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Beautiful rayon brocad-" ed faille,'with soft tricot top. 32-*0. Approved and recom- mended by Ward's Bureau-of. Standar


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MARCH 11, 193:




•^, U K t h . e J . u d g e J>uts me In * capi-a'ists. Put me in electric United States should pass legislation for confiscation of all firearms ° Zingara asserted he wanted to kill illegally owned. Refers to Assassinations VI presidents and kings" because he "Assassins, roaming at will througn hid a feud with capitalists and" behurt him. His the land—and they have killed three f ju« his stomach j^ire »as to make Mr. Roosevelt of our presidents—are permitted to have pistols. r i e r -fifty-fifty." "And a pistol In the hands of the Under Florida l © w ^ a n a g a r a must be taken to Ralford the stale prison ordinary person is a most useless firm, to pay the penalty for his mad weapon of defense. ttt in Bay Front park here Feb. 15. "No one can foresee what" might His aim at the president, diverted have happened had Mr. Zangara been bj spectators, resulted in the mortal successful in his attempt. I l l ask the nxwding of Mayor Cermak and the prisoner to stand." Then, Judge Thompson began to footing of four other persons. The others wounded were Mrs. J o ; read his prepared statement of the H. Gill, society matron of Miami: sentence but before he concluded he Margaret Kruis, of Newark. N. J.; asked Zangara If he had any .stateVVtoam Smnot, New York policeman. ment to make. The Italian repeated the phrases t-4 Ru-scli Caldwell of Cocoanut that have marked his previous court Grove, Fla. He told about hating Cerrwfc died Monday after a val- hearings. 'lict fi.^ht against the inroads of "presidents and kings." He mentioncany diseases that beset him as a ed his stomach pains. The judge then sentenced Zangara result of the bullet that pierced his r^ht lung and lodged in his .back- to electrocution and he was hurried back to his cell in the Dade county too?. jail. Sholti to Sel*Oate Governor Sholtz must fix the week ihen Zan??.ra is to die. L. F. Chapin, superintendent of the state prison farm, will name the day and hour. In the meantime, after Zanrira is taken to Raiford, he must, under the law, stay In the death / ! fcwM five days. NEW YORK. March/10—(.r>—The 'I feel happy than anybody here," extraordinary flexibility of the FedZingara, sitting close to the press eral Reserve system In issuing curtit:*, told newspapermen prjor to rency to provide for emergency needs tl;e time Judge Thompson delivered was shown in the/weekly statement his statement, sentencing Zangara to issued last night, according to bank•» executed within the walls of th« ing authorities. / permanent deatir chamber of the Money circulation, in the week endr.J'.« prison of the state of Florida.' ed yesterday, took the unprecedented •I have milk for breakfast. I have jump of $818,000,000, boosting the t o tal to the record figure of J7,538,000,*hav*. •I'm no scared about anything be- 000. The. Federal Reserve system provided most of this need by increasMuss'I'm sure I'm right. ing its note circulation by $636,000,000. but dispute this extraordinary demand YOUR O L D M A T T R E S S its reserve ratio was reduced only to Renovated and Sterilized 45.6 per cent, from 53.5 a week previously, and was still well above the normal minimum of 40 per cent. Most of this steep Jump in money M o w Renovated — 40c each Auras M A T T R E S S M F G . G O . in circulation took -place last week Thursday and Friday, although the I « Main St. Telephone 5570 statement Included yesterday, when the Reserve banks again started providing members with currency, after a complete cessation for most of the 12 reserve institutions Saturday, and for all of them on Monday and Tuesday. ,.

Cermak's Assassin Denounces judge in Dramatic Scene As He Learns fate


ROCHESTER. March 10——A spectacular $150,000 lire which lighted up Rochester's business district, last night destroyed the two story establishment of the Sidney B. Roby company, dealers in garage, automobile and mill supplies. Firemen fought the blaje two hours and one fireman" was injured.

Take Care of

HER EYES KyJiir.g could, be more unwise than h pe' of! having your child's eyes (t2T.:r.rd wnen you have a suspic «i that she might need glasses.

A. W. TRILLER "!' T O M E f R I S T

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NINE SCARLET FEVER CASES REPORTED HERE Poughkeepsle has nine cases of scarlet fever under quarantine, according to Dr. William H. Conger, health dfficer. Marjorle Kenney and Budd Venable, high school students, are among those ill. The cases were | reported since March 1 and total two more than reported in February.



•le pu^, Ocorf- ' cp-djed; "Siitf-. it»«»: Df 1>»- • • p»rt" 1 be W "S*Ttt- ,

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The Oold Standard and its Intricacies may or may n o t prove t o be a mysterious and involved subject to you. B u i here at Ward's we are on a Standard that i s not mysterious or complicated. It's pure and simple. Yet it's of great importance to our customers . . . because when the seal bearing- the inscription "Recommended by Ward's Bureau of Standards" appears with any item in our advertising, you KNOW that it is an article of special merit. Our Chicago laboratories (the largest of its kind in the world) are constantly on guard to protect the quality of everything we sell . . . quality or texture is no puzzle to the ml The Bureau of Standards is your guarantee of high quality.

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Thomas M. Tryniski 309 South 4th Street Fulton New York 13069


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