maintain and embed the learning – discussing this, as a follow-up to the training, can also be a useful development aid for a manager to do with the participant.

Objectives Following completion of the training and subsequent embedding, delegates will be able to: • Understand their work style and the effect it has on productivity and effectiveness • Identify personal drivers and motivations to help release more energy • Clarify their personal values and plan to achieve them • Identify the key activities that need to be delivered to satisfy their key business or personal measures • Develop the approach to delegating appropriately to achieve personal and team success


The L-evate Portfolio

Course overview

Pre-course questionnaire

Co-ordination of training programme content

Delivery of modules

Post course evaluation and feedback

Self-analysis of perceived needs and required benefits

Course design is developed to maximise participant interaction and give realworld help

Course is offered a single day

• Manager follow up with participant following training sessions • Gauge level of expertise & identify any further developmental needs and requirements

MODULE 1: • Focuses on understanding the current workload and working environment MODULE 2: • Works with participants to learn how to better handle the work pressures in the future


The L-evate Portfolio

Proposed content for Time Management Module 1

Session Understanding Work Attitude

Content Work styles and habits Motivators and stressors

Outcome Recognition of the benefit of getting the balance right

Life planning, our values and impact on behaviour Getting the MOST out of time …and life The importance of life balance Techniques for releasing more energy The Work Assessment

The Power of Time Log Analysis – how is time currently allocated Examine time management implications

Understand how to gauge and measure workload pressures

A systematic approach to prioritising work

Diary control Work Planning

The Important versus the Urgent Setting goals for long term achievement

Competence in prioritising and managing workload

Planning and project management techniques KEYTIME – making time for high priority work Using deadlines


The L-evate Portfolio

Proposed content for Time Management Module 2

Session Prioritising Key Activities

Achieving more each day

Personal Organisation

Content •

The Five Step process

How to manage you achievement based upon the results

Reviewing the day to day demands and pressures

Procrastination and delay

Effective delegation

Eliminating time wasters, interruptions and phone calls

Managing the ‘Open Door’ policy and sometimes saying ‘no’

Efficient and focussed meetings

Managing multi task projects

Developing effective interpersonal relationships for team productivity

Paperwork management Managing email and electronic information

Outcome Recognition of the range of techniques available

Demonstration & Practice

Competence in techniques and reflective application

Improved desk management


The L-evate Portfolio

Course Facilitator Joe Walker Joe is one of our most experienced and successful training consultants who is comfortable relating at all business levels, with a stimulating yet sensitive style. Joe has a sales and management background having worked for many well-known organisations. Before joining the L-evate team, he was the Sales & Training Director with one of the UK’s largest office products buying consortiums. In this role he designed, developed and delivered in-house sales training programmes. Joe has also designed, developed and delivered multiple programmes on numerous subjects for other organisations related to this and many other industries. He has also worked at the highest level with many well-known organisations such as; HSBC, Barclays Bank, Actelion, Halifax Bank of Scotland, Kimberley Clark, Land Rover, Royal Bank of Scotland, Vodafone, Ford, Volvo, Novartis, BT, BP and many others. Joe is an accredited behaviour analyst, specialising in the science of verbal communication and the impact it has on individual perceptions and their ability to be an effective leader and communicator. Joe is also an accredited coach and specialises in the areas of business, personal, work life balance and motivation and support development. Joe has a unique ability to connect with people at all levels, this combined with his effective and enthusiastic training style brings out the full potential of those he is working with.