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opportunity to place an order for replacement stock before production stops. ... They can be covered with thermal .... motion sensor lighting was also highly ..... edition was published in 2001 and ... Application) Regulations (SI 299 of .... Fans can also sign up for a newsletter and access exclusive photos and video content,.



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FEATURES Hazardous Area Equipment It’s a fact of life - accidents happen. Despite the best will in the world, things go wrong, and when this happens in a hazardous environment, the results can be devastating.

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Structured Wiring Two new classes of fibre, 40 & 100 Gigabit Ethernet, and revisiting of low-bend sensitivity technology, means network owners and installers face a dizzying array of considerations.

Our own brand leaves others in the shade It goes without saying that you expect the best electrical wholesalers to offer a national branch network, reliable deliveries and great availability of products from leading manufacturers, all backed up by top customer service and technical know-how. But only Newey & Eyre have a massive own brand like Newlec – 3,500 products offering performance, quality and great value for money. Our Newlec summer clearance sale now features selected lines with up to 85% off, so grab a bargain at your local branch of Newey & Eyre today!

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total ability with

Cloud computing has placed the data centre at the core of many business today. Mission-critical applications demand highly resilient solutions, including cabling infrastructure.









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When installing a home automation system, contractors should consider using a basic bus system.


Home automation system that will deliver the right solution while meeting the required budget.


A high-profile refurbishment of two buildings housing Ireland’s Department of Transport and the Irish Coastguard has shown how listening to customer requirements leads to success.


How do you resolve a problem with an electrical cable install? Ask an expert. Dr Jeremy Hodge discusses electrical contractors’ top five problems and offers advice on how to prevent them.


Knowing how long a product is going to last is something we take for granted when buying consumer goods. However, the electrical industry has been slow to provide this information.


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Jul/Aug 2011


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EVs – are there opportunities for you?

The Coalition Government has set itself a major task in trying to meet 2020 carbon reduction targets, while Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic and Scottish governments are all playing their part. Renewable energy is a significant part of the solution in meeting the targets, as are electric vehicles (EVs). Greatly increased EV use will be essential to help meet difficult future CO2 emissions reduction targets. Despite high first cost and still limited range, EV sales – while still small - are starting to grow, driven by environmental and fossil fuel price concerns. The high cost of the batteries means that EV costs will be largely reliant on electricity prices and government incentives. Projections are uncertain, but a conservative estimate is around 500,000 EVs will be sold in the UK by 2020, though a WWF-UK study indicates that at least 1.7 million EVs will be needed by then, and 6.4 million by 2030, if climate change targets are to be met. But what is this to do with WireIN readers I here you ask? It is simply this – though it may seem that EVs are of little value to electrical contractors and installers, the extensive charging and other infrastructures

James Hunt Editor

that will be needed will definitely provide big business opportunities. The act of recharging an electric or hybrid vehicle is not trivial, given that that supplies higher than 2kW in private dwellings are uncommon. The electrical network is interfaced with the socket and associated recharging system and, for the safety of people and equipment, it is essential to choose them well. It is not just the LV charging infrastructures that will be needed right across the UK; intelligent industrial Ethernet and industrial wireless data networks will also be essential to tie the whole giant edifice into the coming smart grids, and to allow the full benefits of sustainable, de-centralised power technologies to be realised. This makes the very real opportunities for enterprising electrical contractors and installers even more exciting longer term. Keep an eye open for EV developments!






New Megger MFT1700 series, the shape of testing’s future. Now offering


... with our new low energy lighting.

2-wire non-tripping loop testing


Phase sequence indication


3-pole earth testing


CAT IV 300 V safety rating

Get the whole picture call 01304 502 101 or go to www.megger.com The word ‘Megger’ is a registered trademark

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erg, Landsb Estate, al re Park, Scolmo Road Industri Lichfield Staffordshire th, Tamwor United Kingdom B79 7XB 63454 (0)1827 63362 T: +44 (0)1827 re.com F: +44 scolmo E: sales@

s n Busines Newtow Unit 56/61,ise Centre, y, Kenned & Enterpr nMount Newtow low, Ireland Co.Wick 122 (1) 2811 T: +353 (1) 2811 224 e F: +353 clicklitehouse.i E: sales@



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Loop and PFC displayed at the same time




rn Ireland Southe United



Pick up a copy of our new lighting catalogue to see the full range.

.ie house licklite www.c

re.com colmo www.s

d 1


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Hazardous Area Equipment

Minimising risk

when heating a hazardous area

It’s a fact of life - accidents happen. Despite the best will in the world, things go wrong, and when this happens in a hazardous environment, the results can be devastating. To minimise risk, product selection and regular maintenance are vitally important, explains Phil Chilton:


rom the Buncefield fuel depot fire in December 2005, the UK’s largest-ever peacetime blaze, which created an explosion heard from the Netherlands; to Solvent Resource Management in Rye where 340 tonnes of flammable chemicals were spilt when a corroded tank collapsed in 2009; to the Chevron oil refinery blast in Milford Haven - accidents happen. The serious impact of accidents shows that the utmost care must be taken across the whole facility, from

maintenance procedures through to product selection, to avoid a potential tragedy.

Safety first The classification of hazardous areas is complex and if you specify product for these areas, it’s vital to make sure you’re up to date with the latest regulations for a given environment. Check carefully that the equipment you’re specifying is approved for the installation you have in mind. Oil and gas installations, chemical works, petrochemical plants, aircraft hangars, fuel servicing areas and other environments all have specific hazards, and all possible circumstances for that environment should be considered. For explosive environments, it is essential to understand the levels of approval required for equipment. Types of risk are rated

(whether dust or gas), as is the duration of the risk expressed in terms of hours per year. Obvious though it may seem, it is essential to ensure that all aspects of the product’s use are considered and the correct product is selected for the job.

Focus on heating Specification of heating equipment for hazardous areas has to be very precise; safety considerations are paramount. It’s also important for hazardous areas that routine maintenance is correctly carried out - this is where electric heating appliances have the edge, as maintenance requirements are very much lower and less complicated than appliances running on other fuels. For peace of mind, select heating equipment from a well-known manufacturer. It may cost more than anonymous imported products, but you have the reassurance that the company has invested in extensive testing, safety guarantees and research and



Moeller is Eaton. Electricity brought us together.



development to ensure the equipment complies with current standards and legislation. When specifying, look for ATEX approval for use in hazardous zones 1 and 2. An IP rating of IP44 or above is essential to protect from ingress by solids or liquids that could impair performance. Look also for a fully sealed unit so that any heating element has no contact with the ambient surroundings, eliminating the risk of spark ignition.

Phil Chilton

The right kit, used right

After studying Business Studies, Phil

Minimising risk in the work environment is about picking the right type of energy source or heater after fully considering how the equipment will be used, and the risk to our surroundings of doing so. When you’re specifying for hazardous areas, for peace of mind choose a well-known name. A properly specified and maintained piece of equipment could save lives

Chilton worked in manufacturing planning, where he focussed on manufacturing efficiency improvement.  In 2002 he joined Dimplex as product manager, and has re-launched some of the company’s commercial product lines with a view to improving energy efficiency for organisations of all sizes.

Moeller is Eaton. Electricity brought us together.



NICEIC NEWS This page contains the latest news from the NICEIC, which is the UK electrical contracting industry’s independent voluntary body. The organisation offers leading certification services, Building Regulations schemes, products and support to electrical contractors and many other trades within the construction industry. Over 25,000 contractors are registered – read on:

Global appointment for NICEIC chairman Jim Speirs, chairman of Ascertiva Group (which includes the NICEIC) has been appointed board director and chairman of the technical committee of FISUEL, the International Federation for the Safety of Electricity Users. Based in Paris, FISUEL is the worldwide organisation dedicated to electrical safety. It acts in the name of its members to improve and harmonise electrical installation safety at an international level and uses IEC standards to share information and experience among its members. “I’m absolutely delighted to take on these roles for FISUEL. The organisation is committed, just as NICEIC is, to electrical safety and maintaining the very highest standards,” said Speirs. “Exchanging information on a global level like this can only enhance electrical safety for users and further harmonise the world’s approach to electricity use.” Speirs has over thirty-five years management experience in the electrical, manufacturing and consultancy industries and holds an MSc in quality management from Cranfield University.

FISUEL role for NICEIC’s Jim Speirs.


Minister backs Jobs for Girls campaign Equalities minister Lynne Featherstone has added her support to NICEIC’s Jobs for the Girls campaign. The Liberal Democrat MP is a former director of an electrical business and she praised NICEIC’s efforts to improve prospects for women in the industry. “The Government is committed to extending opportunity and that’s why I am really pleased to be able to support NICEIC in its efforts to attract more women into the electrical industry,” said Featherstone. “Campaigns like Jobs for the Girls are vital for challenging outdated stereotypes and ensuring that women know the opportunities that careers in this sector can bring.”

Equalities minister Lynne Featherstone is behind NICEIC campaign.

GLOBAL REACH With manufacturing and commercial facilities throughout the world, we are the global partner to many of the world’s leading companies.

All set for Archerfield Scotland and Northern Ireland were blessed with the very best of weather for their annual NICEIC CLASSIC GOLF qualifying events this year. The winners in NI at Malone Golf Club, on 4th July, were Lewis Darragh and Michael Dennison who will be representing the Province, while The Scottish winners, at West Linton on July 15th, were James Wilson & Ric Foulner (pictured). Both pairs have won a weekend at Archerfield to compete for the prestigious title ‘NICEIC Golfer of the Year 2011’.The National event comprises 8 regional qualifying rounds in June & July with the Grand Final to be played on 16-18th September over the Archerfield Links on the renowned East Lothian coast of Scotland. It is open to any member of NICEIC to book for themselves and their playing partner so watch our pages for the tournament next year. www.niceic-golf.com

TE Connectivity. We’re in it.

TE Connectivity – previously known as Tyco Electronics, incorporating

NICEIC seeks apprentices for academy

AMP NETCONNECT and ADC KRONE portfolios. Greater product choice

The NICEIC is on the lookout for the next One of the first crop of budding apprentices looking to apprentices to sign up make a way in the electrical contracting for last year’s industry – and is particularly keen to hear Apprentice Academy. from women considering a career as an electrician. To help more youngsters become electricians, the NICEIC set up an Apprentice Academy with Bedford College last year. The organisation is now looking to recruit the second wave of applicants. NICEIC chief executive officer Emma McCarthy said: “The academy was set up with the intention to plug the skills gap of the future and provide young electricians with the confidence and assurance to go into the industry with the best knowledge around.” Recent research suggests that some young females aged 16 -19 would be more interested in learning a trade than pursuing an academic career. McCarthy added: “If we are to plug the skills gap shortage we cannot afford to ignore half of the working population. There is now a great opportunity for female electricians and so we would encourage young women to join.” Email [email protected] for more information about sending your apprentice on the course.


Moeller is Eaton. Electricity brought us together.

with outstanding service. SMARTER, FASTER, & BETTER.

www.ampnetconnect.co.uk www.eaton.eu/en/brandchange




Short Leads www.glenigan.com


Scottish Housing News www.scottishhousingnews.com

Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland short leads, tenders and news Phase 2 of £50m Glasgow development to commence – Sanctuary Scotland Housing Association is about to start phase 2 of the Anderston development with the demolition and rebuild of 72 houses. The project will see 495 houses replaced by 2015. Go to www.sanctuary-housing.co.uk. East Lothian housing project approved – Plans for building 156 new homes in East Lothian in 2011/12 have been approved by the Scottish cabinet. Building will take place in Dunbar, MacMerry and other sites. Go to www.eastlothian.gov.uk. Guides announced for Aberdeen estate project – Aberdeen City Council has produced development guidelines for a 500 home development on the Stoneywood Estate in Aberdeen. The site will also include shops, a care home, and a school. Go to www.aberdeencity.gov.uk. Council homes in West Dunbartonshire – West Dunbartonshire Council has applied for funding for 75 new homes in Clydebank, Dunbarton and the Vale of Leven. If successful the project would start in April 2012. Go to www.wcdweb.info. New Penicuik home for young people in care – Midlothian Council is to build two 4-bedroom homes for young people in care in Penicuik and at a site to be decided. The council is also upgrading its care unit in Gorebridge. Go to www.midlothian.gov.uk. New council houses for Perth – Perth and Kinross Council plans to build 39 new housing units in Scone, Pitlochrie and Blairgowrie. The total cost of the project is £4.7m. Go to www.pkc.gov.uk. Housing programme in West Lothian begins – West Lothian Council has begun its programme to build 545 new homes in a number of locations. Timber Frameworks Alba Ltd and Frontline Construction Ltd have been engaged as contractors for the project. Go to www.westlothian.gov.uk.


Power supplies won’t go out of fashion Power supply manufacturer PULS UK has said it will continue to hold stocks of every item in its range for as long as its customers need them, simplifying maintenance and avoiding the need for re-certification of control systems. Production of the Silverline range continues today. The company said that even when demand for a product becomes very small, customers will be given an opportunity to place an order for replacement stock before production stops. PULS UK’s managing director Harry Moore said: “We think it’s important our customers have the confidence to know they’ll be able to rely on PULS to supply replacement power supplies however long they’ve been in service.” He added: “Because we manufacture everything we sell, rather than badging other people’s products, we control production in the best interests of our customers; that means they can be sure the unit they need will always be available when they need it.”

Voltimum launches product selection app Voltimum UK (www.voltimum.co.uk), the electrical information web portal for electrical specifiers, engineers, contractors, installers and wholesalers, has launched its first iPhone 4 / iPad app. The app comes in four sections: news, catalogues, videos and partners. News, as you would expect, is all about the latest electrical industry news, while the Partners section provides information on all manufacturers / brands that are Voltimum UK members including ABB, Adapataflex, Cablofil, Creda, Crompton Lighting, Cooper Lighting, Draka, Dimplex, Eaton, Elkay, Fluke, Horstmann, JSB, Kopex, Leica Geosystems, Menvier, MarshallTufflex, Nexans, Philips, Phoenix Contact, Redring, Osram, Prysmian, SchneiderElectric, Thorn and Xpelair and others. The catalogues section allows users to download electronic versions of manufacturers’ trade catalogues and easily and intuitively navigate through the pages. This is quicker that downloading PDF documents from the web using a PC or laptop. The videos section contains short, YouTube-style clips of the latest products and/or services from Voltimum UK Partners. The clips show crucial product features and how to install products in some cases. All of this can be easily accessed from one, simply-navigated place, and this app has been launched simultaneously in eight countries.


Green energy systems need balance

Countries must decide now how to balance the urgent need for sustainable electricity generation and the unstable nature of the electricity produced from renewable sources, according to power production specialist Jacob Klimstra and author Markus Hotakainen in their book The Smart Power Generation (www.smartpowergeneration.com). Jussi Heikkinen, vice-president of marketing and development at Wärtsilä Power Plants, said: “We are in a hurry to find answers to energy issues. To slow down global warming, action must be taken immediately. It is true that there has been a consistent increase in the amount of renewable and environmentally friendly energy produced, but, at the same time, we must ensure the stability of electricity produced in a commercially reasonable manner.” The Smart Power Generation is meant for those who are interested in the future of power, energy, the environment and new technological solutions to existing problems. The ideas are illustrated with graphs, tables and photographs. The book is published by Avain Publishing & Wärtsilä Oy.

Moeller is Eaton. Electricity brought us together.


CCTV goes mobile EverFocus UK has launched nine mobile analogue cameras and three mobile digital video recorders (DVRs) to capitalise on growing demand for surveillance in mobile applications, including electrical contractors’ vans. The products are aimed principally at applications such as buses, coaches, commercial vehicles and trains; but the manufacturer said they could also be useful for electrical contractors, installers and distributors who want the best security for

their tools and stock in vans and trucks. The cameras include two vandal-proof analogue mini-domes for internal or external use. The EverFocus EMW330 is a wedge-shaped mobile camera for mounting on the side, rear or ceiling of a vehicle. It works by day and night, and has infrared illuminators and built-in heating. Five vehicle viewing cameras help drivers improve their view while driving, and there is a vehicle view IR camera with 13 infrared LEDs. All three mobile DVRs are shock and vibration resistant.

Efficiency boost for power from waste heat Waste heat from chimneys, flues and exhausts can be converted into power and sold to the grid or used onsite. Alfagy’s latest range of small ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) power generators use waste heat and temperature differences to produce electricity. The ‘O’ units can be retrofitted to existing boilers and CHP units. The units are produced in 10kWe and 30kWe sizes and they can be connected in parallel. These new boxes can increase system efficiency by up to 15%

Fire-rated downlights scoop Red Dot Award Aurora’s SOLA fire-rated downlights have won a Red Dot Product Design Award. The AU-DLM531, AU-DLM532 and AU-DLM533 insulation-covered SOLA units won the Product Design 2011 for high design quality in the light and lamps category. The fire-rated aluminium downlights are available in GU10 and MR16 versions, and in fixed, adjustable and IP65 options. They can be covered with thermal insulation thanks to a built-in heat sink that makes downlight insulation guards unnecessary. Most downlights need space for heat to dissipate, and this is achieved by either removing insulation or through the use of an insulation guard. SOLA downlights have an intumescent

carbon polymer matrix that, when exposed to high temperatures, will soften and release gases trapped inside. It expands and maintains the integrity of the fire barrier. The downlighters are part of the range of products including halogen, CFL and LED fittings. They can be fitted with 50W or 35W lamps. SOLA downlighters carry a two-year guarantee. Aurora’s international marketing and IT director Neil salt said: “Our Red Dot Award: Product Design 2011 for high design quality in the light and lamps category means we now sit at the same table for design innovation as some of the globe’s greatest brands such as Mercedes, Rolls Royce and Apple.”

Aurora lamps’ quality wowed the judges.


Short Leads New homes for Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs – East Dunbartonshire Council plan to build more than 90 new homes at up to six sites in Kirkintilloch and Bishopbriggs. Work would begin by no later than March 2012. Go to www.eastdunbarton.gov.uk. Low carbon houses in Ravenscraig – BRE Scotland has been awarded funding to build 4 houses at the Innovation Park (on the site of the former steel works) in Ravenscraig. The houses will serve as a tested for increased energy efficiency technologies. Go to www.bre.co.uk. Low carbon housing for Inverness – Servite Housing Association and the Highlands Authority have contracted Stewart Milne Construction to build 50 new one, two and three bedroom houses in Inverness. The project is due for competition in April 2012. Go to www.servite.gov.uk. 1500 homes for An Camas Mor – The An Camas Mor consortium has announced the first phase of a project to build 1,500 homes in a new community within the Rothiemrchus estate. The initial phase will consist of 175 new homes, and work is expected to start in spring 2012. Go to www.rothiemurchus.net/ ancmasmor. Glenrothes regeneration project to begin – The latest phase of Fife Council’s regeneration project in Glenrothes is about to begin, with the building of 10 new properties. The council are working in partnership with the Kingdom Housing Association, and Hart Builders Ltd is the prime contractor. Go to www.kingdomhousing.org.uk. Housing improvements in Dundee – A proposal has been submitted to Dundee City Council for renovation work on 211 homes. Work would include new kitchens and bathrooms, heating and roof replacements. Sidey, Masco, and Dundee Contract Services have been recommended as contractors for the work. Go to www.dundeecity.gov.uk. Glasgow Commonwealth Games village begins – The City Legacy Consortium has begun work on the Athletes village for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The development will provide 1400 new homes after the Games for Glasgow, and is being built to low carbon emission standards. Go to www.citylegacy.co.uk.

Moeller is Eaton. Electricity brought us together.




Short Leads 87 new homes for Glasgow – Partick Housing Association is planning a new build of 87 mixed tenure flats. The flats are being built to low carbon emission standards, and the project is due for competition in late 2012. Go to www.partickha.org.uk. East Ayrshire housing investment programme – East Ayrshire Council has announced a five-year programme of improvements to its housing stock, including kitchens, bathrooms and heating systems. 1000 properties each year will be upgraded for the next three years. Go to www.east-ayrshire.gov.uk. Plans for 200 Edmonstone homes – Baywater, the developer for the Edmonstone Estate project, is planning local consultation on its plans for the estate. Plans include 200 residential units, a retail foodstore and a hotel, all built to zero carbon principles. Aberdeed Davidson Mill project – Aberdeen City Council has produced development guidelines for a 700-900 home development at the Davidson Mill site in Aberdeen. The site will also include retail, service and community developments. www.aberdeencity.gov.uk. Housing development for Muirton – Stewart Milne Construction has won the contract for phase 2 of the Muirton development to build 70 new homes. Houses will be constructed to low carbon emission standards. Go to www.stewartmilne.com. Energy efficiency programme for Scotland – Scottish Power has agreed to work with the government on a £10m programme to improve energy efficiency in Scotland, targeting individual homes via the government’s home insulation programme. Go to www.scottishpower.co.uk. Fife affordable housing plans – Fife Council is planning an affordable housing development at West Point, Cupar. The project will be a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom homes. Go to www.fifedirect.org.uk. 4,000 homes for Newtonhill – Public consultation continues for a new town planned for land to the west of Newtonhill, Aberdeen. Four architects has been contracted to design the community, which will have 4,000 homes. Go to www.chapeltonofelsick.co.uk.


Manufacturers ‘only scratching surface’ of potential savings

Not all manufacturers have embraced the savings available by installing variable speed drives and efficient motors, despite recent energy price hikes, according to a survey by Benchmark Research sponsored by ABB. The survey, now in its third year, continues to reveal UK manufacturers’ preference for changing energy supplier and turning out lights rather than turning to more effective ways to save energy. However, the survey found there is far greater awareness of the cost of energy, with 52 percent having experienced price hikes in the past year. This has triggered an increase in the desire to

find energy-saving measures, with 36 per cent of respondents managing to reduce their electricity prices in the past year. The most popular energy-saving tactic was turning off lights, and switching to motion sensor lighting was also highly rated. Despite this, some 30 percent of respondents have no specific targets for annual energy reduction. “It is highly encouraging that manufacturers are looking at ways to reduce their energy bills,” said Steve Ruddell, energy spokesperson in the UK for ABB. “However, many are still only scratching the surface in terms of the savings that are achievable. Reducing lighting costs is highly commendable, but the reality is that the real savings exist by reducing energy use within manufacturing processes.”

UK threatened by ‘disturbing’ energy trends Combined heat and power specialist Alfagy has said there are a number of disturbing energy trends in the UK, including increasing carbon emissions and declining energy security. The company’s chairman, Peter Kindt, presented his views on the UK’s Green Deal and sustainable energy policy at the Sustainability Live Conference in Birmingham. He said there had been an “extraordinary” increase of carbon emissions in 2010, a year of recession, and that there had been a significant drop in energy security. He added that

government policy encourages shortterm “green” job creation. Alfagy’s research and analysis shows that these disturbing trends, coupled with a lack of credit for projects, are threatening to derail the UK’s greenhouse gas reduction commitments. Kindt urged stronger support for biomass energy generation and waste-to-energy projects, which he said would create eight times the socio-economic returns. He also said an urgent review of feed-in-tariffs is needed to support sustainable energy and create jobs.

Airport security industry lauds Belfast company CEM Systems of Belfast has been named the winner of the Emerging Markets Airport Awards (EMAA) 2011 for its achievements working on the security system at Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. The CEM AC2000 security management system was installed by ADT India and is one of the biggest IP-based access control systems in the region. Ramesh Jayaraman, CEM’s Philip Verner at the EMAA awards. managing director of ADT India, said: “The system is a fully integrated IP-based access control and video solution, with approximately 40,000 cardholders, 3,500 CEM card readers and over 2,600 network video recorders within the system design. The installation also marked the first fully integrated control centre in the region.” The awards ceremony took place on 1st June at Al Bustan Rotana hotel, Dubai, UAE.


Moeller is Eaton. Electricity brought us together.


Short Leads 600 new Edinburgh homes on ‘ghost estates’ – Edinburgh City Council intends to invest £55m in incomplete building projects across the city. The investment should result in 600 new homes being finished. Go to www.edinburgh.gov.uk. Planning permission sought for Armadale Station Development – SDA Ltd has lodged an application for planning permission for the Armadale Station development. The development comprises 394 new houses, offices, and shops. www.armadalestation.co.uk.

Cut energy costs with PF check

Reduce stress on your systems – and your wallet – with power factor correction.

Commercial, industrial and public sector organisations can save up to a fifth on their energy bills by fitting power factor correction (PF) equipment, and Eaton has started a free power factor correction evaluation service to identify the potential savings. The service uses a four-step process that includes surveying the client’s installation, verifying the impact of power factor correction, determining the cost of fitting the power factor correction equipment, and producing a report on the expected savings and the payback period. Eaton’s power factor correction systems use capacitors to eliminate reactive power in electrical installations. Reactive power performs no useful function, but has to be paid for as if it were useful active power. Eliminating reactive power also reduces the stresses on electrical plant and cables, cutting costs for new and existing installations. Eaton’s power factor correction products are available in three types. The Memcap non-auto low voltage capacitors are suitable for electrical installations where the total load changes very little from hour to hour and day to day. For installations where the load is more variable, Memcap 100 and Memcap 300 products constantly monitor the power factor of the installation and automatically adjust the correction so that it accurately matches the instantaneous requirements. Memcap 100 products are primarily designed for small to medium sized applications where future expansion is not expected, whereas Memcap 300 products are well suited for larger installations and are extendable.

Learn how to install solar Solar power equipment maker TE Connectivity is offering training classes for installers. In the practical training courses, installers learn how to install solar connectivity systems correctly and safely. They take about two hours. They include a theoretical session on tools, contact technologies, cabling and installation guidelines, and a practical hands-on session on mounting and connecting. Sometimes, the courses take place with the help of panel manufacturers, systems integrators or solar distributors. Participants receive instruction manuals in their own language that can be used later on site. If you are interested in a training course, visit the TE website at www. te.com/solar for more information.


Energy Solutions set for October Energy Solutions 2011 will take place at Olympia in London from 11-12 October with more than 300 exhibitors and over 150 hours of educational content. The event is an excellent platform to find advice, education, and information on the most pertinent energy issues. Energy Solutions is the only energy management and procurement event this year that is supported by The Carbon Trust. In an independent survey of the energy market, 62% of energy professionals said The Carbon Trust was their primary source of information. The trust will attend the show as part of an expert-led education programme.

£20m housing spend in West Dunbartonshire – West Dunbartonshire Council has announced a £20.5m spend to upgrade its housing stock throughout the area. £3m is planned for spend on new central heating systems, and £1.5m is allocated to new bathrooms. Go to www.west-dunbartonshire.gov.uk. Bleachingfield community facilities under way – East Lothian Council have announced that building of a £3.5m new community facility is under way. The project includes office space, a library and sports facilities, and is scheduled for completion in March 2012. Go to www.eastlothian.gov.uk. New Airdrie homes – Lovell Partnerships has begun work for North Lanarkshire Council to build 19 new council homes in Clarkston, Airdrie. The project is part of the Council’s commitment to build 500 new homes over the next five years. Go to www.northlanarkshire.gov.uk. Interior work at Friarton nursery – Perth and Kinross Council has begun interior work on 10 new houses at the Friarton Nursery estate in Perth. The work is due for completion in September 2011. Go to www.pkc.gov.uk. Whitecross regeneration project approved – Falkirk Council has granted planning permission for a project to build 1500 homes, a primary school, and community facilities at Whitecross, Linlithgow. Building will commence in Q3 2012 after demolition work is completed. Go to www.morstonassets.com. Bearsden Development given go-ahead – Muse Developments has been granted planning consent for a £35m mixed use development in Bearsden by East Dunbartonshire Council. Work is expected to begin at the site by the end of 2011. Go to www.musedevelopments.com.

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Short Leads New homes for Clackmananshire – Clackmananashire council has announced plans to build 25 new homes in Hallpark, Sauchie. The project is being led by Ochil View Housing Association. Go to www.clacksweb.org.uk. Energy efficient upgrades for Bowmar properties – Clackmananshire council has announced plans to invest £2.46m in upgrading properties in Bowmar to ‘energy efficient’ standards. The work includes upgrades to heating systems. Go to www.clacksweb.org.uk. New ‘streets ahead’ project for Kirkcaldy – Fife’s first mid-market rental development will see 20 new homes built in Kirkcaldy The houses will be built by Campion Homes, with work due for completion in spring 2012. Go to www.kingdomhousing.org.uk. Phase 2 of Glasgow ‘sanctuary’ under way – 70 new flats are to be built in the Anderstontown development in Glasgow. Work will begin in September once demolition work is completed. Go to www.sanctuary-group.co.uk. Border NHT deal brings affordable housing – Scottish Futures Trust has signed a National Housing Trust contract to build new homes in the Borders. 51 new homes will be built in Galashiels and Innerleithen, and work is to begin immediately. Go to www.scottishfuturestrust.org.uk. New homes in Campbeltown – Argyll Community Housing Association is to build 32 new homes in the Park Square area of Campbeltown. Work is scheduled for completion by the end of 2012. Go to www.acha.co.uk. New homes for Fife – Fife Council has begun building two specially adapted homes in Kikinch Road, Stenton. Work has begun, and is planned for completion by the end of 2011. Go to www.fifedirect.org.uk. Plans for new Montrose homes – Angus council has submitted a full planning application for 45 new homes at Dungman’s Tack. Montrose. Work is expected to start at the end of 2011. Go to www.angus,gov.uk.


Bill for FIT reduction could top £750m The cost of the reduction of feed-in tariffs (FITs) to the UK economy could exceed £750m, according to the Oxford Sustainable Group, a renewable energy and sustainable development business. Although the cuts to the FITs will save utility companies millions in reduced subsidy payments, based on an expected reduction in solar projects that will now not be funded, the group estimates the loss to the overall economy could be around £750m in inward investment for new green technology. The Oxford Sustainable Group founded ISIS Solar, a UK domestic solar brand, and more recently Sol et Libre, a “second generation” solar company that aims to give domestic customers on the south coast of England free solar and a cash incentive. Hadley Barrett, CEO of the Oxford Sustainable Group, said: “The change in FITs does not affect us, but it does seem unusual that just a few months after British Gas announced a 24% rise in profits from its trade in fossil fuels, the UK decides to create uncertainty for investors in clean energy.”

Fair payment law essential to Irish construction

CFLi and LED lamps under the Sector brand - in brochures.

40,000 green construction jobs needed in Ireland The Construction Industry Federation (CIF) and manufacturers of energy efficiency technology and materials have presented the Irish Government with a ‘retrofitting’ plan to generate 40,000 construction jobs and reverse the flow of nearly €1 billion out of the country each year in energy bills. The CIF’s proposal envisages a national programme of ‘deep energy retrofitting’ across Ireland’s stock of residential, commercial and public buildings by either ramping up existing initiatives or introducing new ones. The plan would, according to the CIF, inject cash into the Irish economy and represent the “first positive development for employment in construction and related sectors since the beginning of the downturn”. The CIF plan is based on the use of a range of financial incentives to stimulate the market in the early stages of its development. The proposals limit the need for upfront and direct Exchequer involvement, but the CIF acknowledges

William Dyer completes fleet upgrade UK electrical energy efficiency contractor William Dyer Electrical has upgraded its fleet of vehicles in response to rising fuel prices and maintenance costs.

Sharp image – William Dyer’s new vehicles.


that, in line with international experience, some state investment will be necessary over the lifetime of the new Government to maintain momentum. Proposals include a renewable energy tariff to encourage homeowners, businesses and the public sector to replace old technologies with renewable energy and to undertake other energy retrofitting. Upfront installation costs would be financed by ‘green loans’. According to the CIF plan, there should be a policy to retrofit 100,000 homes to C1 Standard every year over the term of the new Government. It says there are about 1.2 million homes in the country, built before 2002, that would benefit from being brought to a C1 rating. It also includes a significant programme of retrofitting in public buildings, including schools and hospitals; and incentives to enable owners of commercial premises to undertake such work against the backdrop of a very difficult trading environment. The decision was taken to upgrade the fleet with a view to making longer-term savings. Managing director William Dyer said: “By upgrading our fleet of company vehicles, we also got the opportunity to sharpen up our brand proposition. We have introduced a new sleek design, and embraced QR codes on each van which give people with smartphones the ability to easily scan and access our full services portfolio and contact details.” He went on to say: “I believe this type of investment can communicate our confident brand and will set us apart from our competitors by demonstrating that we are a forward-thinking company, indicating our strength in the UK electrical contracting industry.”

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Own-brand lamps from Senate Distributor Senate Electrical has unveiled a range of energy-saving lamps under its in-house Sector brand. The Energetic range, which includes CFLi and LED lamps for a range of light fittings, will cut energy use by up to 85% compared with conventional incandescent lamps. Lamp life is 30,000 hours for LED lamps and 10,000 for CFLi lamps. All lamps in the Energetic range are liquid mercury-free, with CFLi lamps using amalgam for a safer, more environmentally alternative. A break-

The latest on renewable generation The IET Renewable Power Generation Conference 2011 will be held at the Radisson Blu, Edinburgh from 6-8 September. The conference will focus on the latest developments in renewable power generation, incorporating applications of technology and systems integration. Other technologies that have a direct role in sustainable power generation will be covered. It is an opportunity to publish results, share practical knowledge and meet leading academics, industry and business leaders. Visit http://conferences.theiet.org/ rpg/ for more details.


safe feature confines the amalgam and shattered glass if the lamp is broken. The CFLi Energetic lamps use T2 tube technology to obtain a higher lumen output from a smaller size lamp and quick start technology. All come with a four-year guarantee. LED lamps in the Energetic range come with a six-year guarantee and are manufactured with high power LEDs to ensure a direct and stable light output. Dimmable lamps are also available as part of the range. For more information go to www.senate.co.uk or contact your local Senate Electrical branch.

Legislation to enforce fair payment is a ‘vital first step’ in stabilising the construction sector in Ireland, according to the Construction Federation Body (CIF). The organisation has asked the Government to include provisions for such a law in its ‘programme for government’. CIF director-general Tom Parlon said: “The CIF has been working to achieve payments legislation for a number of years, so it is both frustrating and regrettable that Senator Quinn’s Bill was not enacted during the lifetime of the outgoing Dáil.” “Parlon added: “The right to be paid for work done is a basic one and it is impossible to imagine opposition to legalisation that enshrines this. New legislation would safeguard all levels of the supply chain, underpinning the integrity of the sector, and would also likely lead to a more rational tendering process, with prices reflecting the actual cost of doing the work.” CIF operates specialised mediation and payments recovery programmes for its members, both contractors and sub-contractors, and the demand for these services has risen exponentially over recent years, indicating the extent of the payments problems in the sector.

Online refurbishment portal launched

The National Refurbishment Centre (NRC) has launched a web portal that will for the first time make empirical evidence on energy efficiency in real homes available to industry in a single place. According to the centre, a complete facelift of the UK housing stock would save about 48 million tonnes of carbon dioxide and cut householders’ fuel bills by as much as £8.7bn. But for the ambitious targets to cut emissions from housing by 80% by 2050 to succeed, housing professionals need to know what measures work, and how best to implement them. The portal is aimed at housing stock managers and other construction professionals, and gives them access to an evidence base of knowledge related to the cost of a range of housing-related retrofits and their carbon and energy savings. Funded by the BRE Trust, Energy Saving Trust and the Technology Strategy Board, and supported by the National Refurbishment Centre partners and the AECB, the portal currently features case study data that has been derived from more than 150 diverse social and private housing refurbishment projects across the UK. Portal users can conduct a search based on the type and age of the property they wish to refurbish, as well as their target EPC rating, energy consumption and carbon dioxide emission levels. They then access extensive data on homes that match the search. Users will also be able to upload their own case studies and add to the information available. The web tool is at www.rethinkingrefurbishment.com.

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NEWS On iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch – the MK Electric app.

Dirty kitchens cause fires Dirty and chaotic kitchens are not just a health hazard – they can be a fire risk. Almost 13,000 fires each year are caused by the misuse of, and faults with, electrical cooking appliances. Safety charity the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) warns that over half of all accidental fires in UK homes – more than 20,000 a year – are caused by a casual attitude to electrical safety and misuse of electrical appliances. “In our opinion – which is shared by the fire and rescue professionals we consulted – a considerable number of kitchen fires occur through a casual attitude to cleaning and safety in kitchens,” said Martyn Allen, head of technical development at the ESC. “And our research also indicates that over a quarter of Britons suspect at least one of their electrical appliances is faulty.”

Irish explosive atmosphere rules updated The Electro-Technical Council of Ireland (ETCI) has revised the National Rules for Electrical Installations in Potentially Explosive Atmospheres. The third edition of ET105: 2011 specifies the requirements for electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres. The second edition was published in 2001 and amended in 2010. For some time, ETCI Technical Committee 6 has been working on a major revision of ET105 to bring it up to date with the latest national and international practice and to co-ordinate the publication with the provisions of the fourth edition of the National Rules for Electrical Installations (ET101: 2008) and the legal requirements of the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (General Application) Regulations (SI 299 of 2007). In parallel with the development of ET105, TC6 has also undertaken a complete revision of the subsystem completion certificates and test records for electrical installations in potentially explosive atmospheres. ET 105: 2011, together with the Subsystem Completion Certificates, is scheduled for publication in August 2011.


£3.2m to study energy networks A team at the University of Strathclyde has been awarded a grant of £3.2m to study changes to the electrical power system to support the transition to a decarbonised energy network by 2050. Professor Stephen McArthur from the Department of Electronic & Electrical Engineering was awarded the grant by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), alongside substantial support from nine industrial partners. The drivers that will shape the 2050 electricity network are numerous: increasing energy prices, unpredictable renewable energy

SmartWire-DT goes underground

Tunneling machines made by mts Perforator GmbH are being controlled by Eaton’s SmartWire-DT connection and communication technology. About 30 pushbutton actuators and indicator lights are needed to operate the machines and mts Perforator chose Eaton’s RMQ control circuit devices with the SmartWire-DT interface to handle the task. Any possibility of the drill head operator tampering with the controls and overriding safety devices needed to be eliminated. SmartWire-DT technology not only cuts design time, installation and wiring costs, but also offers effective protection against operator interference. “The integrated tamper protection, which is a key factor for the warranty of our tunnelling machines, is the crucial factor for us,” said Norbert Simdon, electronic support at mts Perforator. The most striking feature of the system is the continuous flat green cable that connects all the motor starter elements, pushbutton actuators and indicator lights in the control panel. There is no need for control wiring, because power for the contactor coils and the indicator lights is supplied through a single SmartWire-DT cable. This cable also sets up the connection to standard fieldbuses, such as Profibus DP or CANopen.


Get on the emergency lighting register

sources, increased demand from devices such as electric vehicles and heat pumps, and increased customer participation in system operation. By 2050, energy networks will be far more difficult to manage and design than those of today, for technical, social, environmental and commercial reasons. The 4.5-year research project proposes a new autonomic power system as the solution to overcoming these changes. This system will rely on distributed intelligence and control. The project will also consider the new market and economic models required to underpin the future electrical power system with a focus on consumer participation.

Simpler wiring and better safety for tunnelling machines.

Upgrade for MK iPhone app

MK Electric has enhanced its app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Version 1.1.0 of the app, which includes full specification information about the company’s products, adds the Ackermann Specification Guide, a comprehensive range of power and data distribution systems, to the MK Specification Guide. Users now have access to details of Ackermann products such as the Cablelink Plus range for power and data distribution, the Onix Plus for screed floors, and the Interact Underfloor and Overhead power distribution system. The latest version of the app also enables users to tailor it to their needs. It includes “push” notifications to allow

real-time alerts for news, updates and promotions. The development of the app is part of Honeywell ED&S’ policy of moving to digital formats and shows that these formats are easier and faster to update and more accessible to customers. These formats are also more sustainable because they do not require paper, ink or logistics. The MK Electric App also lets users find their nearest electrical wholesaler. Selecting the “Find Store” button produces a list of branches, nearest to furthest from the user’s current location, using the phone’s GPS. MK Electric App version 1.1.0 is already popular – nearly 3,000 of the existing 8,000 users have already downloaded the update. Download the app for free from the iTunes App Store.

NI survey highlights lack of innovation A third of 600 small to medium-sized businesses surveyed in Northern Ireland, the border counties of the Republic of Ireland and western Scotland are not involved in innovation activities, according to the Innovation Benchmarking Survey Report carried out under the Innovation for Competitive Enterprises (ICE) programme. Professor Richard Harris, the author of the report, said: “Evidence from academics and businesses alike clearly shows that companies that innovate are much more likely to have higher productivity, and that this leads to greater prospects for long term growth and survival.” Kieran Fegan, ICE programme manager, added: “The ICE Innovation Benchmarking Report validates the need for the unique approach being adopted by ICE which is currently helping SMEs from across the regions become more innovative.” In response to the report, junior minister Jonathan Bell said: “Failure to embrace innovation, and the opportunities it can realise, is a high risk strategy.

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The Register of Electrical Contractors of Ireland (RECI) launched a voluntary pilot registration earlier this year under which those who commission or inspect emergency lighting installations can purchase specific emergency lighting certificates. During the pilot scheme, electrical contractors already registered with RECI can use the new certificates with no extra registration. Certificates are sold in books of five that cost €62.00 including VAT and P&P. Non-registered contractors can use the BESS certificates by registering on a temporary emergency lighting register for a fee of €75. Phase 1 of the scheme has been running since 1 February 2011 and will end on 31 July 2011. Phase 2 will start at the beginning of August subject to a satisfactory review of the pilot scheme. At this stage those who meet the criteria can register to retain access to the certificates. The register will be hosted on the ETCI website.

Ban on inefficient motors hailed as ‘significant moment’ The Rotating Electric Machines Association (REMA) has welcomed the ban on low-efficiency motors that came into effect on 16 June, hailing it as a “significant moment for industry”. Since 16 June 2011 it has been illegal to place low-efficiency motors on the European market. Regulation 640/2009 of the EcoDesign Directive has now come into effect and any motor with an efficiency rating less than IE2 can no longer be placed on the market. Specifically, the regulations apply to LV motors of type S1 and S3 rated between 750W and 375kW. REMA director John Parsons said: “This is a significant moment for the electrical motor industry. IE1 motors, which were banned from 16 June 2011, are believed to represent 80% of the market for smaller motors. The more efficient IE2 and IE3 motors cost more, but are significantly more efficient and will normally pay back their extra cost within a few years.”

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Follow the Honda Racing team online.

Yuasa launches motor racing website Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) has launched a website – at www.yuasabtcc.co.uk – to keep motor racing fans up to date with the latest news about the Yuasasponsored Honda Racing team’s exploits in the 2011 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship (BTCC). The site contains news and comment on the latest BTCC meetings, inside information about the Honda

Civic S2000, racing circuit profiles, leaderboard and race results and background on drivers Matt Neal and “Flash” Gordon Shedden. There is also a live twitter feed from Yuasa BTCC and links to the Yuasa BTCC Facebook page with opportunities to join in with the chatter and win tickets to future races and other prizes. Fans can also sign up for a newsletter and access exclusive photos and video content, and information on Yuasa’s automotive battery ranges.

£4m regeneration for Shankill Social development minister Nelson McCausland has announced a £4m plan to improve housing in the Shankill area. The scheme will target social houses managed by Harmony Homes at Leopold, Columbia and Rosebank Streets. Plans include the refurbishment of 118 properties in need of significant modernisation. Elements will include new electrics and heating, kitchens and insulation. A number of properties will be converted to create bigger family homes. The oldest 14 houses remaining in Leopold Street will be demolished and replaced by 10 new three-bedroom houses.

Scottish Function set for October The Electrical Distributor Association’s Scottish Function, organised by the EDA’s Scottish Forum, will take place from 4th to 7th October at Gleneagles Hotel in Perthshire. It is an industry occasion centering around the autumn meeting of the Board of Management and a place for networking between senior figures in each sector of the industry during a programme of golf and other social events. Attendance at the event is by invitation only.


Women gardeners shun RCDs

Understand your fire safety duties

A survey commissioned by the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) shows that nearly half of women gardeners may be risking their lives because they’ve never used – or haven’t heard of – a residual current device (RCD). An RCD prevents a fatal electric shock if you touch something live, such as a bare wire. RCD protection is particularly important while using mains-powered electrical equipment outdoors, where there is an increased risk of electric shock. Almost half of women surveyed have either never used or have never heard of an RCD (23% and 26% respectively) and women are also less likely than men to consider the potential dangers of electrical gardening equipment (47% versus 56%). A previous survey has shown that a quarter of women have experienced at least one electric shock during their lifetime while at home or in the garden. Visit www. esc.org.uk for more information.

The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has published a best practice guide to fire safety in commercial premises. It aims to help those responsible for fire safety in commercial premises understand their duties with regards to fire legislation in England and Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The 27-page guide discusses the responsible person’s legal duties and includes a five-step guide to fire risk assessments followed by a breakdown of various protective measures, which include fire detection and alarm systems, means of escape, emergency lighting and signage as well as fire fighting equipment. Download the guide free from the FIA website www.fia.uk.com.

Fegime Ireland has produced a guide – ‘Quality Energy Saving Solutions’ – which describes a broad array of energy-saving products and systems for residential, business and industrial customers. The guide contains information on the phase-out of incandescent lamps over the next few years as well as information on the ACA scheme for businesses. Visit www.fegime.ie to download a copy.

The Red Tape Challenge is a government initiative to let people have a say about the future of health and safety regulations in Britain. Health and safety regulations are designed to protect employees, employers and the public from harm arising from work activities, but the Government believes health and safety should be proportionate to risk and the regulations should reflect that. The Government has already started reforms to health and safety and the Red Tape Challenge will enable everyone to have their say on the regulations underpinning Britain’s health and safety culture, whether they work in health and safety or have experience of the regulations as an employee, business owner or member of the public. Visit www.redtapechallenge.cabinetoffice.gov.uk/home/index to take part.

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Fuel poverty charity Energy Action Scotland has reacted with dismay to energy price increases announced by ScottishPower. The charity said the average increases of 19% on gas bills and 10% on electricity bills will hit households hard and will have the greatest impact on those who are already struggling to heat and power their homes. About 800,000 – or one in three – Scottish households are in fuel poverty, defined as needing to spend 10% or more of income on fuel bills. But Scottish Government calculations have found that for every 5% increase in fuel prices as many as 46,000 households more households (2% in Scotland) are pushed into fuel poverty.


Fifty deaths in construction last year There were 50 fatal injuries in the construction sector in 2010/11 – a rate of 2.4 deaths per 100,000 workers – according to Health and Safety Executive figures. The average rate was 2.8 for the previous five years. The overall fatal injury rate across all sectors was 0.6 / 100,000 workers, 17% lower than the average for the past five years. The HSE said the statistics are based on a count of events that are rare, and are subject to chance variation from one year to the next. As a result, it said the overall figures for 2010/11 reinforce an underlying downward trend in fatal injuries.

Views sought on health and safety rules in Ireland The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) in Ireland has decided to consult with Ireland branch members to seek their ideas on simplification of health and safety regulations. The ideas and suggestions put forward by Ireland Branch members will contribute to a paper that will be prepared and submitted to the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Innovation (DETI). Go to www.iosh.co.uk to download the survey.

Read about energysaving kit

Government seeks views on ‘health and safety culture’


Fuel poverty charity Energy Action Scotland slams power price hikes

New homes electrical work for Shankill?

Senate is committed to a printed version of its catalogue.

Paper and online catalogue from Senate Electrical distributor Senate Electrical has launched a 168-page Buyer’s Guide to give customers details of its product ranges and pricing. The Senate Electrical Buyer’s Guide will be produced monthly in both print and as an online flip-book, providing customers with not only an up-to-date price list, but also with latest industry news, such as changes to regulations, special offers, promotions and competitions run by Senate. Producing a monthly catalogue such as the new Buyer’s Guide represents


a major financial outlay. Mark Ludwig, managing director of Senate Electrical said: “We listen to what our customers want and they tell us they prefer a regular printed catalogue with competitive prices, as it is convenient and an easily accessible source of information.” He continued: “Senate Electrical has therefore made the decision to commit to a monthly printed Buyer’s Guide and, even more unusually, will include prices. We want to be completely transparent with our customers and help them to make their life that bit easier.” Visit www.senate.co.uk for an online version of the guide.

Work is now under way on 26 new homes in the Lawnbrook area of the Shankill, according to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. Fold Housing Association will build and manage the new homes, which are being provided as part of our Greater Shankill Housing and Regeneration Strategy. Derelict houses at Battenberg Street were demolished to make space for the new homes. This is the first phase of the redevelopment project at Lawnbrook, which may provide much needed work for electrical contactors and installers in the area.

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Website helps you choose a heater Creda Heating’s new website offers contractors and specifiers help and advice when assessing the heating needs of a project. The site – at www.credaheating.co.uk – contains details of Creda’s panel, storage, fan and commercial heaters, as well as its underfloor heating systems, tubular heaters and towel rails. NOBO Heating was integrated into Creda last year, so the site also includes information about NOBO’s electric panel Creda’s new site does the sums so you don’t have to. heaters and energy control systems. choose the most efficient Creda product The site’s help centre includes details on the company’s free heating design service to meet their heating needs. Customers can also request a repair if and an area in which users can calculate their heating needs. These tools help users necessary and buy spare parts.

Learn the history of measurement HISTEST2011 is a weekend meeting in September that will review the history of electrical and electronic test equipment, units of measurement, and test and measurement procedures. It will take place in the Allsebrook Lecture Theatre, Talbot Campus at Bournemouth University on 17 and 18 September. Visit www.histest2011.org.uk for more details.

Save 20% on CHP units Alfagy N500 and B500 CHP units are now 20% cheaper. The company said the natural gas or biogas units are the most efficient on the market. By adding ‘O’ heat-recovery units, the 500kWe units can achieve electrical efficiency of 47%. The 500kWe biogas genset and CHP units are suitable for the feed-in-tariff scheme in the UK. The new price was offered to a select group of project owners and developers in the spring.

E.ON embraces Alfagy’s CHP units

Sales specialist joins Vent-Axia

Nolan joins Ellis Patents

European energy giant E.ON has signed a two-year framework agreement to use Alfagy’s combined heat and power (CHP) units - see below. Under the agreement, E.ON can pick and choose from the Alfagy portfolio. A minimum of 20 units is expected to be delivered in Germany. However, because of the recent and expected abolition of nuclear power in that country, the volumes could well exceed 20 CHPs. Schmitt Enertec, Alfagy’s Partner, is handling the deal.

Peter Love has joined HEVAC company Vent-Axia as a technical sales specialist responsible for the industrial air handling and air movement side of the business. Love said: “Vent-Axia sets the ventilation standard for the industry, and I am excited to be offering contractors and building services engineers the support they need in specification, system design and installation.” Derek Gow, group sales director added: “Peter’s appointment is a key building block in our future business strategy, helping us to strengthen our technical sales in a key area of our business. His vast experience and expertise in air handling and air movement applications will ensure our customers have all they need to apply Vent-Axia solutions in the right way.”

Cable cleat maker Ellis Patents has appointed Paul Nolan (left) as UK sales manager. Nolan will work alongside current UK sales manager Stephen Crawley until his retirement in 2012. He has worked in the electrical sector since joining Vantrunk Engineering as a sales co-ordinator in 1983. Since then he has held sales positions with companies including Cablofil, Mita and Thorn Lighting. Ellis Patents managing director, Richard Shaw said: “Paul has worked in cable management for the vast majority of his career and as such has a vast knowledge of our market and the people in it. Add to that the time he’ll be spend working alongside Stephen Crawley before he retires and I’m confident we’ve appointed someone who will quickly establish themselves as an extremely valuable member of the team.” Ellis Patents’ UK sales account for half of its annual turnover. Recent successes for the North Yorkshire company include significant orders for the new Pembroke power station in South Wales and a major National Grid project that will deliver electricity to the Greater Manchester area.

SELECT launches insurance scheme SELECT is working with EC Insurance to provide a range of insurance products for its members. EC Insurance (which incorporates the Electrical Contractors’ Insurance Company) is a niche insurer that specialises in providing a range of coverage at competitive rates to trade sectors. ECI has been in business for over 30 years. Visit www.select.org.uk for more information.

Early retirement adventure to John O’Groats

Dave Poulton took early retirement at the end of April after 38 years with National Grid, and kicked it off with a walk from Lands End to John O’Groats. Accompanied by his partner Bev, Poulton boarded a train to Penzance and set off on the 100-day journey, which comprises 90 walking days and 10 rest days. They estimate that they will walk between 1,100 and 1,200 miles. The pair have raised over £2,500 for the EEIBA to date, and more donations are being made as they make their way north. Read their blog at www.lejogexperience2011.blogspot.com.

David Dossett awarded MBE

David Dossett has been awarded an MBE for services to the electrical manufacturing industry. Dossett has been a key industry figure for 25 years. He led the successful campaign against the harmonisation of plugs and socket outlets in Europe and co-ordinated the BEAMA worldwide campaign against the counterfeiting of electrical equipment. He said: “I am greatly honoured to receive this award. It has been a privilege to work in the electrotechnical industry for the benefit of UK plc.” Dossett is president of CENELEC, the European Electrotechnical Standards body that helps to manage the successful implementation of standards supporting recent industry initiatives, as well as longstanding EU legislation such as the Low Voltage Directive and


Jul/Aug 2011

Paul Nolan, Ellis Patents UK sales manager.


the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive. However, when proposals at European level have threatened the interests of UK industry, he has successfully defended the UK position. As a past CEO of BEAMA, the UK association for the electrical industry, he brought together many different product groups under a single association banner, which has assisted both industry and government, in UK and Europe, to establish better and more fruitful relationships. Dr Howard Porter, BEAMA CEO, who succeeded Mr Dossett, said: “I am pleased that Dave’s great contribution to the electrotechnical industry has been recognised by the Queen. His efforts in defending UK plugs and sockets and removing counterfeit products from the supply chain continue to have a positive impact today.” Dave Dossett’s service to the electrotechnical industry has been honoured.

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Below: The National Maritime Operations Centre control room. Two separate MT32 underfloor power systems feed standard and UPS power to equipment and workstations. Coloured desk power units identify separate power feeds. Marshall-Tufflex Maxi trunking was used within the back of desks to contain the large amount of cables needed at each workstation, including a Cat 7 data system with 100mm bend radius.


electrical products prove a winner for the Irish government A high-profile refurbishment of two buildings housing Ireland’s Department of Transport and the Irish Coastguard has shown how listening to customer requirements and using flexible products from a UK cable management manufacturer leads to success. Michael Ballard tells the story.


Below: The Georgian section of the Department of Transport, Tourism & Sport required an aesthetically pleasing cable management solution that worked with the period features. Here Odyssey all-curved cable containment was specified.


he Office of Public Works (OPW) was tasked with the complete modernisation of the Department of Transport’s five-storey base in Leeson Lane, Dublin. The customer was looking for a power distribution system for its Marine Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) within the coastguard facility, with fail-safe UPS. Any solution needed to creatively show cost benefits for the customer if it were to be successful. OPW was also tasked with refurbishing a five-storey Georgian building next door, used for office accommodation for the Department of Transport. Any work carried out there would need to cause as little disruption as possible to this historic building.


To meet the customers’ requirements, Marshall-Tufflex chose to offer a number of products for the project – its MT32 underfloor power delivery solution, the all-curved profile Odyssey trunking system, Power Poles to deliver power and data to ‘island’ locations and EMC/LSOH conduit MT Supertube for use within partition walls. Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland Marshall-Tufflex distributor Core Electrical supplied all of this equipment.

Power distribution - flexible and cost-effective MT32 was chosen by OPW as the preferred power distribution system for the Marine Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC) within the coastguard facility, as the product is perceived to offer greater flexibility for future proofing of the Department of Transport’s requirements. MT32 is a modular, pre-wired and pretested 32A system that clicks together. It is a customised solution delivered to site marked with circuitry and ready to feed to distribution boards. It works on a radial circuit rather than a ring main (thereby using less copper cable) and offers quicker, safer, more cost-effective and future-proofed electrical installations by extending and inter-linking pre-designed and pre-wired products via easy plug and play connection. More flexible than traditional powertrack options, MT32 allows power to be delivered up to three times as much floor area than a powertrack offering. MT32 is well suited for complex fit-outs with a high density of outlets, such as within the MRCC and also for older buildings with irregular layouts. Importantly it is easily reconfigured for future re-positioning of sockets, plus faults are far less likely and more easily identified. The modular design of MT32 allows significant cost savings over other solutions to be made as well - prefabricated MT32 eliminates the need to hard wire floor boxes and trunking accessories, reducing project and labour costs and meeting crucial specification requirements for the re-fit of the coastguard headquarters, from where its emergency search and rescue operations are coordinated. Labour time was

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Above: The Irish Coastguard large incident crisis room. This area has two separate MT32 underfloor power distribution systems installed - one for standard power feeding the floorboxes and the second for the UPS power, a separately identified socket within the same floorbox.

reduced by about 200 hours which proved to be a significant cost saving (as labour is one of the largest costs in any major capital project). Mercury Engineering installed both MT32 floor units and MT32 floor boxes, which were supplied with 5m of steel conduit ready for plug and play connection. Core Electrical was involved with the design, planning and supply of the MT32 provision. The improvements have provided the MRCC with UPS back-up on all power and general service circuits on an A+B parallel arrangement. Each MT32 floor unit connects power to the workstations, which now carry an A & B failsafe provision, by either using MT floor boxes or a floor grommet and fused desk module terminal unit solution. Each workstation in the MRCC Operations Room has 16 socket and data outlets presented at the desk using desk power or data modules fixed to a downstand. Each workstation in the Marine Emergency Room (MER) has four socket outlets and four data outlets. In addition, there are four LCD screens per workstation in the MRCC Operations Room. To meet this requirement, Mercury Engineering installed Marshall-Tufflex Power Poles, which are suitable for large amounts of power and data supplies, to carry services from ceiling level to desks in the DoT offices. Where the cabling services are contained within partition walls, EMC/LSOH MT Supertube was used because of its ease and speed of installation, combined with ‘bendability’ over traditional steel conduit. Comprising an innovative three-layer LSOH polythene and aluminum construction, MT Supertube offers EMI protection and resistance to extremes of temperature.

Refitting a Georgian building The project also included the refit of a five


storey Georgian building next door to the main Department of Transport building, which provides further office accommodation for the department. Here the all-curved profile Odyssey PVC-U containment management system, which is CAT 6 compliant, was used as a surface mounted solution to carry power and data cabling, allowing minimal interference to the existing structure and fabric of the period building. Cat 6 compliant Odyssey PVC-U trunking system is popular for its all-curved lines, which is dust deterrent and very difficult to clutter. The three-compartment system has adjustable internal and external bends and a built-in cable tray. Its design minimises the need for external couplers, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal. On top of that its clip-on lid function allows the trunking to compensate for surface irregularities, creating a smoother, cleaner and far quicker installation than traditional trunking systems allow.

Careful design and a comprehensive product portfolio wins business The Department of Transport project shows perfectly what can be achieved when electrical design was considered at an early stage and electrical consultants worked closely with the supplying manufacturer to come up with the perfect solution. For success in today’s market, a comprehensive portfolio of products and systems all designed not only to do the best job possible, but also to make life easier for electrical engineers, contractors and, ultimately, end users is essential. The end result is the ability to offer a service that is solutions based rather than solely product related

Michael Ballard Michael Ballard, Marshall-Tufflex International Sales Manager, has been with the company since 1991and advises clients, including those in Ireland, on appropriate cable management solutions for their projects as well as liaising with internal customer service and technical teams on the behalf of customers.

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Structured Wiring

Fibre for the future Fibre optic cable continues to light the way to higher bandwidth and data speeds. The ratification of two new classes of fibre, the looming introduction of 40 & 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE), and the revisiting of lowbend sensitivity technology, means network owners and installers face a dizzying array of considerations when specifying fibreoptic physical infrastructure in enterprises or data centres. Ken Hodge considers the growing complexity of choice:


he insatiable appetite for bandwidth and higher-speed data has ensured a thriving fibre-optic cable industry driven by technology innovation, standards development and everwidening scope of application. New applications have caused significant diversity in cabling options, with more than 15 types of single mode fibre, two types of single-mode and four types of multi-mode fibre cable now available.

New cable standards ISO/IEC and TIA industry standards have been updated to include two new classes of fibre: OS2 and OM4. OS2 is a single mode fibre cable introduced in the industrial premises standards as a solution for long links in outdoor environments, whereas OM4 develops proprietary, higher-bandwidth OM3 solutions (OM3+/extended etc.) This new OM4 solution is ideal for multiple applications such as backbone connections in enterprise LANs and data centres, and is now referenced in the new IEEE 802.3ba designation for 40/100GbE. Deployments of OM1 (62.5/125) and OM2 (50/125) are in steady decline, as adoption of

OM3 (laser optimised 50/125) has accelerated. Latest to the market OM4 (50/125), is the premium-grade multi-mode fibre with the highest quality core, making it the best platform available for the transmission of higher-speed protocols (such as 10, 40 & 100 GbE). Signals transmitted on OM4 suffer the least geometric dispersion, which enables longer reach (up to 550m for 10GbE) or the accommodation of more connectivity on shorter links. The real benefits are seen with applications such as 10GBASE-SX, which employ vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) operating in first window. However, despite VCSELs providing the lowest-cost option in terms of optical transceiver equipment, the perennial problem of network lifecycle still applies.

Issues to consider when choosing cable Before any decision can be taken regarding the type of fibre cabling to specify, there are a number of factors to consider regarding the objectives of the planned system: • Should it support the applications that are running today, or those that are expected to be running in the future – e.g. Ethernet, Fibre Channel, Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), or Infiniband? • Is it be designed to last a few years or for the lifetime of the building? Are the necessary funds available to allow a modular and scalable system to be deployed, or do you install dark fibre from the outset? • What is the type of environment – is it a data centre, general office, or industrial site used for retail/manufacturing; or a metro or campus-wide installation?

Table 1 - New applications vs. optimal cabling solution (40 & 100GbE) Application


Longest distance - to 40km on SMF highest cost transponders

Brand-Rex’s MPO connection for indoor patching of single and multi-mode fibre.



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*up to 150m on OM4


Cabling type

100GBASE-ER4 (4x25G WDM)

OS2 duplex SMF cables terminated in LC

Medium reach - up to 10km on SMF lower cost transponders

40GBASE-LR4 (4x10G WDM)

100GBASE-LR4 (4x25G WDM)

OS1 (up to 2km) or OS2 (>2km) duplex SMF cables terminated in LC

Short run - up to 100m on OM3 MMF - for in-building LANs and data centre links - lowest cost transponders

40GBASE-SR4 (4x10G array)

100GBASE-SR10 (10x10G array)

Eight fibre or 20 fibre OM3 (or OM4*) cabling terminated to MPO connectors

Short run on copper (up to 7m)

40GBASE-CR4 (4x10G)

100GBASE-CR10 (10x10G)

Multiple screened twinax cables terminated to SFF connectors

Backplane connections on copper (10dB at lower speeds to 0.86 which minimises reactive power (VAr). The lamps also consume 80-90% less energy than equivalent traditional GLS lamps, and up to 50% less than CFLs.


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Next Issue Solar PV products and installation

Low voltage switchgear & control gear

Features will look at all things solar photovoltaic (solar PV) as an important renewable energy source. The latest advances in technology will be examined, as well as standards, safety, training and installation techniques. This fast growing and very important sector is providing electrical contractors and installers with business opportunities that will surely increase as solar PV take-up becomes ever greater.

Covered here will be the latest developments in LV switchgear & control gear, as well as related standards. Typical of the equipment is circuit protection devices (HRC fuses, MCBs, MCCBs, RCD & RCBOs etc), fuse-switches, switch-fuses and LV distribution boards of all types. This feature also aims to include LV control systems, such as motor control centres. We may also look at the fast increasing use of Industrial Ethernet communication in industrial control systems.

Power systems and products

Focus on enclosures, racks and boxes

The feature will cover all or some of the following: low-voltage electrical power and power related systems and products, including batteries, filters, generator sets, load banks, mains conditioning systems, overload protection devices, power inverters and converters, power supplies, surge arrestors/lightning protection equipment, transformers and uninterruptible power supplies of various kinds (UPS).

This feature will focus on all those essential products that are required to keep electrical and electronic equipment safe, clean, dry and away from prying hands. They include LV electrical enclosures in steel, stainless steel, aluminium and GRP plastics, as well as die-cast and plastic boxes for a variety of applications. Enclosure heating and cooling systems will also feature, as will electronic enclosures and racks designed primarily for data centres etc.

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