Vision Refresh Lesson #3

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the sermon from this past Sunday, Brian would like the small groups to use their ... Pray over our relationships with th

Fall Vision Refresh Lesson #3 Title: How God Seems to Be Leading Us Scripture: Matthew 22:34-37 and 28:18-20 GOAL: Prayer for how God is leading our church. Announcements Annual Golf Tournament: Men and women, you are invited to take part in our Annual Men’s Golf Tournament on Monday, October 9th. You may register at the men’s table or online at Legacy Women’s Conference: This year’s Legacy Women’s Conference will be on November 10th & 11th. Register online at Orientation to Church of the Foothills: This informational meeting is a great opportunity for you to find out what Church of the Foothills is all about. Whether you are new or have been attending for a while, please join Pastor Brian on Sunday, October 8 from 1-4pm. Please sign up by contacting Jennifer at the church office or at [email protected].

Instructions: Over the past couple of weeks Brian has reminded us of our purpose as a church within this community, “to connect people to Jesus to grow them up to love and serve him.” We were also reminded that we cannot accomplish this mission on our own power but through God’s by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, rather than discussing the sermon from this past Sunday, Brian would like the small groups to use their gathering time in intentional prayer on how COTF can reach the unreached and grow & equip the reached. Below you will see four categories to pray through as a group. Organize as a group how you would like to pray and then pray. Thank you for your prayers you are all greatly loved.


Protection • • • •

Pray over our relationships with the Fire Captain and County officials involved in the building updates we will be making. Pray over our communications with each other, the body, and all people helping with the future transitions. Ask God to guard us from miscommunication and protection from divisive rumors. Ask God to protect us from fear in all of its forms.

Hearts of the Men and Women in Jesus' Church •

Pray that Jesus helps each member of our COTF body understand how these transitions might impact them. That Jesus would enable them to process any potential feelings of hurt, rejection, worry, ...other feelings. Pray for those who are called to serve, that Jesus would guide them into this next season, show them where He wants them to be, and what role they can play.

Joy •

• •

Recognizing that change is always challenging, pray and ask Jesus to help us focus on the positives and the many ways Jesus is using our Church to impact lives. The joy and excitement of how He plans to use this transition and us to further His kingdom! Pray that the reunion of Re:New with Live will be seamless for those serving as they get plugged into serving within our Live campus.

Leadership • Pray that God will give the leadership wisdom in discerning His heart in all of these transitions. Application: 1. If you know of people who have not heard Sunday’s sermon and have questions please have them listen to the message. 2. Continually lift COTF in prayer. 3. If the sermon on Sunday hit you weird and you’re uncertain about it or have further questions, pray first, and then if led come and talk with one of our pastoral staff. Close in Prayer