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stored on the General WinORS cloud drive. b) Examples. This is a read-only cloud where all example files are stored. WPS
WinORS and FRAME File Operations: FRAME to External Storage To save your working files please understand the following two possible methods.

Recommended: Cloud Storage Connect your FRAME account to any combination of Google Drive, DropBox, or Box account. Use the Files menu on the top of your FRAME Launchpad. Figure 1 below shows both the Dropbox and Google Drive account is connected.

Figure 1: Showing connection to Dropbox and Google Drive After you have connected an external disk storage provider this option will appear as a new drive letter when saving/opening files. For example, once connected to a Google Drive account you will see that the location is listed as drive F in the FRAME Explorer (Figure 2).

Figure 2: FRAME Explorer

Alternative: Host Machine Local disk storage on FRAME such as in the Documents folder on This PC is only available during the session. Therefore, before you Power Off from FRAME you should copy your working files to the Download Now link (see: Figure 2). This will cause FRAME to automatically start the download of your working files to your host device – PC, MAC, Tablet, etc.

File Operations: FRAME and Internal WinORS Cloud WinORS supports its own internal “Cloud” for data files created by you. The internal WinORS cloud is located under the File command on the menu system. There are two different WinORS supported Cloud drives you should be familiar with: a) General. This is an unrestricted “Cloud”. You may save and load files to this “open” WinORS cloud. Please remember – this is not a secure file storage device. That is, any WinORS user can open any file stored on the General WinORS cloud drive. b) Examples. This is a read-only cloud where all example files are stored

WPS / Microsoft Word (MWord) on FRAME If you have not already done so, click on Files and connect your external storage device(s): Google Drive, DropBox, or Box (see: Figure 1). The remainder of this document assumes you have connected at least one external storage location. For simplicity, this document assumes Google Drive.

Creating a new WPS / MWord Document 1.

From the FRAME Launchpad: a.

Open the FRAME Explorer


Double-click to open your Google Drive.


Right click anywhere in the explorer box i. Choose New on the menu. ii. On the next menu, select Microsoft Word Document. iii. You may rename the file at this time.


Double-click to open it. It will open in the “free” version of WPS. This is the document you will use to capture (edit/copy; edit/paste) WinORS intermediate results.


You may close the FRAME Explorer (click on X -- top right corner of the Explorer window).


Click-on the Gear icon (lower left corner of your FRAME desktop).


Start WinORS-2017 by clicking on its entry in the Gear menu.

Cutting and Pasting Cells from WinORS to WPS 1. Highlight the cells you wish to copy to the WPS document. 2. Use the WinORS Copy Glyph on the menu; or Ctrl-C 3. Switch to the open WPS document (use the Gear menu). 4. Prepare to Paste the cells and format as a table i. Position your cursor (do not paste on row 1 of a document) ii. Paste the clipboard into the WPS document using the menu; or Ctrl-V 5. Highlight all the cells you just pasted (NOTE: be sure to obtain a square highlight – no hanging edges) 6. Use the WPS menu option: Insert | Table | Convert Text to Table. i. On the dialog box, view the section labeled “Separate text at” ii. Click “on” the option for “Tabs”.

Diagnostic and Analytic Graphs in WinORS Most applications of WinORS (those under the menu choice of Techniques) have pre-programmed diagnostic graphs. To see these graphs you will use the menu tree: Insert | Analytics | Finance (or other appropriate technique). Display the graph by clicking on the desired choice.

Cutting and Pasting Graphs from WinORS to WPS 1.

Once the graph is displayed on the screen, right-click on the graph. Choose the Copy to Clipboard option.


Make the WPS/MWord document active (you have have to use the Gear menu)


Position your cursor at the desired insertion point in the WPS document.


Choose Paste (or, Ctrl-V)

Advanced Users Do you prefer to capture areas of the screen and then have the ability to annotate the captured image? If so, try the following. 1.

Go to the Gear menu and click on Monosnap.


A Monosnap icon appears in your work FRAME desktop area.


Hover your cursor over the icon and right-click.


Choose: Capture Area


Use the Monosnap editor to “draw” on the captured image.


Save your Monosnap image from the editor a.

Click save command (PNG and JPEG both work with WPS/MWord); or


Go to the Monosnap gear menu (see top right of the Monosnap editor). Click on: Copy to Clipboard. You can then Paste the annotated picture into the WPS document.

Finishing a Work Session Save all of your work..! In WinORS, use File/Save As to choose Google Drive. In WPS, use Writer Menu | File | Save As, and save to Google Drive. Don’t forget to capture/save any work done in Monosnap.