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within a global marketplace. • Promotes ... and environmental problems while making things for people to use. Engineer

Engineers Australia “Engineers Australia is the trusted voice of the profession. We are the global home for engineering professionals renowned as leaders in shaping a sustainable world.”

The Institution of Engineers Australia (Engineers Australia) is the peak body of the engineering profession. We are a member-based professional association with over 100,000 individual members. Established in 1919, Engineers Australia is a not-for-profit organisation, constituted by Royal Charter to advance the science and practice of engineering for the benefit of the community.

Our work

Public policy imperatives

Accredit all Australian university engineering programs.

The engineering profession is committed to creating solutions to make the world a better place. A public policy framework is needed that:

10,000+ migration skills assessments on behalf of the federal Government each year. Largest voluntary register for engineering, the National Engineering Register (NER). Advance engineering knowledge through our nine disciplinebased colleges and 30 specialist technical societies. Largest provider of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) to the engineering profession. Inspire over 100,000 primary school students with EngQuest. Located in every state and territory, plus in our overseas chapters in Asia, UK and Middle East. Represent Australia in the International Engineering Alliance and develop agreements for global professional mobility.

• Draws on engineers to solve policy challenges • Reflects the nexus between educating people now for the workforce of the future • Understands the value of domestic skills capability within a global marketplace • Promotes and enables innovation in everything we do, to drive economic growth and improve standards of living.

We engage industry, academia, media and Government at every level in all jurisdictions.

Our brands Engineers Australia manages a suite of well-known brands:

National Engineering Register

v2, July 2016

What is engineering? Engineering is about the creation or application of technology to produce goods and services for the community. It involves finding solutions to human and environmental problems while making things for people to use. Engineers are involved in the research, design, production, operations and maintenance of many things that we take for granted in our everyday lives.

Our members are qualified professionals who work in the following industries:

Engineers by numbers

Engineering consulting

16.6% Manufacturing

15.5% Construction

Engineers in Australia:


7.9% Transport & related

6.2% Telecom, electricity & water utilities

5.5% Mining

Labour force participation

Country of origin

Gender profile

5.1% Public administration (excl defence)

In labour force



Computer systems & related





Work in engineering roles

13% Male


3.6% Other machinery & equipment wholesaling








†† ABS, 6227.0 - Education and Work, Australia, May 2015


25.6% ‡‡ ABS, Census, 2011

Contact the Public Affairs team Engineers Australia, 11 National Circuit, Barton, ACT 2600 engineersaustralia.org.au/linkedin

02 6270 6555 [email protected] @engaustralia




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