What are you? Do you have a little supernatural in you? - CC Hunter

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When I created my characters for Shadow Falls,. I wanted my readers to be able to identify with these people, to care about them. And to even understand them.
A Note From C.C.: What are you? Do you have a little supernatural in you? You might not think so, but I bet you do. When I created my characters for Shadow Falls, I wanted my readers to be able to identify with these people, to care about them. And to even understand them. It didn’t matter that they were supernaturals. I really felt if this series was going to work, I needed to make sure readers could relate to the characters and their problems. So, I had to humanize my supernaturals. To do this, I really started thinking about all the different types of people I know, their strengths, their weaknesses, and those quirky things I love about their personalities in spite of their flaws. And this is what I came up with. ~C.C.

Supernatural Personality Traits Shapeshifter: A shapeshifter is the person who always seems to find a way to fit in, regardless of the circumstances. Maybe he’s the class clown who works hard to make others laugh. Or maybe he’s the one who mimics the behavior of whatever group he’s around. Shapeshifters have lots of interests and, depending on the situation, they can easily blend into several different groups. While their talent of “fitting in” is a gift that not only serves them well but can benefit the people who quickly relate to them, it can often leave the shapeshifters feeling confused about where they really belong. They are multi-talented individuals and things generally come easy for them. But on the inside, they may question who they really

are and what is important to them. Often, they use their high voltage charm to cover up their insecurities and the feelings of having to transform themselves in order to be liked. Everyone loves a shapeshifter but deep down, they may also wonder if they really know them. What’s more, most people sense a current of anger or rage in a shapeshifter, and they never want to see that side of the person unleashed. Werewolf A werewolf’s circle of friends is small; they are not easy to get to know and are often viewed as very private individuals. If given the choice to stay at home with a few select people or going out with a crowd, they’d stay home with the ones they consider to be their pack. They are not easily intimidated and seldom care what others think of them. Because of their “Keep to myself” tendencies and their stoic attitude, they are often viewed as unfriendly

and cold. In reality, werewolves are very loyal to the select few they accept into their circle. They don’t talk a lot, but when they do, you’d better listen. They have good instincts and are known to be good people watchers. They are often considered moody and dark, and don’t care to explain themselves, but beneath that outer shell is someone who will never turn their back on you. Vampire A vampire is always noticed. They think fast and act even faster. They are proud and never shy away from risk. Their self-confidence is contagious and revered, but their fear-no-one attitude and their innate sense of power can also come off as arrogance to some and even frighten others. While at times they appear as stoic as a werewolf and they aren’t afraid to be alone, vampires actually are bold creatures and don’t mind the spotlight. Often seen as

someone who is hard to love, their protective nature of those they care about makes them the kind of friend we all need. They have a tendency to be honest, sometimes maybe even too honest. When provoked, they hold nothing back. They speak their mind, and may never understand why someone is upset with the truth. They push those they care about to be stronger, and don’t like weakness. Most vampires are who they are because of their past. They were not born strong but were forced to become that way because of some traumatic life experience. Only those close to them see that behind their shield of confidence is a wounded soul, one whose biggest fear is showing any sign of weakness or of not standing up to their high standards. Fae A fae is generally a people person. If you are friends with a fae, chances are excellent they

are the person you think always gets you. They can be the most understanding and sympathetic person you know and yet when they let their own guard down, they can have the tendency to be a tad emotional. A fae can be colorful and striking, and yet still be somehow subdued and never too loud. They seldom cause scenes or draw too much attention to themselves. They are the people you want to go to with your problems. They make you feel good about yourself; they have the ability to make people feel happy. They aren’t normally the most popular kid on the block, but everyone likes them. And given the chance, they can be a wonderful leader. While their personality makes them come off as someone you’d never have to fear, in truth, their ability to read people and subtly control someone’s emotions can be one of the most frightening powers of all. Their skill at being able to convince people to change their minds and control their moods is a valuable gift that

can bring out the best in others, but it can also be misused and viewed as conniving. Witch Witches can be flirty, colorful, and loads of fun, or they can be dark and mysterious and a little frightening, all depending on their mood. They believe in magic and fate, in good and evil. They have a knack for the dramatic that shows in everything from their language to their apparel. Their moods are often dictated by uncontrollable forces that no one else understands. They are the ones reading tea leaves and making predictions for others. They have a tendency to have good internal instincts and sometimes may even be a little psychic because they seem to know when something is going to happen. They are sensitive to others’ feelings, but this sensitivity can easily lead to their being offended by others. They have specific likes and dislikes and aren’t afraid to

tell you about them. They have the ability to like people for who they are, and for that reason they can have all types of people as friends. They will love you in spite of your flaws, but that doesn’t mean they won’t point out your defects. A witch can take an ordinary day or an event and turn it into something exciting and memorable just by turning on her charm.