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Complaints must be made within 12 months of the incident complained about. Applicants must have sought redress from the



The Cyprus Bar Association is the professional body for lawyers in Cyprus.


The Bar Association individual lawyers.

T: +357 (0)22 873300 F: +357 (0)22 873013

LAW GOVERNING BODIES Παγκύπριος Σύλλογος


(Pankyprios Syllogos)


also handles complaints about

Languages: Website available in Greek and English.

E: [email protected]

Cyprus Bar Association Florinis 11, off.101, 1stFloor 1065, Nicosia P.O.Box. 21446 1508, Nicosia Disciplionary Board 1 Apelis 1403 Nicosia

OMBUDSMEN Γραφείο Διοικήσεως


(Grafeio Epitropou Dioikiseos) The Office of the Commissioner for Administration (Ombudsman)

The Cypriot Ombudsman has the authority to intervene in cases involving public bodies, such as prisons, where a complaint has been made to him by a member of the public.

Website: T: +357 (0)22 405500 F: +357 (0)22 672881

Complaints can be made by anyone, regardless of nationality. Complaints must be made within 12 months of the incident complained about.

E: [email protected]

Applicants must have sought redress from the public administration unit involved.

Era House 2, Diagorou Street 1097 Nicosia

Languages: Website available in Greek, English and Turkish.




FWC offers free legal and social advice to asylum seekers and persons under international protection. The team aims to assist as many beneficiaries as possible, along with persons in detention, and has the capacity to respond to the legal aspect of cases of vulnerable individuals, including those of victims of torture, trafficking, gender-based violence and children.

Website: E: [email protected] T: +357 (0)22 873820 F: +357 (0)22 873821 5 Promitheos Street 1065 Nicosia

Languages: English Κίνηση για Ισότητα, Στήριξη, Αντιρατσισμό (ΚΙΣΑ) (Kinisi gia Isotita, Stirixi, Antiratsismo)

KISA is a non-governmental organisation that works to tackle discrimination, and focuses on the fields of migration, asylum, racism, and trafficking. It opereates a Migrant and Refugee Centre that offers free information, advocacy and support for migrants, refugees, and ethnic minorities.


Languages: English

Website: T: +357 (0)22 878181 F: +357 (0)22 773039 E: [email protected] 48 Asinois Street 1010 Nicosia PO Box 22113

1517 Nicosia

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