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Estonian Bar Association is a selfgoverning professional association which regulates and represents the interests of lawyers in Estonia.


LAW GOVERNING BODIES Eesti Advokatuur Estonian Bar Association

Languages: The website is in English, Estonian, and Russian.

E: advokat[email protected] T: +372 (0)662 0665 Rävala pst 3 10143 Tallinn

OMBUDSMEN and COMPLAINTS COMMITTEES Õiguskantsler Chancellor of Justice

The Chancellor of Justice’s role is to ensure that all laws in Estonia are compatible with its constitution, and to protect fundamental rights and freedoms. One of the main duties of the Chancellor of Justice is to ensure that prisoners and detainees are treated appropriately.


Individuals can complain about the violations of their rights by public authorities to the Chancellor, who may carry out investigations and provide recommendations.

T: +372 (0)693 8400 F: +372 (0)693 8401

Languages: The website is in English, Estonian, and Russian.

E: [email protected]

Kohtu 8 15193 Tallinn


HUMAN RIGHTS Eesti Inimõiguste Keskus Estonian Human Centre (‘EHRC’)


The Estonian Human Rights Centre is an advocacy group that calls for the better protection of human rights in Estonia and abroad. The main focus of EHRC’s work is on discrimination and migrants’ rights.

Website: T: +372 (0)644 5148 F: +372 (0)646 5148

Languages: Website available in Estonian, English, and Russian E: [email protected] Parda 4 15193 Tallinn

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