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Example: If you're a chiropractor, talk to your patients about the exercises they should be doing at home to ... is wher

Congratulations!!!! You’re in! Let’s do it. This strategy will help you more than you can imagine. Implementation will take no more than 1 hour of your time, but you will be reaping the rewards on a daily basis. Here is the step-by-step process we’ve established for our clients: 1. When you are dealing with clients, talk to them about something that can be beneficial to do alongside your product or service. In other words, think about something they can do for free that will add a lot of value to your service. I guarantee that there is something for every industry! Example: If you’re a chiropractor, talk to your patients about the exercises they should be doing at home to help them maintain a pain-free state of being. All patients want to know which exercises will help them save money and minimize their suffering. Another example Hairdressers can talk to clients about the easiest way to style their hair. Who wouldn’t want to learn that?

I’m sure you can find great information that your clients will want to learn for free. If you can’t think of anything, send me a message and I’ll do it for you. 2. Once you’ve sparked the desire for free information in your client, tell him or her that you are going to email them a PDF file, online article or video. It’s easy to find the right info – the internet is a goldmine, and all you need to do is Google it. Going back to our chiropractor example, just go to YouTube and search for “exercises for lower back pain.” Watch the video and make sure you agree with the information in the clip. You also have the option to record the video yourself – it’s easy and inexpensive to do so. 3. After your initial conversation, the client will be eagerly waiting for your email. This is where the magic happens. When your clients give you permission to send them an email, they are giving you their best email address, and you can almost be sure that they are going to open your email. This email is crucial. We have tested many variations, and after months of testing, we have found a winner. The reciprocity won our test once again. In his book, Dr. Robert Cialdini explains reciprocity in great detail, including how you can use it in your business. According to Dr. Cialdini, when someone give us something, we subconsciously feel like we must give something in return. In our example, we gave our client a “gift,” and then we asked them for a favour. 4. Make it super easy. What is so difficult about writing reviews online?

Hmmm… quite a bit, actually! That’s why you must give your client clear, easy-tofollow instructions. This step is very important: You must tell them where to click and include a link to either your Google for business review tab or a direct link to your Facebook page reviews section – otherwise people will struggle to find it. (We know this because we have tested it!) 5. Now it’s time to write your email. Here is our winning template, which I recommend you use when you create your own email.

Business reviews on Google Hi Jonathan, I hope you’re well. Here’s a link to the video with the exercises I told you about a few days ago. https://youtu.be/_KvQZjFH7lQ