Tomorrowland Advocacy Speech I want to take you all ... - Kate Brull

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Tomorrowland Advocacy Speech. I want to take you all on a journey into a world unlike any other. (PAUSE) A world that's full of vibrant colors, champagne ...

Tomorrowland  Advocacy  Speech     I  want  to  take  you  all  on  a  journey  into  a  world  unlike  any  other.  (PAUSE)  A  world   that’s  full  of  vibrant  colors,  champagne  showers  and  music  that  will  have  you   dancing  uncontrollably.  This  place  is  something  you  would  have  only  imagined  in   your  wildest  dreams,  a  fairytale  incomparable  to  any  other...  (PAUSE)  this  is   Tomorrowland.     Happening  only  once  a  year,  this  legendary  festival  brings  185  thousand  visitors   from  around  the  globe  to  their  final  destination  in  Boom,  Belgium.  Once  your  feet   have  touched  the  grounds  and  entered  this  magical  world,  you  will  never  want  to   leave.     Among  Belgium’s  beautiful  lakes,  hills  and  fields,  about  15  stages  are  set  up  with   400  DJs  spinning  throughout  the  three  days.  The  decorations  throughout  the  festival   are  over  the  top  and  are  nothing  less  then  the  best.  Water  features,  massive   structures  and  costumed  workers  help  tie  the  incredibly  dynamic  festival  together.       Pitch  a  tent  and  spend  the  night  in  Dreamville,  eat  and  drink  with  people  from  more   than  35  countries  and  ride  the  free  fairground  rides.  (PAUSE)  It  is  guaranteed  you   will  never  run  out  of  things  to  do.       (WITH  GREAT  EMPHASIS)  This  jaw-­‐dropping,  (PAUSE)  totally  mental  (PAUSE)   three-­‐day  festival  features  the  greatest  DJs  from  around  the  world,  including  David   Guetta,  Dimitri  Vegas  and  Like  Mike,  Hardwell,  Avicii,  Steve  Aoki…  okay  you  get  the   picture.  These  artists  alone  will  have  you  mesmerized  and  throwing  your  hands  in   the  air  to  their  upbeat  tracks  throughout  the  entire  day.     Not  only  are  the  beats  captivating,  but  also  the  entire  environment  will  send  your   senses  into  a  magical  bliss.  Together  what  you  see  and  hear  is  unlike  anything  you   have  experienced  before.  During  the  day  bubbles  dance  in  the  air  and  helicopters   drop  confetti  and  glitter  above  the  main  stage.  (PAUSE)  At  night,  bursts  of  fire,   smoke  and  colorful  lasers  overtake  the  black  sky.  People  dance,  build  human   pyramids  and  rep  their  national  flags  during  each  show,  letting  loose  and  having  a   great  time.     You  will  have  the  time  of  your  life  at  Tomorrowland,  celebrating  life  in  a  fantasy   world,  raging  to  the  world’s  greatest  DJs  and  being  among  thousands  of  people  from   around  the  globe.    If  I  haven’t  convinced  you  to  check  out  this  festival  already,  then   you’ll  have  to  let  Tomorrowland’s  Aftermovie  bring  you  on  a  ridiculously,  unreal   tour.  “Yesterday  is  history,  today  is  a  gift,  and  tomorrow  is  a  mystery”.