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Apr 19, 2012 ... 10.00 Choti Bahu. (Season 2) ...... Physics, Maths, Commerce, Economics,. Zoology. Degree: ...... IGCSE 100% result oriental Home. Tutions for ...

be sporty Liz reveals brief split from Shane Warne

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glam sham Rubbishing Rajini’s loss

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Sleepless nights for Bipasha

CHRONICLE Youths fight it out online THURSDAY 19 | APRIL 2012

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A signature campaign to remove sexually violent material against women from Facebook gathers steam



From the Arab Spring to Anna’s army, Facebook and Twitter have been instrumental in starting many a revolution. The latest crusade on social networking sites is against sexually violent content promoted in the garb of humour and satire. Change.org, a portal for social change, has launched an online signature campaign seeking digital signatures for the removal of sexually violent content from the world’s most popular social networking site, Facebook. The digital signatures will be sent to Facebook and it will be asked to remove the objectionable content.

Promoting an activity like rape is repugnant. Encouraging violence against women isn’t free speech PARIDHI AGARWAL WRITER

Change.org contends that the sexually violent content is in violation of Facebook’s terms of use. The objectionable pages were reportedly removed from Facebook sometime back as they directly violated the terms. Now, they have returned in a satirical take, exploiting loopholes in the site’s terms of use. The petition needs 3 lakh signatures before it can be submitted. It has already gathered 2,01,211 signatures. Paridhi Agarwal, a writer and a signatory to the petition, said, “Content posted on Facebook promoting sexual violence or bullying should be stopped immediately. Rape is unacceptable under any circumstance. TURN TO PAGE 19

Facebook arms people with the freedom to express, but the website must behave responsibly SHANICE STUDENT

Thursday 19 April 2012



Hyderabad Chronicle


WORLD HERITAGE WEEK ■ Hyderabad Heritage Week will present Qadir Ali Baig Theatre Foundation's Taramati — The Legend of an Artiste. This play is directed by Mohammad Ali Baig.

■ Together — A painting exhibition by G.K. Shravan Kumar is being held. Till April 20, Iconart Gallery, Road No. 12, Banjara Hills.

■ The choices we made and other works — Solo painting exhibition by Ramakanth is being held.

April 21, 7.30 pm, Taramati Baradari Monument, Ibrahim Bagh.

Till May 11, 11.30 am to 7 pm, Muse Art Gallery, Marriott Hotel, Kavadiguda.

■ Angkor Wat, An Indian Perspective — 11 artists are showcasing their paintings. Till April 23, 11 am to 7 pm, Kalakriti Art Gallery, Road No. 10, Banjara Hills.

■ Twinkle — A painting exhibition by Usha Vinod and B. Rajkumar is being held. Till April 25, 11 am to 7 pm, Inspire Art Gallery, Hyderguda. H

SUMMER WORKSHOP ■ Summer camp will be held for kids between the age of two and a half and five. Yoga, drama, art and so on will be taught.


■ South Central Railway Women’s Organisation is organising a cultural programme, Tarangini, which features performances from noted singers — Shayz Billoo, Madan Shrivarsav, Geeta Madhuri and Srikrishna

Till May 11, 10 am, Little People Tree, PT Colony, Opposite Vikrampuri.

■ Workshop on dancing, singing, creative writing, cooking, sewing, karate and creative craft for children between the age of three and 14. Till April 30, 9.30 am, Oi Playschool, Near Jagannath Temple, Banjara Hills.

■ Rangmanch Dance and Fitness Studio is organising Summeranza — 2012 where one can learn ballet, bellydancing, jazz and much more. Till June 2, Himayatnagar.

■ Art Study Circle and Art Gallery is organising summer art camp for children between the age group of eight and 15 wherein they will learn indepth studies of various concept and techniques. April 23 onwards, Prakashnagar, Opposite Begumpet Airport.


April 20 to May 10, 11 am to 7 pm, Shristi Art Gallery, Jubilee Hills.

April 19, 6:30 pm, Hockey Stadium, Railway Sports Complex, Secunderabad.


■ Free training classes on basic fire prevention is being held on the occasion of National Fire Safety Week. Till April 21, Sando Fire Safety Engineers, Vanasthalipuram.

Till June first week, 11 am, Treasure House, Jubilee Hills.

■ Earth System Sciences Awareness and Research Association is organising 52nd lecture series on Ancient Indian Sciences. April 20, 3 pm, Dr. S.B. Hall, NGRI.

■ The Greater Alwal Allied Service Association is organising Alwal Earth Day Run on the eve of Earth Day. April 22, 6 am, Golnaka Alwal.

April 20, 7 pm onwards, Chowmahalla Palace, April 24, Chowmahalla Palace.

■ Instrumental ensemble by Nagaraju Party followed by Ghazal Ka Safar. A tamseeli mushaira presented by Shalì Master and Jawed Kamal.

■ A book club and workshop to improve reading and academic skill for kids is being held.

■ Rachnoutsav Events Academy is organising a series of Celebrity Coffee Morning Workshops with internationally well-known performing artistes.

■ Instrumental music by L. Subrahmanyam and Kavitha Krishna Murthy followed by Kuchipudi classical dance presented by Balatripura Sundari.

April 21, 7 pm onwards, Chowmahalla Palace.

Till May, Monday to Friday, 7 am to 10 am, Sutradhar, Himayatnagar.

April 20, 6.30 pm, Alliance Francaise Auditorium, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills.


■ Ghazals by Devi Ramana Murthy, followed by fusion music presented by Najmuddin Javed.

■ Pratibimb 2K12 — A sixweek acting workshop is being held.

■ Alliance Française of Hyderabad will present Academy Award-winning French movie The Artist. Entry free.

Till April 24, 7 pm onwards, Chowmahalla Palace, Quli Qutub Shahi Tombs and Taramati Baradari.

held. April 19, 6 pm, Quli Qutub Shahi Tombs.

■ Adabi Mushaira by Sardar Asar and other poets followed by ghazals by Zia-uIHasan and Poorva Guru. April 20, 6 pm, Quli Qutub Shahi Tombs.

■ Mizahiya Mushaira by Sardar Asar and other poets followed by ghazals Rukunddin and Niraja Giri April 21, 6 pm, Quli Qutub Shahi Tombs.

■ Kathak Dances by Sanjay Kumar Joshi followed by Ghazals by Shashank Thada and Anjali Gopalakrishnan. April 22, 6 pm, Quli Qutub Shahi Tombs.


April 20 and April 21, Park City Plaza, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills.

■ Catch the live screenings of IPL matches along with some lip-smacking pizzas named after different IPL teams.

■ A painting exhibition on the recent works of artist Lalu Shaw will be held.

■ Andhra Pradesh Tourism is organising The Heritage Week to celebrate the glorious past and bright future. Entry free for all cultural programmes.

April 22, 7 pm onwards, Chowmahalla Palace.

■ Biryani aur Haleem — An adaptation of the play The Pie and The Tart — directed by Deepti and Mohit will be staged. April 20, 8 pm, Lamakaan, Banjara Hills.

■ A short group counselling session is being organised by HMJ Counselling and Psychotherapy on Promoting Senior Citizen’s Mental Health and Early Interventions. April 22 to April 24, 5 pm to 8 pm, Krishnapuri, West Marredpally.

■ Off the world — Outdoor public wall screenings of short film will be presented by Goethe-Zentrum Hyderabad and Art for Change Trust. Open to all. .

■ Kathak dance, based on Sufi poetry, by Mangala Bhat and Deepti Gupta, followed by qawwali by Warsi Brothers Naseer and Nazeer. April 23, 7 pm onwards, Chowmahalla Palace. April 24, Chowmahalla Palace.

■ Ghazals by Abdul Moghni and Mala Bararia followed by Sufi qawwali by Ahmed Brothers. Special children programme is also being

■ Deccani Dholak-ke-geet — songs of Heritage by Begum Kameez Fatima and Party followed by ghazals by Swathi Srinivas and Zaheeruddin Babar. April 23, 6 pm, Quli Qutub Shahi Tombs.

■ Ghazals by Sultan Mirza, Fouzia Syed and Meraj followed by qawwali by Nizarni Brothers. April 22, 6 pm, Taramati Baradari.

■ Ghazals by Mazhar Khan and Shakeel Ahmed followed by qawwali by Akhter Nawaz Saberi. April 23, 6 pm, Taramati Baradari.

■ Jaya Baheti will showcase her unique series of heritage collection on the occasion of World Heritage Week. Till April 24, Chowmahalla Palace.

■ Bharatnatyam dance of Padma Subrahmanyam followed by a hilarious play on the theme Biryani aur Haleem presented by Suthradhar Venay Varma. April 19, 7.00 pm onwards, Chowmahalla Palace.

April 20 and April 21, 6.30 pm, Ayyappa Society Road, Madhapur.

Till May 27, 4 pm onwards, Mocha Mojo, Road No 7, Banjara Hills.

IF YOU WANT YOUR EVENT TO BE FEATURED HERE, WRITE TO US AT [email protected]. THE MAILS SHOULD REACH US BEFORE 5 PM. N.B. Programmes are subject to change

Thursday 19 April 2012

glam sham Indian Premier League

Newsbreakers One is a seasoned Indian Premier League (IPL) presenter and the other is slowly making an impact on the audience as a charming and dynamic host. Samir Kochhar and Shibani Dandekar, who break down cricket jargon for the audience, share their IPL experiences. SAMIR KOCHCHAR SINDHUJA BALAJI DECCAN CHRONICLE

As much as the players, Mumbaiite Samir Kochhar is also synonymous with the IPL. Having been part of it since its inception in 2008, Samir can’t wait for his two-month cricket fix every summer. He has seen this tournament grow in the last five years and admits to feeling a special connection to it. “When I was first asked to anchor IPL, I was told this is a tournament like no other — Bollywood stars and industrialists would be team owners, Indian and foreign cricketers would play together, there would be cheerleaders, DJs, exceptional venues and more. The tournament has only gotten better with each passing year,” says the dapper host who shares the platform with the experts each night. Akin to every true blue Indian, cricket comes naturally to Samir and he has learned a lot along the way. So much so that he “enjoys putting the panellists in a spot”. “Each expert brings with him a unique style and richness. Sidhu’s humour, Jadeja’s precision, Bhogle’s impersonations and Mahesh Manjrekar’s personal insights are all assets to the show.” Successfully dissolving the notion that cricket caters only to purists,

Youth fights it out online CONTINUED FROM PAGE 17 Promoting an activity like that against women is repugnant. Facebook, or any other social networking site, should start monitoring and screening such activities, as they aren’t funny. Encouraging violence against women is not free speech.” “While politically malignant pages and posts are being censored, no action is being initiated against

such distasteful content or the creators of such pages,” said Sunil, a techie from Hyderabad. “The fact that nobody cares about such hateful content against women just defies logic,” he says. While the Facebook office in India could not be reached for a comment, Shanice Ranade, a student, said that Facebook arms people with the freedom to express themselves but the website must behave responsibly.

Samir is proud of the fact that he, along with a competent team, helps demystify the game. “I think the IPL has surpassed all expectations this year. Almost every match has a thrilling finish and leaves even the best totally perturbed. This kind of thrill is unparalleled.” From a fledgling tournament to one of the biggest launch pads for raw talent, Samir feels he has witnessed phenomenal cricket in the last five years, “We have Shane Watson, Shaun Marsh, Yusuf Pathan, Ajinkya Rahane and Paul Valthaty — five of the best T20 players I have seen.” And who does he miss seeing on field? “Shane Warne, without a doubt! The way he turned Rajasthan Royals to a victory in Season 1 still gives me the chills.” So after a two-month cricketing sojourn, how does he get back to the regular life? “The 50 odd days of touring, matches, television anchoring and parties really take a toll. After the mania ends, there is a void for about three to four days. Then, I immediately take off for a vacation with my wife,” laughs Samir.

The actor also adds that 3 hasn’t suffered any losses

25 19

Hyderabad Chronicle SHIBANI DANDEKAR She may be a new face this IPL season, but Shibani Dandekar seems completely at ease wielding the microphone in a packed stadium with roaring crowds. “When I was chosen to host the IPL, I was petrified!” reveals the pretty damsel, who is a regular television anchor. “This is live anchoring and there are no second chances. Plus, it’s Indian cricket! There was no way I could go wrong with this.” The last two weeks have appeared to be a breeze for this bright anchor who has been putting in extra effort to get her facts right. “For me, it’s more about following the matches daily rather than interacting with experts. After the match between Pune and Bangalore at Chinnaswamy Stadium, I went back to my hotel room, watched the repeat telecast with my entire production team and made notes about the game. That’s real-time research,” says Shibani confidently. She admits this season has been extremely exciting, challenging and totally unpredictable, making her job all the more daunting. “You just have to go with the flow,” she adds. Though she doesn’t shoot her segments with Gaurav, Samir or Archana, she did have a blast shooting the promos with them. “It I watched was a riot! I didn’t the repeat even feel the strain telecast of the shoot,” recollects Shibani. and made Like anyone else, notes about Shibani too has her the game. favourites: “Murali Kartik, AB de Villiers and J.P. SHIBANI Duminy are my picks DANDEKAR this season,” she quips. Speaking of crowds, she says, “My most proud moment was when I saw kids holding up posters with my name written on it.” If not with the players, Shibani does spend time with the WAGs. “I've interacted with Sangakkara's wife, AB de Villiers’ girlfriend and some of the wives of players from Pune Warriors. Ashish Nehra's wife is a lovely lady,” she concludes.

Dhanush rubbishes Rajini cleared 3 losses SUBHASH K. JHA

Tamil star Dhanush is upset with reports that his father-in-law, the legendary Rajinikanth, is reimbursing the Telugu distributor’s revenue losses for his movie 3. Dhanush, who became a sensation across the country with his song Kolaveri Di, is married to Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya, who

has directed 3. “How I love the stories that are created just because I am married to a particular person's daughter,” said Dhanush. “3 has suffered no losses. And even if there are losses to be compensated for, God has been kind to me. I can take care of my own financial liabilities, thank you very much,” he added. The Hindi version of 3 will be released next month.

Thursday 19 April 2012 20

tv guide

Hyderabad Chronicle





8.30PM, Radha Kalyanam 7.00 Tele 2.00 Naagini Shopping 2.30 Zee Noon 7.30 Show Sankeerthana 7.00 Chinna 8.00 Gopuram Kodalu 8.30 Bhakti 7.30 Samacharam Pasupukunkuma 10.00 Mahadevi 8.00 Muddu 10.30 Meera Bidda 11.00 Comedy 8.30 Radha ClubKalyanam 11.30 Ayurveda 9.00 Jeevana Kanyadanam Vignanam 9.30 Lucku12.00 Mee Inti Kickku Vanta 10.30 Shree

7.30 Subhalagnam 8.00 Gemini Talkies 8.30 Bioscope 12.00 Aha Emi Ruchi 12.30 Maa Inti Aada Paduchu 1.00 Chittemmaa 1.30 Gorintaku 2.00 Kanna Vaari Kalalu 2.30 Ee Abbayi Chala

Manchodu 6.00 Jai Shri Krishna 6.30 Shraavani Subramaniam 7.00 Ko Ante Koti 8.00 Swathi 8.30 Mogali Rekulu 9.00 Aparanji 9.30 Devatha 10.00 Mamathala Kovela

7.30 Silver Screen 8.00 Ayurvedam 8.30 Chaganti Bhagavatham 9.00 Bhale Chancele 10.00 Kodala Kodala Koduku Pellama 12.00 Mavuri Vanta 1.00 Modren Maha Lakshmi 2.00 Naadi Aadajanme 2.30 Pavitra

3.00 Movie 6.00 Kodala Kodala Koduku Pellama 6.30 Vasantha Kokila 7.00 Chinnari Pelli Kuturu 7.30 Anna Chellellu 8.00 Missamma 8.30 Edureetha 9.00 Challenge 10.00 CID 11.00 Kutumba Gouravam

NGC WILD Bad Gator 10.50 Monster Fish Himalayan Terror 11.45 Crocs of Katuma 12.40 World's Deadliest Animals . Africa 1.35 Africa's Secret Seven 2.30 The Pack . Wild Dogs 3.30 Hooked . Extreme Angling 4.30 Swamp Men . Most


9. PM|Man Vs. Wild 8.00 One Man Army . Will to Win 9.00 How Do They Do It? (Season 3) . Fighter Jet, Baseball, Sports Car 10.00 Mutant Planet . Brazil's Cerrado 11.00 Food Detectives . Brain Freeze 11.30 Swamp

Brothers 1.00 Curiosity . What's America Worth? 3.00 Machines of Malice . Ancient Machines 7.00 Dual Survival . Failed Ascent 8.00 Wild China . Land of the Panda 9.00 Man Vs. Wild

Wanted 5.30 Monster Fish 6.30 Wild Showcase . The Last Lioness 8.30 Wild Hotspots . Kalahari Supercats 9.30 Hooked . Extreme Angling 10.30 Swamp Men . Most Wanted 11.30 Monster Fish

ANIMAL PLANET 7.00 The Pack 7.30 Planet Wild . Brown Bear. Forest King 8.00 Battle for The Amazon 9.00 Untamed Europe 10.00 River Monsters . Cold Blooded Horror 11.00 Killing for a Living . Flight to the Death 12.00 Wildwives of Savannah Lane . The Art of Seduction 1.00 Untamed Europe 2.00 The Jeff Corwin Experience (Season 4) . The Elephant's Trunk (Smell) 3.00 Swimming Elephants 4.00 Animal Face-

Off . Anaconda Vs. Jaguar 5.00 Killing for a Living . Flight to the Death 6.00 Botswana's Wild Kingdom . Makgadikgadi 7.00 Isolated 8.00 Echo and the Elephants of Amboseli 8.30 Operation Wild 9.00 River Monsters (Season 2) . The Deadliest 10.00 Hunters . Rulers of the Deep 11.00 Austin Stevens Adventures . Giant Python Invader


et in a futuristic S world where humans live in isolation and interact through surrogate robots, a cop is forced to leave his home for the first time in years in order to investigate the murders of others’ surrogates.


EDUTAINMENT 4.25 Crocs of Katuma 5.20 World's Deadliest Animals . Africa 6.15 Africa's Secret Seven 7.10 Animals Behaving Badly 8.05 Zambezi . River Untamed 9.00 Monster Fish (Season 3) . Himalayan Terror 9.55 Swamp Men . One


SURROGATES Zee studio, 9 pm



8.00 The Animal 9.45 25th Hour 1.00 Miami Vice 4.00 Once Upon a Time in Mexico 6.15 National Treasure. Book of Secrets 9.00 Surrogates 11.00 The Sixth Man

11.00 Splice 1.00 Deep Blue Sea 3.00 Splice 5.30 Rapid Fire 6.00 Sis 8.45 Passenger 57 11.00 The Lord of the Rings. The Return of the King


7.00 Ilzaam 10.30 Saathi 1.30 Jwalamukhi man with fire 5.00 Music Blast 5.30 Purana Mandir 8.30 Aatish

10.45 Jiminy Glick in Lalawood 12.15 Midnight Sting 2.00 Stay Hungry 3.45 Barbershop 2. Back in Business 5.30 CrissCross 7.00 Joshua Tree 9.00 Wisdom 11.00 Men at Work

B4U MOVIES 8.00 Jaan Se Pyara 12.00 Aatankwadi Uncle 4.00 Shiv Shakti 7.30 Baabul


9.30 Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain 11.00 Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya 12.30 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1.00 Ruk Jana Nahi 3.00 Navya 4.30 Sasural Genda Phool 5.30 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya

■ LIFE OK 10.00 Sapnon Ke Bhanwar Mein \10.40 Hum Ne Li Hai...Shapath 11.00 Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev 11.20 Main Laxmi Tere Aangan Ki 11.40 Meri Maa 12.00 Amrit Manthan 12.20 Dil se di dua…Saubhagya vati Bhava? 1.30 Amrit Manthan 1.45 Dil se di dua…Saubhagya

SET MAX 4.00 Indian Premier League 2012 . Match 23. Delhi Daredevils vs. Deccan Chargers 8.00 Indian Premier League 2012 . Match 24. Chennai Super Kings vs. Pune Warriors India

9.30PM|Yeh Rishta Kya..

■ ZEE TV vati Bhava? 2.00 Hum Ne Li Hai...Shapath 2.20 Meri Maa 2.40 Sapnon Ke Bhanwar Mein 3.00 Devon Ke Dev... Mahadev 3.20 Main Laxmi Tere Aangan Ki 3.40 Dil se di dua…Saubhagya vati Bhava? 4.00 Amrit Manthan 4.20 Sapnon Ke Bhanwar Mein 8.20 Amrit Manthan

10.00 Choti Bahu (Season 2) 10.30 Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 11.00 Preet Se Bandhi Yeh Dori... Ram Milaayi Jodi 11.30 Hitler Didi 12.00 Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein 12.30 Afsar Bitiya 1.00 Punar Vivaah. Zindagi Milegi Dobara 1.30 Pavitra Rishta 2.00 Hitler Didi 2.30 Mrs. Kaushik

Ki Paanch Bahuein 3.00 Afsar Bitiya 4.00 Pavitra Rishta 4.30 Dance India Dance (Season 3) 6.00 Hitler Didi 6.30 Punar Vivaah. Zindagi Milegi Dobara 7.00 Afsar Bitiya 7.30 Choti Bahu 8.00 Hitler Didi 8.30 Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli 9.00 Pavitra Rishta

SPORTS ESPN 8.30 Host City London 9.00 The S-League Show 9.30 Barclays Premier League 2011/12 . Swansea City vs. Blackburn Rovers 11.30 Asian Tour . Day 1. Indonesian Masters 3.30 Planet Speed 4.00 Goals! 4.30 Hitz 5.00 Barclays Premier League 2011/12 . Arsenal vs. Wigan Athletic 7.00 Premier League World 7.30 Vancouver Golden Moments 8.00 Sportscenter India 8.30 Sportscenter Asia 9.00 Bpl Express . Stoke City vs. Everton 10.00 Sportscenter India 10.30 Sportscenter Asia 11.00 Vancouver Golden Moments


Delhi Daredevils vs. Deccan Chargers, Set Max, 4 PM

Naam Doon? 6.00 Navya 6.30 Ruk Jana Nahi 7.00 Saath Nibhana Saathiya 7.30 Sasural Genda Phool 8.00 Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon? 9.30 Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

2.30 Friends Life T20 2011 . Final 5.00 Clydesdale Bank 40 H/ls . Middlesex vs. Worcestershire

6.00 India Tour of Australia 2011/12 H/ls . T20 7.00 Versus . England vs. Pakistan 8.00 Timed Out 2012 8.30 Epic Encounters . Semi Final 1. 2007 9.30 Natwest Series 2005 - Tri Series Match H/ls . Australia vs. Bangladesh 11.00 Boycott's Best 12.00 Cricket Extra 12.30 Inside Cricket 2012 1.00 Australia Tour of England 2009 H/ls . Test 2.00 Epic Encounters . Semi Final 1. 2007 3.00 Cricket Extra 3.30 India's Best with

Sunil Gavaskar 4.00 Versus . England vs. Pakistan 5.00 India Tour of Australia 2011/12 H/ls . T20 6.00 Boycott's Best 7.00 Cricket Headers 7.02 Best of Britain . Match 5. England vs. New Zealand 8.00 Australia Tour of England 2010 H/ls 9.00 Cricket Headers 9.02 Epic Encounters . Semi Final 1. 2007 10.00 Timed Out 2012 10.30 India's Best with Sunil Gavaskar 11.02 Best of Britain . Match 5. England vs. New Zealand


‘I fully support bisexuality’ Says actor Vivek Mishra who had once accused Raja Chaudhary of molesting him

Bisexuality is still a taboo for our society, but there are many celebrities, who comes out of the closet to support it. Now, Vivek Mishra, actor and yoga trainer, joins the likes of those, who vouch for personal choice and supports bisexuality with open arms. Vivek, who grabbed headlines when he accused actor Raja Chaudhary of molest-

ing him, asserts that it’s a personal choice to decide what one wants in life. Raja Chaudhary is the estranged husband of actress Shweta Tiwari. “Every person is bisexual to an extent, they get equal opportunity to decide what they want. Some explore it and other doesn’t. There is nothing right or wrong about it. I don’t know why people tend to create

issue out of it,” claims Vivek. “Every human being has a right to choose and live life accordingly. If we talk about urbanisation then we should not think about all such issues and create fuzz out of it,” concludes the actor. Vivek enjoys ramp walking and has been a part of many successful fashion shows across the country.

Thursday 19 April 2012 25 21

city life

Hyderabad Chronicle

Neeku Naaku minus Dash Dash Teja has decided to delete the tagline, ‘dash dash’ as it was a bit sleazy B.V.S. PRAKASH

Director Teja thinks that ‘dash dash’ in the title of his flick was keeping family audiences at bay and has thus decided to rename his flick instead of recalling the entire movie. Director Teja has dropped the idea of recalling prints of his latest release from theatres, instead he has decided to delete the tagline, ‘dash dash’ as it was a bit sleazy. The new revised title of the flick is Neeku Naaku. It was felt that “dash dash” was suggestive. The film, starring new faces; Prince and Nandita, and 40 or so others, received quite a mixed response

at the box office and the director felt that ladies and family audience are shying away from theatres due to the controversial title. “I think that family audiences would connect better with our new title Neeku Naaku and so we will be deleting ‘dash dash’ from publicity posters and material, since collections are picking up,” he adds. In this case, the director has resolved to delete taglines, but an earlier film such as Komaram Puli was revised and renamed Puli after a few days as some protests cropped up in the Telangana region. Let’s see, if this strategy improves the already dipping (Right) Director Teja; A still from the movie Neeku Naaku collections.

The connection to nature SAMYUKTHA K.

KIDS ENJOYING SUMMER CAMPS Many play schools and schools are organising summer camps in the city. In the summer camps weekly and daily creative reading sessions for kids with stories, play, art and craft works are being conducted. Kids are also taught puppet and cartoon making. Dance and music classes are also held.

On April 20, WWF India's AP State Office will conduct the first-ever Amateur Naturalist Training (ANT) programme. People in the age group of 10 to 60 years will learn how to appreciate nature, recognise natural flora and fauna, and gain basic knowledge about camping and survival outdoors. Thirty registered participants will be camped within the Shamirpet Deer Park for two nights (April 20 and 21). The idea behind this programme is to get people to reconnect with nature; if not for the animals and plants, then at least for their own survival. It’s unfortunate that human beings don’t consider themselves a part of the ecosystem, says Deepak R., a specialist in birds and waterfalls. “We need to understand the chain reaction; whatever happens to birds and other species will eventually affect us too.” Referring to the example of Jafna elephants and o t h e r ani-

A unique nature training programme that teaches ways to live in harmony with the ecosystems mals that were unharmed during the 2006 tsunami as they fled to higher grounds hours before the disaster, he explains, “Animals and plants have a direct connection with nature, which we humans have lost. We need to reconnect in order to save our planet.” ANT has been conceptualised to help people understand the basics of nature and ecosystems. Farida Tampal, state director of WWF-India, explains. “Many youngsters want to learn about nature and acquire practical knowledge about the wilderness, but they don’t know where to go.” Anuradha Vinod of the AP forest department says, “We want to create a larger group by touching base with as many people as possible, so that they can all work collectively.” While the in-house training team will handle ecosystems such as insects, reptiles and marine, professors from various institutes will conduct plant-related discussions and NCC cadets will provide training on basic survival skills.

THE NATURALISTS The team at WWF-Andhra Pradesh hopes people will reconnect with nature

Thursday 19 April 2012


25 22

Hyderabad Chronicle

Love beyond borders

yin & yang


Artist Sakti Burman talks about spending fifty-one years of his life with French wife Maite Delteil NISHA JAMVWAL

In our country, we are still not entirely comfortable with inter-religious marriages. Marrying into a different culture definitely needs some adjustment. Styles of arguing, teasing, listening, child-rearing, protocol with each other’s parents and monetary responsibilities are some issues that come into play when you belong to two different worlds. Deborah Tannen, a professor of linguistics in Georgetown University and author of I Only Say This Because I Love You: How the Way We Talk Can Make or Break Family, says that inter-cultural couples often attribute disagreements to other factors when the real cause is a difference in conversational style. However, when the language is that of love, differences dissolve into the melting pot of understanding and oneness. The fifty-one years of marriage and children — the togetherness and the creative supremacy defining the intercultural marriage of Sakti Burman, one of India’s famous artists, goes to prove just this. He went to Paris, fell in love and married a French beauty Maite Delteil. Here I’d like to say that the connection of art is greater than any language, and when conjoined with love, it is an unbeatable combination. Sounds too optimistic? Well, the proof of the pudding is that they have lived, romanced, worked, painted, traveled and loved each other for fifty-one years. He has lived and worked in Paris since then. “Through my works, I return to my

Sakti Burman with Maite Delteil

native roots. My wife is French and I buy baguettes and enjoy the French countryside. But we celebrate India together,” he says. It took a little bit of adjustment and tolerance. Shakti elaborates, “I first fell in love with Maite’s art. For me, being with a woman from another culture was a unique experience — the language was tough and she was a catholic. But, they accepted me over time. It was her mother who used to loan us money during our tough periods,” avers Burman. “I had no intention of converting to Christianity, but we gave each other the space to follow our different faiths and yet, learn and grow together through our diversities. We visited churches and temples together. I may not have prayed at

Respect and love are the main words that make any situation work

the churches, but I enjoyed the serenity and architecture.” An important thing to remember is to be optimistic about raising bicultural children. Maya Burman and Matthieu Navindra Nath Burman have embraced both the cultures. They rejoice in being bi-cultural. “Respect and love are the main words that make any situation work. Everything else then melts into inconsequence. We were both struggling painters, starting life t o g e t h e r. Both partners must have broad-

er views of humanity and definitely should not be conservative — because they have to accept the cultural differences of their spouses. I did however retain what I was within me. Maite wore shalwar-kurtas in India and embraced the modest life of my parents when she visited Calcutta. She had no attitude problems cleaning and helping around my parental home,” says Sakti Burman, who attributes much of his success and creative journey to the love and experiences shared through his life with Maite. Nisha is a celebrity designer and leading luxury brand consultant. You can write to her at [email protected]

I’ve been married for eight years and my wife does not like oral sex. How can I convince her that it’s only through oral sex that I get sexual satisfaction.


She may be having reservations about oral-genital sex either due to cultural conditioning or due to her belief that it is not healthy. She may also be put off if you do not maintain good genital hygiene. Since you are an involved party your attempts at convincing may not carry credibility. Seek the help of a professional counselor.

I am a 26-year-old man and I am in love with a woman who is six years older than me. She has been married before but is divorced. But now, we are in a relationship and want to get married. I wanted to know if it is safe for me to have sex with her. We have not had sex yet and will wait but my friend told me as she has been married before, she might have sexual diseases like AIDS. What should I do?


Just because a woman has been previously married we cannot assume that she might be having some Sexually Transmitted Infection. Yes, that possibility exists if her ex-husband had the disease and passed it on to his unsuspecting wife. The other possibility is the lady has/had any other sexual relationships either during her married life or after her divorce and contracted infections. The only way to make sure is to get her blood examined for Sexually Transmitted Infections. What about you? Are you free from Infections? The writer is a sexologist. You can mail him at [email protected].




Ghazal maestro, late Jagjit Singh has played a very important role in my life. I had met him when I was young. My father had invited him to our house in Hyderabad and that was the first time I had performed in front of him. After listening to me, he asked me to meet him when I come to Mumbai. When it came to launching my debut album, the first name that came to my mind was Jagjit Singh, to compose and select ghazals for me and he

graciously agreed to do it. He was not only my mentor but also a guiding light in my life. He was a great singer and also a humble human being. Losing a legend like him is like a p e r s o n a l tragedy. Even today, for my live performances, I dedicate a segment to him. He will always be there in my heart and in my music. (Talat is a ghazal singer)

ve lo es t bi

‘Jagjit Singh was my guiding light’

Talat Aziz


FIRST CRUSH odel-turned-actor M Arjun Rampal is one man who recently confessed that he had a big crush on Mehr Jesia. He said, "I used to have posters of her in my room when I was married. I am lucky to have married her and have her by my side all the time."

Thursday 19 April 2012

palate pleasures

Hyderabad Chronicle

fine dine

Fusion is the

way to go TASTE THE BEST IN CITY African Barbeque Food Festival, titled Return of Hakuna Matata, is currently going on. Till April 29, Barbeque Nation, Road No. 1, Banjara Hills. ■

■ This summer, beat the parching yellow sunlight with sweet, yellow mangoes and the yum mango delicacies served to you at The Mango Festival. Till June 15, 12 pm to 3.30 pm and 7.30 pm to 11 pm, Khandani Rajdhani, Road No. 3, Banjara Hills. ■ Check out the additions made to the new menu at Hard Rock Cafe (Banjara Hills) like assorted hummus platter, Caribbean Black Bean burger, grilled chicken with lemon caper sauce, grilled ratatouille — a roasted mix of exotic vegetables cubed and tossed with oregano.

Indulge in some delicious delights during the Crepes and Waffles festival. Hyderabadis can now indulge in a wide variety of waffles and crepes like the original Dutch waffle, copa litchee, fruit waffle, etc. Also try some exotic crepes like caramel apple and lamb lobo arabe, as a part of the festival. Till April 21, Deli 9, Banjara Hills.

25 23

when I say that I have come a long way. I have studied at the Institute of Hotel Management, Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition at Vidyanagar in Hyderabad. CHEF NAGARAJ No matter how talented you are or SAUDARI how prestigious the catering collage you graduate from, you can’t expect Fusion cooking is a culinary to become an executive chef method that combines ingre- overnight. When I was a trainee, I dients, techniques and sea- read an article in which a chef had soning from various regional said that cooking is an art and scicuisines to create innovative dishes. ence as well. It made me curious. Fusion cooking is about having fun Cooking is an art because a chef with your food and the enjoyment can do wonders with his creativity that you get from the taste of your and culinary skills. It is symphony of creation. taste, aroma and colour that tickles I like fusion cooking and I use nat- the senses. The scientific process ural spices and ingredients. For me, starts when you start collecting the this kind of innovation keeps me ingredients. A chef should know the charged up and keeps me interested characteristics of the ingredients to in my work. I started cooking when I blend them into amazing flavours, was 14 and my first dish was fried colours and textures. Cooking is like egg. It won’t be an understatement a chemical equation.

Wok tossed chicken with peppers and greens INGREDIENTS 200 gm sliced chicken breast 25 gm Chinese cabbage 25 gm bok choy 2 tsp chopped green chillies 2 tbs corn flour 2 tsp dark soya sauce 2 tsp red chilli paste 2 tsp white pepper 1 chopped onion 1 tbs chopped ginger 1 tps chopped garlic 1 tbs refined flour 1 egg 1 tsp five spice powder 1 tsp tomato sauce 1 tsp Rice Wine Diced bell peppers Salt to taste Oil Chopped spring onion to garnish METHOD Mix chicken pieces, corn flour, refined flour, dark soya sauce, chilli paste, salt and egg in a bowl. Deepfry the marinated chicken pieces till golden brown colour. Set the chicken a side. Take wok and heat 1tbs oil. Add garlic, ginger, green chillies, and sauté. Add onion and bell peppers and continue to sauté. Add 1tsp red chilli paste and 1tbs dark soya sauce, tomato sauce and stir. Add chicken stock and bring to boil. Add fried chicken pieces, Chinese cabbage, bok choy and toss. Dissolve remaining corn flour in little water and add to chicken pieces and mix well. Add salt, cooking wine and cook for a minute. Garnish with spring onion. — The writer is the executive chef, at Aditya Park- A Sarovar Portico Hotel



a d me e

Check out



aking chocolate is always fun and interesting. With new techniques and step-by-step recipes, get ready to whip some scrumptious home-made chocolates at a workshop being organsied at Gunrock. Contact: Ishika Sabharwal (9885066080/9010294301)

When food gets scientific DC CORRESPONDENT

Heard of sunny-side-up eggs that taste like mango and coconut souffle or strawberry noodles with vanilla ice cream? Well, the technique is called molecular gastronomy and the address is Cinnamon Fusion, a fairly new restaurant in the Hitec City. Designed in a warm, English set-up, the place serves everything from plain appamstew for breakfast to a seven-course sumptuous meal. And for those looking for a gizmo experience, how about a tablet to place your order? Each table gets it’s own tablet to choose from an array of dishes. You can use free Wi-Fi and customise the menu. The place, apart from a decent ambience and an innovative food menu also offers live music to go with the experience. While you are there, do try the crunchy papdi paneer for starters, their thin crust pizzas, the pungent Thai curry for main course and the mouth-watering choco-lava for desserts. And when you are all done, don’t forget to call for the “midnight egg”.

Friday 18 February Thursday 19 April 2011 2012 25 24


Hyderabad Chronicle just out

Courting happiness NIDHI SETHI

This book is a kaleidoscope of emotions where the spotlight is on Delhi, which provides a beautiful backdrop to debutant author Aseem Vadehra’s melancholic yet humorous collection of stories about unrequited love, loss, cynicism, achievements and a plethora of other feelings. A Chance at Happiness captures the various moods and shades of people we know and situations we encounter in our journey to happiness. It brings to fore shelved dreams and hopes, neglected in the daily humdrum of life. Thirty-three-year-old Aseem was born in New Delhi and started writing at the age of 12 and the trigger for this creative outburst was reading The Diary of Anne Frank when he was 10 years old. He remembers, “My mom made me watch many World War II movies around that time and this sudden encounter with human sufferings, hardship and the atrocities of life stirred me. I began to maintain a diary and channelled my emoRoshan Abbas) foltions through writing. lowed by a year of I wrote everywhere — studying in at the back of school London, he joined notebooks, on the his family business walls of my room. It of construction and made me happy and interior contractrelaxed.” ing when he turned By Aseem A St. Columba’s 22. alumnus, Aseem conInterestingly, most Vadehra tinued to write as he of the protagonists Roli Books collected various in his stories detest 295 pp..172, `2 degrees (at NIFT, the idea of studying Bhagat Singh College and abroad, which is quite a Central St. Martins) but he “must” for rich guys in Delhi. cherishes the semester spent “I’m a big fan of world class at the College of William and education — India or abroad. Mary the most. All my friends studied abroad. After a brief stint as a cos- So did I and I dropped out, but tume designer (freelancing the experiences continue to with Pradeep Sarkar and influence my life.”

Women are and will always be the centrepiece of my writing

Aseem Vadehra debuts with a collection of melancholic yet humorous stories about unrequited love, loss, cynicism, and dreams



While in most of the stories the protagonists are male, some stories reflect a woman’s point of view. Was the gender bias deliberate? “Absolutely not,” defends Aseem and adds, “I am a man, so naturally it’s something I know more about. Whereas women are central to all stories. They are and will always be the centrepiece of my writing. To me, women are the closest to the idea of utopia.” Although the stories differ in content and treatment, the common thread running through them is the focus on prosperity. The readers are taken to sprawling bungalows, big gardens, told about exotic brands, luxury cars,

lavish lifestyles, opulent interiors. “I’m obsessed with this labelling of human beings — gay, straight, rich, middleclass, disadvantaged, Muslim, Hindu, baniya, Brahmin, and so on. I can understand the distinction necessary for some purposes, but I think it has far-reaching repercussions. I’m amazed, intrigued and appalled by it, so I had to write about it,” he explains. A sucker for New York Times and Wikipedia, Aseem feels intrigued reading about missing people, children, unidentified bodies and trafficking of women and children. “Those announcements in newspapers make me repeatedly think of the madness we live in and despair about it. It is then writers like Richard Dawkins, Richard Feynman, Jared Diamond, Bill Bryson who send me to an orbit of pleasure.” Aseem co-owns a bookshop and café besides running the family business and writing. He still writes anywhere. He hadn’t planned to debut with a story collection, but it just happened. “I had a lot to say. And luckily all the events that I wanted to talk about met their natural end in a span of a few pages and I could move on to the next story. So accidentally it became short stories.” Aseem plans to write a novel next, aspires to be a halfdecent human being and dreams of studying at Harvard, “before I die,” he sums up.


at an old age. It also says even as a child, Jesus spent a considerable time in a Buddhist I have recently picked up Holger Kersten’s monastery in Kashmir and gained knowlJesus Lived in India and I must say it is a edge. Unlike the Da Vinci Code, the book startling piece of work. To challenge the con- did not become an instant best-seller, ventional, question a centuries-old belief and yet it is very intriguing and makes express doubts on established facts, is no easy an interesting read. task. Although I am busy with my The book is an interesting piece of work that shoots, whenever I can steal propagates an “alternate reality” giving some free time, I turn to weight to the idea that Jesus survived the cru- Kersten’s book to follow the cifixation, not just in spirit but physically also mystery further. and migrated to Kashmir, where he spread his universal message, lived a long life and died As told to Shagufta Kalim ASIN THOTTUMKAL

Unlike the Da Vinci Code, the book did not become an instant best-seller, yet it is intriguing

mal is driving Claud A from London to her parent’s country house. In the wake of Claud’s miscarriage, it is a journey that will push their already strained relationship towards a potential collapse. With Amal and Claud on the verge of true commitment and true adulthood, Black Bread White Beer casts a critical eye on a society in which despite never-ending advances in social media communication, the young still find it difficult to communicate. Over the course of 24 hours, the book captures the inner lives of 30-something upwardly mobile couple.

A LIFE LONG AGO By Sunanda Sikdar, Penguin Books, `250, pp 172 arely 10 years old, B Dayamoyee watches the bewilderment as her village, Dighpait, begins to change and the people she knows and loves pack their belongings and leave. It is the 1950s, India has been partitioned, and Dighpait has now become a new country: (East) Pakistan. Soon, Dayamoyee’s aunt, with whom she lives, also plans to go to Hindustan. Forced to leave her beloved house and her friends, Dayamoyee resolves never to mention what they have left behind.

TAMARIND CITY: WHERE MODERN INDIAN BEGAN By Bishwanath Ghosh, Tranquebar, `295, pp 315 portrait of Chennai, A drawn without reservation — sometimes with humour, sometimes with irony, but always with love. The biography of the city covers both moody, magical Madras and bursting-at-the-seams, tech-savvy Chennai. It explores how even as Chennai embraces change, its people hold its age-old traditions close to their hearts.

ok k bo o ho

Alternate reality is tale-twister

BLACK BREAD WHITE BEER By Niven Govinden, Harper Collins, `350, pp 185


BGSraryammvepSsot,osOikuepmre:CnOeMnpitenendnsary from April 20-21. This symposium in UK investigates the most famous vampire narrative of all — Dracula — and relates the undead in lit erature, art, and other media to questions concerning gender, technology and social change.

Thursday 19 April 2012 25


Hyderabad Chronicle


Thanks to mediums like Facebook, getting a chance to act in a film has become easy. But these new age methods have their wins and falls

ing actors who want to break into the industry and social Social media, which networking sites are helping has permeated every them do it.” walk of our lives in But, considering that the this day and age, has emerged aspirants may have nothing to as the latest talent scout for do with acting, talent and the film industry. While last skills, how authentic is such a year, Nissan launched a cam- process? “There are plenty of paign titled New Stars Of workshops and practice sesIndia – an online talent hunt sions that are conducted to for actors for a Bollywood train these actors, so that by movie with Ranbir Kapoor, D-day, they are all good to go,” this year’s release, a Telugu explains Gayathri. film My Heart is Beating With more and more filmAdola, used Facebook to cast makers entering the industry its main leads. And now, with out-of-the-box ideas, another film, 3G Love, is scout- short films and experimental ing for 14 boys and 11 girls to scripts, the need for somecast in the new age film. thing new definitely arises. Director of the film, But is it also an attempt to Venkatpati, says that the bring down the cost of the script demands it. “There are film? Gayathri Rao agrees that no lead characters in the sometimes, newbies may be so film and the 14 boys and 11 overwhelmed with the filmgirls would be the focus offer that they seldom bother throughout.” He adds, to request for remuneration. “We have also launched However, scouting through a website to call for social networking sites is not actors and have hunky dory for all. Quoting an received a good instance Aamer says, “During response.” one of my shows called RakhsA c t r e s s e-Mosiqi in Hyderabad, one of Gayathri the actors got an offer for a short film as the film-maker was really happy with her performance. Although she was not too keen, R a o she was pestered with meso f sages on Facebook. Guys H a p p y may not fume over D a y s such requests, but fame says, such things get “There are pretty annoying many aspir- for female actors.” BABLI YADAV

BRINGING THE WORLD TOGETHER (Topmost) Gayathri Rao; (above) Lead actors Revanth and Rajitha from My Heart is Beating; and (below) Nissan’s campaign to act with Ranbir

Earlier, Nissan launched a campaign with Ranbir to hunt for actors for a Bollywood movie


is Anish Kapoor? Indian-born British sculptor Anish Kapoor has lived and worked in London since the early 1970s when he moved to study art, first at the Hornsey College of Art and later at the Chelsea School of Art and Design. He has been in the news recently for the ArcelorMittal Orbit — the £19.1 million centrepiece of the 2012 Olympic Park. The 115 metre-tall red steel tower, designed by him and structural engineer Cecil Balmond, will dominate the east London landscape. It will be slightly taller than the Big Ben and the Statue of Liberty, just short of the Great Pyramid of Giza and considerably shorter than the structure to which it is being compared — the Eiffel Tower. The steel sculpture is Britain’s largest piece of public art and is a permanent, lasting legacy of London’s hosting of the 2012 Summer Olympics

Actor Daniel Radcliffe

What is the suicide forest? The Aokigahara Forest at the foot of Japan’s Mount Fuji is unofficially known as the Suicide Forest. Each year the authorities remove as many as 100 bodies that are found hanging in the forest. It has been suggested that the first suicides in the forest were inspired by a novel set there. Geologist Azusa Hayano, who has tended the forest for more than 30 years, recently took a film crew deep inside the site known as Jukai — the sea of trees. In this haunting documentary he tells the film-makers how clues left among the trees can indicate what went through a person’s mind in the moments before they took their own life. Or, as is sometimes the case had a change of heart and chose to live.

Why are diet drinks unhealthy? If you saw the recent 60 Minutes segment by Dr Sanjay Gupta on the dangers of sugar, you might be scared off the sweet stuff for good. But if you think you are avoiding sugar by switching to diet soft drinks, think again. Consumption of diet drinks has increased 400 per cent since 1960. While the debate whether these drinks cause cancer continues, there is mounting evidence that they

lead to weight gain. Those who consume diet drinks regularly have a 200 per cent increased risk of weight gain, a 36 per cent increased risk of prediabetes or metabolic syndrome, and a 67 per cent increased risk of diabetes. A study of 400 people found that those who drank two diet sodas a day or more increased their waist size by five times.

When will HP encyclopaedia be released? JK Rowling isn’t ready to leave behind the world of her most famous creation. The author J.K. Rowling has confirmed she is hard at work on her long-promised encyclopaedia of the Harry Potter world. She describes this task “time consuming” and hence, hasn’t chalked out a definite date for its release. Readers on fan website Mugglenet were nonetheless rejoicing. “Happiness x10000,” wrote one fan on learning of Rowling’s new project. “IT’S LIKE POTTERHEAD CHRISTMAS!” said another.

Thursday 19 April 2012



Hyderabad Chronicle





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20 05 09 10 12 35 … 09.00 18 00 ….. 07 05 06 30

TIMINGS AT KACHEGUDA RAILWAY STATION 12975/12976 17639/17640 17607/17608 12649/12650 12647/12648 12251/12252 17652/17651 12707/12708 12785/12786 12797/12798 17603/17604 16733/16734

Mysore-Jaipur-Mysore Bi-Weekly Express 02 15 (Fri. Sun.) 23.45 (Tue. Thu.) Kacheguda-Nanded-Kacheguda Express 07.30 20 30 Secunderabad-Kurnool Town-Sec'bad Thungabhadra Express 07 45 19.21 Yesvantpur-H.Nizamuddin-Yesvantpur (KSK) Express (Except Wed, Fri) 08 40 (Expt Thu, Sa) 07 05 Coimbatore-Hazrat Nizamuddin-Coimbatore Kongu weekly Exp. 10 45 (Mon.) 12 20 (Thu.) Yesvantpur-Korba-Yesvantpur Wainganga bi-weekly Express 10.45 (Wed, Sat) 01.25 (Fri, Mon) Kacheguda-Chennai Egmore-Kacheguda Express 16 00 07.55 Tirupathi-H.Nizamuddin -Tirupati AP Sampark Kranti Exp. 17.55 (M, W, F) 09.43 Kacheguda-Bangalore-Kacheguda Express 19.05 (T,Sa,M) 05.40 Kacheguda-Chittoor-Kacheguda Venkatadri Express 20 05 06 20 Kacheguda-Yesvantpur-Kacheguda Express 21.00 05.00 (with slip coaches to Vasco on Tue,Wed,Fri,Sun and to Hubli on Mon, Thus, Sat) Rameswaram - Okha - Rameshwaram weekly Express 23 58 (Sat) 17.45 (Wed)

Railway Enquiry phone numbers (IVRS cum Manual) 139

The train timings are subject to change


MGM High School, Yousufguda, recently celebrated its Annual Day, ‘Avatar 2012’ at Ravindra Bharathi. Seen in the photographs are children performing to various dance numbers during the programme.


No water in old Bowenpally Encroachments making life for the last five months miserable for residents I am a resident of Old Bowenpally. The water supply to our area was abruptly stopped for the last five months. Even though we pay our bills regularly, we barely manage to get two pails of water from the department. The timings are erratic due to which the residents are unable to make themselves available to fill their water. Lodging complaints with the local Water Board officials has proved futile.

The residents of Seetaphalmandi, opposite Tirumala Hospital, are facing many problems caused by encroachments by tea and tiffin stalls. The residents cannot walk freely or even come out of the houses at times. The road is jammed for hours and causing great inconvenience to the public. The officials concerned are not taking the matter seriously.

Mohammed Wasif Ali, Old Bowenpally.

Tara Vilasini, via email.


27903785 27906001F

INDIAN AIRLINES Air Sahara Airways (Air India Enquiry

09223222111 18001803333 23211635 9910383838 18001800101 27903030 1800223020 18001801234 27904965 27904967

Spice Jet Indigo Airlines

30302020 Kingfisher

23389711, 23389712 and Reservation) 23389713 23430384 Air India airport tele 18001801407(Ic) check in Air India 1800227722(A1) 23389719 Airport 23389720 66609156 Airport Enquiry 23234979 Duty Officer 142 Flight Information 140 General Information Jet Airways 23401223, 39824444, 23401222 1800222111 GO Air

Air Sahara Paramount

Kuwait : AI 981

Tue 18.15

Mascot: AI 977 Dammam: AI 935 Jiddah: AI 965 Chicago: AI 127 Dubai: AI 951 Emirates:

M, W, F, 19.20 M,W,F,Sat 07.45 Tu, Fri 17.10 Daily 21.45 Daily 20.30

Daily 04.10 Daily 10.15 Daily 21.30

EK 525 EK 527 EK 529 Kaulalampur: Malaysia Airlines MH 199 Doha:

M, E, F, Sa, Su 00.55

Qatar Airways Daily 04.20

QR 251 Colombo: Srilankan Airways

M, Tu, Sa 21.00 F, Su 09.20 Sat 03.15

UL 176 UL 176 UL 178

DOMESTIC Emirates EK 525 EK 527 EK 529

Daily Dep 04.10 Daily Dep 10.15 Daily Dep 21.30

Ahmedabad: Air India AI 981 Th and Su at 16.50 AI 981 Tu at 17.55 Bengaluru AI 978 Tu, Thu, Sat 03.30 AI 515 BLR Daily 06.35 AI 518 BLR Daily 17.05 Jet Airways 9W2742 Daily 08.25 9W2769 M, Tu, W, Th, F, Su 11.20 Chennai: Air India AI 546 AI 982 AI 536 AI 546 Jet Airways 9W2749 Delhi: Air India

M,W,Th,Fr,Su 19.55 M, W, F 10.20 Daily 09.45 Tue, Sat 18.05 Daily 18.50

Daily 06.40 Daily 14.40 Daily 19.10 Daily 09.45 Daily 23.10

AI 559 AI 541 AI 840 AI 543 AI 127

Goa : Jet Airways 9W 2702 Tu 01.00 Jet Airways 9W 512 Daily 19.55 AI 517 0950 M, Tu, W, Th, F, Su Mangalore Jet Airways 9W 3524 D aily 08.35 Mumbai Air India AI 527 AI 618 AI 616 AI 051 AI 964

Jet Airways 9W 2542 9W 454 9W 458 9W 452 9W 456

Daily 06.00 Daily 08.15 Daily 10.00 Daily 17.20 Daily 20.10

Pune: Air India AI 517

M,Tu,W,Th,F,Su 10.05

Tirupati: Air India AI 542

Daily 08.15 Daily 15.25 Daily 07.35 (expt Mon)Daily 22.20 Tue, Fri 07.45

Daily 12.40

Visakhapatnam: Air India Daily 10.35

AI 617 Vijayawada: Air India

Kolkata: King Fisher Airlines IT-431 IT-432 IT-434

AI 544 Tu, W, 07.45 Daily 19.55 Daily 09.20

M, W,Th, F, Sat,Su






Thursday 19 April 2012 25 27


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COMMERCIAL WE BUY/ sell property from 5L-50Cr. HiTech City 6000sft 4.7Cr/3L, 2204sft 1.20Cr/71K, 370yds 6Cr/ 4.25L, 9600sft 3.5Cr/ 1.89L, 3600sft 1.30Cr/ 77K; Kharkhana 1300sft 30L/22K; Adarshnagar 2000sft 50L/38K; Ameerpet 4400sft 15000Per Sft, 600sft 80L/60K, 2000sft 1.5Cr/85K (Bank), 3200sft G/F 4Cr/ 3.2L, 2000sft 2.3Cr/ 1.4L. Email: [email protected]. Ph:9246365692, 9010482500. (C/KY/1213/C00317) SEMI COMMERCIAL Double storied building Behind Andhra Bank, Ashoknagar branch main road, Hyderabad. Land area: 541 sq.yds. Plinth area: 8000 sft. Ph:9441183545, 8142320379. (C/CL/1213/C00609) COMMERCIAL BUILDING (Total 20,000 sft in 5 Floors) for sale at Balapur X Roads facing Main Road. Brokers excuse. Ph:9848270929. (C/CL/1213/C00580) HITECH CITY Opp: Cyber Pearl Building 10000 sq.ft on IVth floor in commercial building with ample covered car parking available for sale. Contact: 09394783200. (A/1213/C00520) A RUNNING telecommunication franchisee is up for sale with excellent turnover, client base since ten years. Available on sale 350 sft G.floor shop at Panjagutta Rs.6,300/- per sft. Owner shifting abroad. Call: 9000091661, 9985742225. 10am to 8pm. (B/1213/C00825) OFFICE SPACE for sale on Rajbhavan Road beside KFC. Contact: 9848014686, 9246390149, 9246360166. (B/1213/C00617)

FLATS DOUBLE BEDROOM RETIREMENT HOMES 1,2 & 3BHK with Food, Health and Recreation Ready to Occupy at Dr. A.S.Rao Nagar, Contact: 9000199216 (C/KY/1213/C00323) 2 BHK, 3rd Floor, High Lane Arcade, Kavadiguda road, Musheerabad, Hyderabad. Ph:9441183545, 8142320379. (C/CL/1213/C00608) TWO BEDROOM, hall, kitchen flat in heart of city RTC X Roads, Siddamshetty Complex. Contact: Mr.Mohanty 09830492921, 9849013393. (B/1213/C00839)

THREE & MORE LUXURY 4 BHK Flat near Paradise, Sindhi Colony, Fully furnished with ample water & parking, Ready to walk-in available for Sale. Please Ph:9290460340. (S/1213/C01153)

Hyderabad Chronicle INDEPENDENT HOUSE DOUBLE BEDROOM INDEPENDENT HOUSES 10,50,000/(120/ 650 2bedrooms) &Duplex Houses on Sagar Highway, near Outer Ring Road. (Loans). B.Bheem Reddy Ph:9490056588, 9290009902. (C/CL/1213/C00605)

3000 SFT commercial space To-let. All facilities available. Banjarahills, Road No.3. Contact: 9885311169. (C/CL/1213/C00606) ECIL TWO new Shops (size 330sq.ft) on 60’ road Rent (6000/-PM) & two B/R Independent house (4000/-pm) near Satyanarayan colony bus stop, Nagaram, Ph:9866219543 (C/KY/1213/C00159)

HURRY. LIMITED Villas available @Pocharam. Price 29.95Lakhs onwards, near Infosys, I.T.Raheja, Singapore Township, Gated Community with amenities. Ph:9652577722, 9652577733, 04066313144. (C/CL/1213/C00585)

2500 SFT, Prime Location, Furnished Office Space for Lease/ Sale. Suitable for MNC’s, Software Companies and BPO’s at 1st Floor, 3-6-108/1, Sanatana Eternal, Main Road, Himayathnagar. Contact: 9959605620 (Venkatesh), 9700552464 (Vipin). (C/CL/1213/C00582)

INDEPENDENT RS.8,50,000/- 133/ 2BHK &Duplex Houses on Sagar Highway. Gated community. Swimmingpool, Club house, 40’- 30’ BT Roads, all developments. 10mins L.B.Nagar, 12km Airport. Loans. Ph:9666223333, 9246521434. (C/CL/1213/C00560)

SPACE 1200 Sft. for rent at Jubilee Hills, ground floor for office/ institutes/ Dance Institutes/ Academys/ Paying Guest. Not for vastu partical people. Interested contact: 9703004807. (S/1213/C01340)

THREE & MORE ATTAPUR, AMBIENCE FORT, Independant House in Gated Community for Sale, built on 350 Sq. Yards with counstructed area of 2600 sq.feet. 4 Bed Rooms and also Servant Quarter. Fully furnished with wardrobes furniture and air conditioners. West Facing House. Brokers please excuse. Contact: 7799443435 (W/1213/AT000385) KAMLAPURI COLONY OLD House 360 sqyds, East Facing, 40-feet Road, Ground Floor. Suitable for Office& Appartments, Others. Contact: Ali Khan Ph:97033-33551. (C/CL/1213/C00445) RAMANTHAPUR GOKUL Nagar, 256 Sq.yards Independent House, 7 portions, 100% vaastu, 24 hours water. Monthly Rental income Rs.50,000/-. Contact: 9346238835. (S/1213/C01428)

MULTIPLE OLD MIG Independent House west 222 sq.yds BHEL, Agriculture land 40/ 75 acres Metal Road approach near Sadasivapet (Machareddypalli) & Kamkol (Peddalodi) for sale. Ph:9441200678. (K/1213/IC00012)

PLOTS 20% DISCOUNT on open plot in gated community venture at Almasguda on Sagar Highway, Independent houses also available with all developments & loan facility available. Ph:9550369052. (B/1213/C00770) 400 SQ.YDS 1,59,000/- near International Airport @Shadnagar, near Suvarnabhoomi. Pay for Registration 49,000/- remaining balance loan. Offer 19 customers. Ph:8374604416. (C/CL/1213/C00586) JUST 650/- per sq.yd. Fully developed open plots on Warangal Highway @Bhovangiri with 1000 Acres Gated Community, existing all amenities. Ph:9949388232. (C/CL/1213/C00618) SHAMSHABAD THIMMAPUR HMDA approved fully developed 120 acres venture plots for sale adjacent to 1500 Acer My Homes& Mahindra group mega housing project 1.5kms from Banglore highway. Ph:9866993399. (C/BC/1213/C00604)

REAL ESTATE LAND REQUIRED WANTED LAND 300 to 2000 sq.yds on outright purchase or development in an around Hyderabad for reputed construction company. Ph:9246504768. (B/1213/C00831)

P.G. ACCOMM./HOSTELS FURNISHED- FLATS Executive-pg, Hostels-with kitchen 24hr-water, fridge, tv, washig-machine, parking. daily, weekly,monthly For women, families (supprate-bldg) Mehedipatnam Masabtank 8008000687 9030000687 shreekuteer.com (W/1213/AT000364) SHUBHAMASTU HOSTEL, KPHB: A/c, Non A/c, luxury rooms, TV, geyser, wash & iron, power backup, food @ 3,500/P.M. Ph:8008293345, 9391053345. (K/1213/C00155)

RENTALS COMMERCIAL ADARSHNAGAR, HILLFORT Road, Ground- 2000 sft, 1st- 1300 sft, IInd2000 sft, independent building, parking. Suitable: Corporate Office, godown, travels etc. Ph:9032320786. (B/1213/C00819)

JUBILEEHILLS CHECK Post 4300 sq.ft on 2nd floor fully furnished office plug-nplay with 82 workstations, GM cabin, conference room, cafeteria, 100% power backup, central A/c, ample parking. Contact: 09394783200. SBI Building, Plot NO:1272, Road No:63, Jubileehills, Hyderabad- 33. (A/1213/C00519) 2400 SFT. Coverred shed plus 250 Sft. Office space RCC Construction with bore/ muncipal water, power connections available. Ideal for small scale industry/ trading and ware housing activity. Contact: Bheem Rao 9848211880, Raghu 9866296679. (S/1213/C01390) AVAILABLE FOR rent shop at Paradise Circle, behind Swati Restaurent. Visible from the M.G.Road, Secunderabad. Please contact: 9985016221, 27844295. During office hours. (S/1213/C01299) NORTH 120 yds with complete wall gated area space for rent Sainiknagar, Malkajgiri, opposite R.K.Puram Rythu Bazar, commercial for any business. 9290470332. (S/1213/IC00075) PLUG N Play Corporate Office @Secunderabad with beautiful Interiors, adequate visitor car parking. Place adjacent to Airport Bus Station. Ph:9848321424. (S/1213/C00679) PRIME OFFICE Space 1826 sft partly furnished with centrally air-conditioned in posh commercial complex at Somajiguda circle. Contact: 9849100819. (C/CL/1213/C00611) TOLICHOWKI I.A.S colony G+ 5 floor Approximately 15,000 sqft Commercial space suitable for Institute, Offices, Hostel, Multinational Companies Approximately 2km from Apollo Hospital& walk-able distance from Tolichowki x-road for rent. Ph:8688390199/ 9491879285. (C/BC/1213/C00617) VIDYANAGAR MAIN road, near Shankarmutt, ground floor, two shops, each 20’x10’ Rent Rs.15,000/- 2 lakhs deposit also first floor 1000 sft Rent Rs.25,000/500 sft 13,000/-. Ph:9391122316, 9246042013. (B/1213/C00788)

FLATS SINGLE BEDROOM 786 RENTAL & Property Consultant single, two, three BHK flats furnished, unfurnished commercial, residential areas Banjarahills, Mehdipatnam, Shantinagar, Masabtank, Lakdikapul, A.C.Guards, Redhills. 7,000/-, 9,000/-, 12,000/-, 18,000/-, 25,000/-. Ph:9052650799. (B/1213/C00761) RENTALS: A to Z available single, two, three bedrooms, furnished, flats, independent for residential, office, commercial at Banjarahills, Ameerpet, Begumpet, Secunderabad, Mehdipatnam, Masabtank, A.C.Guards,Lakdikapool, Redhills, Nampally, Abids, Basheerbagh, Adarshnagar, Himayathnagar, Domalguda, Ashoknagar, Narayanguda, Kachiguda, Malakpet, Afzalgunj. Ph:9346743430, 8008196287, 04024602234. (B/1213/C00764) MASABTANK FULLY furnished one room attached toilet and kitchen 5,500, Tolichowki 1 BHK deluxe flat with car parking 6,500, 2 BHK furnished flat rent 10,000, 3 BHK 9000, Attapur 2 BHK 4,500. Contact: Sultan 9849928763. (A/1213/C00511)


GACHIBOWLI (L&T) Serene County Tulip Towers, 4 BR Flat-61, Modular Kitchen, wardrobes, Crocuery Entartainment, Racks, five Air Conditioners, False ceiling, drawing, dining. Ph:9866470047, Email: [email protected] Long lease preferred. (S/1213/IC00042)





Thursday 19 April 2012 25 28

CLASSIFIEDS GUEST HOUSE DELUXE 2 Bedroom Fully furnished Air Conditioned Service Apartment within Gated community at A.C.Guards near Masabtank, Net connectivity available. Rs.1700/- Per day. Contact 9949090786. (S/1213/C01274)

INDEPENDENT HOUSE SINGLE BEDROOM BEGUMPET SEMI-FURNISHED one BHK, first floor, car parking, 24 hrs security near Lifestyle, Chinmaya Vidyalaya. Rent 10,000/- negotiable. Contact: 9642023178. (A/1213/C00514) SRINAGAR COLONY 1bhk fully furnished, 3bhk jubilee hills marble,wood work,24hrs water, best for MNCs/Excuetives contact:satya sai consultants 9849589094/ 9848121278 (W/1213/AT000404)

DOUBLE BEDROOM TARNAKA NEAR school St.Anns ground floor portion two bedrooms, attached baths, big hall, kitchen, cupboards, 24 hours water. Contact 9393332529, 9393332523. (S/1213/C01386) 2 BHK ground floor independent house available for rent at near Police Station, Vidyanagar, Hyderabad. Contact: 9989999899. (S/1213/C01400)

THREE & MORE JUBILEEHILLS, ROAD no.11, three bedroom unit 2100 sft. in G+3 independent building east facing good Vasthu. Call: 9848453112 or [email protected] (A/1213/C00495) INDEPENDENT HOUSES for rent 4 BHK, 5 BHK, luxurious, with lawn furnished & semi-furnished, modern fitting & fixture all amenities servant quarters, cars parking suitable for commercial purpose, corporate office, MNC company, guesthouse, residence, Banjarahills, Jubileehills, rent 50,000 to 1,50,000 for more details. Contact: Khan Real Estates Consultants Pvt Ltd Aijaz: 9963913786. (A/1213/IC00035)

INDUSTRIAL SHEDS 5000 SFT., Newly Constructed Shed near Aaramghar Cross Road (near Katedan), 24 hours lorry entry area, suitable for Godown purpose. Ph:9985033145 (C/BC/1213/C00592) GODOWN FOR Rent/lease 2500 SFT at Erragadda Near Highway cont 9948158268 , 9885831332. (W/1213/AT000395)

REQUIRED SOFTWARE COMPANY requires for Lease/ Rent 3000 sq.ft office space furnished, unfurnished at Madhapur, Gachibowli, Tolichowki. Contact: 9246539617 Ashad. (B/1213/C00663)

LEASE COMMERCIAL OFFICE SPACE for lease: 4,750 sft. office space centrally air-conditioned with plug N play and power backup in 3rd floor, is available for lease in prime location on Road no.12, Banjarahills. Interested may contact: 9866466000, 9949031830, 9849519893. (A/1213/C00389) KHAIRATABAD FURNISHED Office space, 32 Work stations Capacity, Sixth Floor, Lift, Plug&Play, Reception counter, Director Room, Conference Room, classroom, Chairs 36 Nos, Split Air Conditioners-6 Nos. Ph:9030215031 (C/KY/1213/C00316)

ONE FURLONG from Moulaali main road near Bawarchi Restaurant, S.P.Nagar 1400 sq.yds+ 5 rooms tap water, well, power with compound & gate car dealers & Bank and etc., 9490091749, 9908225061. shanker [email protected] (B/1213/C00791)

SITUATION VACANT ACCOUNTS & FINANCE WANTED ACCOUNTANTS, Accounts Assistants with 3 to 4 years experience in Computer Accounting. Office at Punjagutta. Contact: 66666444. (A/1213/C00301) WANTED ACCOUNTS Assistant for a reputed Automobile Accessories Distributors 2 to 3 years experience in Tally Accounting and Sales Executives 2 to 3 years experience in Automobiles (male only). Contact

Ph#8897474385, 27848080, 40023885. (S/1213/C01356) RESIDENT LADY Accountant cum Hostel Warden with 3 years experience in Tally Accounting & Also should manage as Warden in our Girls Hostel, Family accomodation is provided in our organisation at West Marredpally. Walkin interview on 23-4-2012 from 4pm to 7pm. Contact 27806512, 27800311. (S/1213/C01358) WANTED MIS Executives & Accountant Executive having knowledge of Vlookup & Hlookup and other formulas for Samsung Smart Phone Distribution. Contact: 9700878983. (A/1213/C00512) REQUIRED ACCOUNTANT having 2- 3 years experience in Wings, MS-Office and Email. Mail your resume to [email protected] Or Walk-in for an interview at Mohan Marketing Associates, 328, 3rd floor, near Paradise Circle, S.D.Road, Secunderabad500003. Ph:.27846863. (S/1213/C01416)

Hyderabad Chronicle SMART & dynamic Female Marketing Executives required for Hyderabad’s premium food home delivery company. Qualification: Inter/ Degree/ MBA with excellent communication skills in ET/H and own 2 wheeler. Call on 7702040179 (11am- 5pm). (B/1213/C00811) EPUTED TELECOM company R requires Sales Executives with or without experience for corporate sales. Contact 8008409393, for handsome salary+ incentives. (S/1213/C01417) MALE/ FEMALE Executives (1) for client coordination in advertising & recreational fields (2) As Office Assistants for both posts, Candidates must have computer knowledge & fluency in English & two wheeler. Sincere, hard-working convented Graduates with/ without experience may apply for an explosive career giving complete resume to Impressions Advertising, 5-1-867, Kothi, Hyderabad500095. (B/1213/C00828)

WANTED FEMALE B.Com Graduate (English Medium) for Accountant, minimum experience in maintaining manual books of accounts with knowledge of Tally, MS-Office, in a reputed Construction Company at situated in Punjagutta. Contact: 23353520. (A/1213/C00524)

SALES EXECUTIVES (Showroom & Field) required for tata Docomo (Indicom) at Ameerpet, Moosapet, ECIL & Kondapur. Candidates must own two wheeler. Salary+ conveyance+ commission). Graduates/ SSC also apply. Walkin interviews on 19th, 20th & 21st April 10.00 am & 6 pm at Nrich Teleservices (P) Ltd, 106, Siddartha Apts, D.K.Road, Opp:Mukesh Motors, Ameerpet. Ph:04066779988. (A/1213/C00516)

WANTED FEMALE Accountant for a Construction Company at Madhapur. Pleasing personality with Talley knowledge can call for an interview at Ph:9949473783. (C/CL/1213/C00619)

WANTED EXPERIENCED and dynamic Marketing Executive for electronic goods with good communication skills in English, Hindi and Telugu. Contact: 7842578531. (B/1213/C00830)

ADVT. SALES & MKTG. WANTED PROJECT Sales Executive & Managers for Selling Paints & Building Materials. People with relevant experience apply/walk in for an interview between 9.30am-5pm @ Graflaks- Plot No. 1211, Road No.60, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Contact-09347017828. Email: [email protected] (W/1213/AT000365) WANTED MARKETING Executives & Telecallers min. salary willbe Rs.15000/pm. Walk-in with resume. People with own laptop are preferred. Qualification Degree. Walk-in interviews on Sunday at 10am- 4pm. For Trace IT Pvt. Ltd, at Amura Infotech Pvt Ltd, flat no.302, above Model Cloth Showroom, near B.K.Guda Park, S.R.Nagar, Hyd. Ph:9441255979, 9948126028. (A/1213/C00333) NEED GRADUATES with 2- 3 years experience to Market Industrial Cleaning Machines for Hyderabad, Vishakhapatnam, Tirupathi areas. Salary best for right candidates. Sri Giri Enginers. Contact: 040-27758317. Email:[email protected] (S/1213/C00990) SALES/RECRUITERS REQUIRED now. Pioneer a new division of our company in Hyderabad. If you have the ability to create a network of distributors, motivate and train them then you can earn upwards of 3Lac per month. Send details to [email protected] and you will be considered for an interview (BL/1213/C00541) EXECUTIVES wanted ✔PICKUP urgently for a Reputed Organisation, Attractive Pay!! Vehicle must. Contact 64550808, 64550909. Neredmet. (S/1213/C01303) URGENTLY REQUIRED experience marketing executive with minimum 2yrs experience for Web Designing Company, good salary package, good growth future. Ph:9848283332. (C/BC/1213/C00595) A LEADING Telecom Company requires Sales Executives and Telecallers (F). Graduates with 0-2 yrs experience age below 30 yrs, salary Rs.6000/- to 8,000 +convayance +incentives upto 15000/pm. Address: Punjagutta. Ph:9246104644, 66666444. (A/1213/C00489) REPUTED MARKETING Company Wants Young, professional, Dynamic, Team Leader, with Team. Ph:9908611128. (C/BC/1213/C00601)

PRO’SREPUTED Education Management Company required Business Development Executives. Salary 8000/- to 12000/-. Incentives upto 20,000/-. Call us at 040-66337733. (C/KY/1213/C00319) WANTED MARKETING Executive for marketing Pre-Engineered steel buildings/ steel structures. Qualification: Degree/ M.B.A. (Marketing) with 2- 3years experience. Candidates may attend to walk-in interview between 10am to 5pm. Two wheeler preferable. M/S. Srikanya Steel Building Systems Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.212, MP & MLAs colony, Road No.10C, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Ph:040-64640035. (C/CL/1213/C00617)

CALL CENTER/BPO TELCALLERS FOR domestic B2B process. Day shift. Should speak English, Hindi very well. Walk-in from 18th to 20th 10am to 5pm at Pillar No.35 Rethibowli, Mehdipatnam. 9885288763 or 7396861784 (W/1213/AT000360)


ALL CENTER, Directly recruiting CCE, Telecallers, Data Entry Operators, Collection Executives. Speak any one language with English. B.Tech/ Graduates/ Intermediate. Freshers welcome. Call now: 9393519856, 040-32595767. Address: #311, 3rd floor, Model House, Panjagutta. (B/1213/C00753) ANJARAHILLS CALL Centre ✔ required candidates Part/ full B time, Day & Night shifts, age/ qualification no bar. Telecaller, Customer Care, Back Office, Collection Executives. Banjarahills: 205/ 2nd floor, Highline Complex, Above Sahara Bakery, Opposite: Pizza Hut. Contact: 9346523469. (B/1213/C00757) AIRHUB REQUIRES Telecallers for its International Call Center for both Day and Night shifts. Fluency in English is must. Walk-in interview from Monday to Friday. Contact No: 040-69992278, 9703398777. Address: 303, Skill Spectrum Building, opposite Universal Bakers, Himayathnagar, Hyderabad- 29. (B/1213/C00810) AMEERPET CALLCENTRE is directly appointing CCE/ Telecallers/ BackOffice, any one language, Freshers& Exam appeared candidates are welcome, #103 Reddy Complex, Opp: Satyam Behind Mytrivanam. Ph:9700313337, 9392043445. (C/BC/1213/C00618)



WANTED MARKETING Manager around 30- 40 years of age with good contact in MNC’s and industries to achieve targets. Salary Rs.18,000/- plus incentives. Sales Executives male/ female with similar background, salary Rs.12,000/- with good communication skills having own two wheeler. Contact RS Security Solution, contact 65555095, 27722319. (S/1213/C01364)

ALK-IN INTERVIEW: for Call Centre Telecallers, Marketing Executive, Collection Boys, Data Entry Operators, Salary best in Industry, B.Tech, Graduation & Intermediate Freshers welcome. Call: 09395311079, 040-32436898. Address:Balaji Complex, 1st floor, beside Venkatadri Theatre, Behind bus stop, Dilsukhnagar. (B/1213/C00752)

WANTED MARKETING Executives for Marketing. Construction Chemicals and Projects. Graduates in Sciences and MBA contact with bio-data Vasant Technocrats9849167810. (A/1213/C00503)

EC’BAD CALL Centre required M/ F candidates age/ qualification no bar, Customer Care, Data Entry, Telecallers, Back Office. Freshers welcome. Sec’bad: Ph:9390694150, 2nd floor, R.K.Building, Next to R.K.Lodge, Opp: Khaja Peer Dargah, Sec’bad Station. (B/1213/C00756)

SAKET REQUIRES Sales Executives with 1year experience. Good communication skills is a MUST. Fresher’s can also apply. Walk-in interview today and tomorrow with prior appointment between 3pm to 6pm, M/s. Saket Engineers, Kapra, Ecil, Hyderabad. Ph:27131811/962 (C/KY/1213/C00310)


WANTED CUSTOMER Executives Tamil/ English/ Hindi. Contact: 8886102299, 040-30402807, Hitech City, A- Block, 6th Floor, Cyber Gateway, Hyderabad. (B/1213/C00818)

DIGICALL TELESERVICES India Pvt Ltd, 2nd floor, Lal Bungalow, Ameerpet, require freshers/ experience male/ female with or without Graduation with good communication skills in English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam & Kannada with basic computer knowledge, age 20-30 years. Walk-in from 10 am- 5 pm 19th April to 25th April. Tel: 040-66623623. (A/1213/C00518)

URGENT REQUIREMENT for Callcentre on the spot offer letter, Freshers welcome, minimum qualification Intermediate, age below 30yrs, required C.C.E., C.S.R., Telecallers& D.E.O. @GNITT Building, 1st-floor near Deepak Theatre, Narayanguda. Ph:9700408095. (C/BC/1213/C00628)

COMPUTERS APTECH COMPUTER Education Secunderabad requires Counsellor with good communication skill. Attractive salary for deserving candidates. Walk in for interview. 40-32914306, 7207266515. aptech_karkhana @yahoo.co.in. (W/1213/AT000335) FLASH PROGRAMMERS, Lay-out & BG artist, BFA with flash knowledge, Microsoft DotNet3.5/4.0 Programmers, PHP Programmers, Joomla, Wordpress, e-Learning Software (Moodle) skills required for Software and Multimedia Development Projects. Also, looking for Language Translators from English to Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujrathi, Assami, Urdu and Bengali. Contact: 9000337769, [email protected] (S/1213/C00938) COMPUTER OPERATORS required by ISO 9001:2008 Private limited company at Hyderabad. B.Sc/ DECE/ DCME candidates having 2 to 3 years experience in MS-Office with good English and typing knowledge apply complete bio-data, expected salary. E-mail: [email protected] (B/1213/C00729)

REQUIRED URGENTLY CAD/ GIS Operators. Qualification: Diploma/ any Degree, 0- 4years Experience. Interviews @ Verso Technical Solutions, Near Lepakshi Emporium, RTC ‘X’ Roads. Ph:9177299249, 040-64631666. E-mail: [email protected] (C/CL/1213/C00578) MS-OFFICE PROFESSIONALS with 4 year’s experience required for US KPO company. Contact 040-66174030, 40124647. (S/1213/C01359)

WALK-IN INTERVIEW today for Service Engineers 2 years experience in Servicing of Computers, Printers with a two wheeler. Can speak English, Telugu and Hindi. Cache Technology, an ISO 9001-2008 company, Authorised Service providers for HP 3-6-98, West Marredpally main road, Nr. HDFC Bank, Sec-bad- 26. Ph:66387471/ 66901168/ 9441791413, Email: ser [email protected] (S/1213/C01402) WANTED 10 Data Entry Operators. Minimum one years experience in numerical data. Also required 10 Proof readers and Receptionist. Contact immediately Vasavi Computer Services, 3-1-227, 2nd floor, PVS mansion, near Manju Theater, Opposite: Kotha Yellaiah High School, Secunderabad. Mobile: 9948321396, 9849948432, 27898184. (S/1213/C01411) EARN MINIMUM Rs.5000/- PM by Working Online Home Based Data Entry Work. Contact: Oreosys, Opp: Shangirila Apartments, Karkhana, Sec-Bad. Ph:040-65400336/ 8297799197/ 9989422045. (C/CL/1213/C00612)

D.T.P. OPERATORS WANTED DTP Operators (Male/ Female) perfect in pagemaker, coreldraw, photoshop @Sabharwal Printers, 15/3/51/A, beside Gurudwara, Gowliguda, Hyderabad. For Interview call: 9885069191, 9391030717. (S/1213/C01394)

DRIVERS WANTED DRIVER for Tata 207 with valid driving licence, badge No. must. Walk-in Interview: BWPPL, 67, S.V.C.I.E., Balanagar, Hyderabad, Ph:8125113136, 23771231. (K/1213/C00153) REQUIRE EXPERIENCED Drivers for Car Rental Company having Travel Desk in Star Hotels to drive all types of cars with badge. Contact: 7702001182. Cosy Cabs, opp. Post Office Begumpet, Brahmanwadi Road, near Begumpet Railway Stations between 11am to 4pm immediately. (A/1213/C00481) CAR DRIVER required with minimum experience of 2 years and good driving. Salary 8000. Contact: 66418505, 9849968869. (B/1213/C00832)



ANTED ENGINEERS with knowledge in AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, PROE, Catia, Staad, Ansys wanted as Lab Staff for 2 months or more. Walk-in with your resumes any

day between 11am- 5pm ECC, first floor, beside Bata, near Image Hospital, Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Ph:9866131068. (A/1213/IC00023)


ADWORLDAMEERPET (Autodesk Authorised Training Centre) offers World Class Training on AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, Proe, Catia, Ansys, Staad etc. 5th floor, Pavani Prestige, opposite Chermas, Ameerpet. Ph:04066250615. (A/1213/IC00025) URGENTLY REQUIRED 20+ years experienced Senior Structural Designer for Building Designing should have Knowledge of ETABS, SAFE and STAAD. Wanted Experienced Rebar Detailers, (5 Nos) B.E./ B.Tech/ Diploma in Civil. Freshers can also apply, knowledge of AutoCAD is must. Ph:64571710/ 9291500830, Mail CV to: [email protected] (C/BC/1213/C00472)

WANTED AUTOCAD freshers, qualification any Diploma, Degree for Sri Sai Krishna Infoways, Yousufguda main road, Hyd. Cont 9391181561. (S/1213/C01185)


ONSTRUCTION QUALITY Manager: experience in Hi-Rise residential apartments at Kompally, Engineering graduates with 7- 10yrs of similar site experience. E-mail: [email protected] or Call: 9704872910. (C/CL/1213/C00595) WANTED CIVIL/ Electrical/ Mechanical/ Electronics Engineering Graduates/ Diploma Holders with or without experience in execution of Civil Works, communication towers etc., Interesting candidates may send their resumes to [email protected] within 3 days. (A/1213/C00510) REQURIE CIVIL Engineers Degree/ Diploma with experience in Design and Drafting using Stadpro, Studs & Autocad, good opportunity in Sysplan Group. D.Civil, D.Arch with experience also apply. Walk-in interview today & tomorrow. Ph:9848018293, 9000901232. Mail: [email protected] Sysplan Consultants Pvt Ltd., 3-6-291, 3rd Floor, Sadana Building, opp: Bharath Petrol Pump lane, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad. (B/1213/C00821) TECUMSEH PRODUCTS Company India’s leading manufacturer of Hermtic Compressors invites Diploma Engineers (Mech./ Electrical) for a walk-in interview on 20th & 21st April 2012 at 10- 12am at their factory premises at Balanagar. Contact Person: 8886682228/ 8790000969. (S/1213/C01407) SALES ENGINEERS: Diploma Electrical/ Instrumentation. B.Sc. Electronics to provide Techno Sales Support for Industrial Electrical/ Electronic Testing and Measuring Instruments. Walk-in for an interview at Mohan Marketing Associates, 328, 3rd floor, Chandralok Complex, near Paradise Circle, Secunderabad. Ph:27846863. Email ID:[email protected] (S/1213/C01415) REQUIRED- PROJECT Engineer to a steel structures making company to work in Hyderabad. Qualification: Diploma/ B.Tech (Civil/ Mechanical) Engineers with 5- 7years experience may attend to Walkin interview Between 10am- 5pm. M/S. Srikanya Steel Building Systems Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.212, MP & MLAs colony, Road No.10C, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Ph:04064640035. (C/CL/1213/C00621) WANTED A Civil Assistant for Supervision of residential building. Qualification: B.E. (Civil) with 2years experience/ Diploma in Civil Engineering with 5years experience. Candidate may attend to walk-in interview between 10am to 5pm. M/S. Srikanya Steel Building Systems Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.212, MP & MLAs colony, Road No.10C, Jubileehills, Hyderabad. Ph:04064640035. (C/CL/1213/C00622)

GARMENTS TOCK CHECKING incharge to take S care of the inventory of the showroom at begumpet expert in MS XL & Salemen for selling Gentswear, Ladieswear & Kidswear.Hindi compulsory Salary 6000 - 8000 Tel:9346215902 (W/1213/AT000396)

HOTEL A 3 Star Hotel urgently requires Front Office Executives, HK Supervisors, HK Boys/ Maids, Security Guards with min of 1 yr exp. Interested candidates may walk-in between 10am- 5pm. Hotel Best Western Jubilee Ridge, Ext. of Rd #36, Jubileehills, Hyderabad, Contact: 8008300364. (A/1213/C00484) WANTED STEWARDS, Senior Captains, Captains, Pantryman for A/C Restaurant, Amrutha Mall Complex, near Rajiv Gandhi Circle, Somajiguda, Hyderabad. Contact: 9949788095. (A/1213/C00499) WANTED URGENTLY for Paradise Hotel, Sec-bad, Senior Captains, Waiters, Cooks (Indian, Chinese,

Tandoori). Please contact personally on every Thursday 4pm at Sec-bad with biodata and latest pp size photograph. (S/1213/C01376) A LEADING 3 Star Hotel urgently requires: Stewards, Captains, Housemens, Telephone Operators, Security Guards. Fresher also can apply. Good salary. Ph:9392437065, 9346784030. (A/1213/C00521)

LECTURERS WANTED EXPERIENCED Junior and Senior Faculty for Maths 1A, 1B, Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology, AIEEE, IIT, Economies, Commerce, Civics, Sanskrit for a Intermediate Junior College at Bowenpally for appointment contact: 9700157172. (S/1213/IC00073) SANDEEPANI JUNIOR & Degree Colleges, Kamareddy, Dist: Nizamabad need experienced teaching faculty in the following subjects. Intermediate: English, Physics, Maths, Commerce, Economics, Zoology. Degree: English, Commerce, Computer, Economics, Statistics. Demo classes: 21-4-2012 & 23-4-2012 at 9a.m. onwards. Contact: 9397329794, 9440575338, 9440791617, 9440408080. (KR/12-13-00034) (S/1213/C01431)

MANAGERS TAURUS- MANUFACTURERES of Industrial Valves Instrumentation; looking for Expierenced Sr.Sales Executive, Assis.Sales manager. Age below40. Salary upto25000+ incentive, commission, profit sharing. Must having contact with surrounding industries. Contact: Begumpet 8978161641, 9885121394 h r e n g g c o @ g m a i l . c o m w w w . t a u r u s e n g i n d . i n (W/1213/AT000164)

MEDICAL REQUIRED FRESHERS or 2 to 3 years experienced Pharmacits (Only D Pharmacy Candidates) Desired to work in Shifts (Except Night Shift) Interested candidates may walk-in between 2pm & 6pm. Contact Vivekanand Hospital, Beside C.M. Camp Office, Begumpet, Hyderabad. Ph:040-66735555, 23400057 & 58. 9397010659. (S/1213/C01327) GYNAECOLOGIST- M.D/ DGO General Physician M.D. ANM’s/ GNM’s, Jr. Accountants (female), Plumber. Contact: Challa Hospital, 7-1-71/A1, Dharam Karan Road, Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Ph:23744444, Cell: 9848018181. Email: [email protected] (A/1213/C00496) WALK-IN INTERVIEW from 18th to 30th from 10:30am to 5pm at Image Hospitals, Ameerpet, Hyd., Anesthesiologist, Radiologist, Neurologist, Nephrologists, Urologist, Anesthesia Technician, Dialysis Technician, Lab Technicians, CT Scan Tech, Business Development Executives, Recovery Assistants, Front Office Executives, Drivers. Ph:9676137988. (C/CL/1213/C00590) MALE & Female Receptionist, Lab Technicians, OT & Labour Room staff, Gen. Nursing staff & Dayas. Contact Harmain Hospital, Falknuma Engine Bowli, Hyderabad. Ph:040-32982343, 9885691564, 9391065674. (B/1213/C00815) MUSLIM MATERNITY Hospital, Chaderghat requires (1) Physician (General Medicine) Female, (2) MBBS DMO 2 Nos Male/ Female (3) MBBS (DCH) 3 Nos Male/ Female (4) MBBS (DGO) 4 Nos Female. Contact: 9849692361, 9949701883. (B/1213/C00826)

HOSPITAL AT Santoshnagar GNM’s, ANM’s, Aayas with or without experience. Free accommodation. Contact: 8686372486, 9490021900. (C/CL/1213/C00601) WANTED DOCTORS DCH or M.D. Pediatrician, M.D. General Physician for running hospital. Good salary, accommodation. Contact immediately Ph:9010714896. (C/CL/1213/C00603) URGENTLY REQUIRED in Hyderabad. Consultant Physician, General Surgeon, Pediatrician and Duty Doctors, O.T.Technicians, Nursing staff male/ female ph:9399310002, 9848433867. (C/KY/1213/C00315)

MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTION SSZ INFOTECH Job oriented Medical Transcription Training with placement/ home based jobs for Undergraduates, Graduates, Housewives, Teachers. Free basic computers, English Typing. Madhukunj, near YMCA, Secunderabad. Ph:9885477746/ 9985219549. www.sszinfotech.com (S/1213/C01293) VINSCRIBE TECHNOLOGIES an MT company, requires trainees with basic computer knowledge and English for in-house placement. Performance- based stipend will be provided. Experienced MTs are welcome. Walk-in with your resume from Monday- Saturday between 10am-5pm. Ph:91-40-40172452. (C/KY/1213/IC00004)





Thursday 19 April 2012 25 29

CLASSIFIEDS MULTIPLE VACANCIES SAKET CLUB - a well established and equipped club requires Female Swimming Coach. The incumbent shall guide and support ladies for swimming for an hour daily. Interested candidates contact Saket Engineers., Kapra, ECIL, Hyderabad. Cell Nos. 98488 99975. (W/1213/AT000261)

SUNSHINE PRESCHOOL & Daycare chain looking for Centre Managers & Deputy Managers for its Hyderabad branches. Candidates with exp in BPOs & Retail outlets those dealing with customers can apply. Attractive salary. Contact 64619733, email s u n s h i n e @ s a t n av p r e s c h o o l s. c o m (W/1213/AT000391) URGENTLY REQUIRED Staff to make Holiday Packages 4 years experience with any leading Holiday company and an Accountant with 3-5 years of experience in an IATA travel agency for a leading Travel Group in Muscat, Oman. Send your resume to discovery. [email protected] or [email protected] (W/1213/AT000394) ANY GRADUATE with good communication skills having 0- 2 years experience in Marketing- 5, Tele Sales- 5, Tally Support- 5, Hardware & Networking- 10, Accountant- 1, Reception cum Data Entry Operator. Freshers can also apply. Contact 9885022144. (S/1213/C00922)


ANTED URGENTLY receptionist (Female), Purchase/ Marketing Executives, Accountant, Diploma Holders in Electrical & Electronics. Contact: Sun Technologies, Ph:27751166, 2 7 7 5 1 1 7 7 . [email protected] (S/1213/C00962) URGENTLY REQUIRED 1) International air ticketing & tours staff. 2) Counter counter staff. Minimum two years experienced preffered. Contact. Ph:040-64507860 (C/CL/1213/C00550) 100 VACANCIES for newly opened branch at Paradise circle in Secunderbad. Qualification:+2, Degree, Diploma, MBA etc. Earn 7500, free accommodation Opp: Kamat Hotel above China Bazar, IInd floor. Contact: Priya 9000202021, 040-65260192 (C/CL/1213/C00557) 100’S OF vacancies awaiting u in Domestic & International Airlines at Airports. Join our Academy for Air-hostess/ Flightpurser, Fares & Air-ticketing, Airport handling, IATA coaching, recognised by Govt. of India. Our Students are working in Domestic & International Airlines. Pan-Elysium In-flight Management Academy, 6A, 3rd-floor, Lenaine Estate, Abids, Diagnally Opp. Chermas. Ph:30607866, 23306637. (B/1213/C00760) XEORX INDIA Ltd Distributor/ SSP looking for smart M/ F Graduates and Diploma Holders with two wheeler to fill in the post of Service Engineer, Sales Executivs/ Sales & Service Coordinators. Accountant experience in Printer/ Office Automation preferred. Walking interview at Navabharat Chamers, Ground floor, Somajiguda. Ph:9848035261, Email: [email protected] (A/1213/C00470) WANTED EXPERIENCED Stores Incharge, Stores Assistant having min. 3 years experience in Infrastructure Company dealing with construction raw materials, sanitory and plumbing materials, electrical, flooring materials etc. Call: 040-23555852, 99639-72099. (A/1213/C00477) MODI BUILDERS recruiting qualified & experienced Civil Engrs, Tech Supervisors, Sr. Accountant ( M.Com/ above) and Sales Managers with min 5 years of relevant experiences. Age below 40 years may walk-in for interview at 3rd floor, Soham Mansion, Ranigunj bus stop, M.G.Road, beside Cache Furntire, Sec-3, Ph:66333111. (A/1213/C00479) STORE INCHARGE cum Administrator, age (30- 40), Computer Operator (M/F) Tally, Accountant (M/F)- 3yrs of relevant experience. Contact with original credentials. Timings: 4- 5pm. Organic Electronics India Pvt Ltd., Koti Ph:7893218380/ 24613846. (C/CL/1213/C00564) WANTED COUNTER Staff with experience, Drivers & Office Boy. Contact: 04027908595, 9866044440. (S/1213/C01310) FREE... FREE...! Airline/ Airport 100% jobs, Guidance & Crash courses for Cabin Crew, Airport Customer Service, Air-Ticketing, Hospitality & Administration. Enroll before 21st April. Contact: MAK Aviation Academy, Abids/ Himayathnagar/ Santoshnagar/ Mehdipatnam. Ph:040-30009393/ 04030661414/ 8686220680. (B/1213/C00771) H.R MANAGER, Accounts, ESI, PF, ST, PT, Labour, Field Officer, Security Officer, Security Guards, Security

Supervisor, DTP Operator, Office Boy (with vehicle), Marketing Executive Male/ Female, Housekeeping, Business Development Officer & other posts also. Ph:040-27840633, 27813011, 8374907586, 9440050036. (S/1213/C01321) 55 VACANCIES in MNC (Impulse) Degree/ Diploma/ MBA, Experienced/ Freshers. Free Accommodation. Start Rs.12,000 to 15,000/-. Incredible 04064643066, 9246103066. (B/1213/C00776) TATA BUSINESS Associates required Field Executives (Customer Support), two wheeler must. Salary Rs.9000/-, Telecallers (Female), Salary Rs.6000/-. Degree, good communication skills. Ph:9248440089, 9247048454, 66484854/ 55. (S/1213/C01349) A REPUTED Pvt. Ltd. Company requires Job for Receptionist, Female & Computer knowledge, good looking & experienced 3 -5 years, minimum qualification: Graduate. Accountant well qualified Computer knowledge. B.Com. Computer 5 -10 years experience in Accounts. 1 Secretary for Company Assistant. Good knowledge, minimum qualification: Graduate, 3 -5 years experience. Ph:9246104055, 65404055. (S/1213/C01351) REPUTED VALUATIONS Firm urgently requires Diploma Mechanical Engineers and Computer Operators. Own Bike/ Mobile must for Engineers. Contact: 39181407. (S/1213/C01387) URGENTLY REQUIRED 35 Vacancies in MNC. Walk-in Fresh/ Under Graduates Diploma Holders. Earn 7k11k PM. Free accommodation Contact:- Rani 66823172, 7396876761, 8523018532. (C/KY/1213/C00311) DESTIMONEY INDIA’S Leading Financial Services Company. Hiring Cluster Manager Salary upto Rs 25000/-, Tele Product Officer (Female) salary upto Rs 12000/-, Asst Sales Manager salary upto 15000/-, Qualification Any:- Inter, Degree. Address:- Sona Arcade, 2nd Floor Opp? Passport Office, Sec-bad. Call: 04040021418, 7569357877. (C/KY/1213/C00312) WANTED (1) Computer Operator (2) Typist Cum Clerk (3) M.Sc Biochemistry Technician (4) Marketing Executive for a reputed diagnostic centre. Apply with details salary expected, qualification. Director, 4-1-897, Tilak Road, Hyderabad-1. (B/1213/C00820) URGENTLY REQUIRED Front Office, Tele Callers (Female), Billing Cashiers, Office Boys, Sales Executive, Technical Staff Good Salary+ Incentive age below 30yrs. Ph:8297928289. (C/BC/1213/C00615) URGENTLY REQUIRED: Accountant B.Com, MBA (Fin.) 3 to 4 yrs. experience in manufacturing industry. Should independently handle accounts. & Office Assistant: Intermediate are above. Walkin 21st & 23rd April, 11 to 4.00pm. R.R.Towers, 5th Floor, Plot No.188 & 189, Kavurihills, Hyderabad. Email CV to: [email protected] Contact: 9848747900. (K/1213/C00206) WANTED SALEMAN (M/ F) & Helper (M/ F). Contact 11am to 1pm Mr.Shewak at Karachi Bakery, Moazamjahi Market X Road, Hyderabad. (B/1213/C00827) WANTED GRADUATES with Bikes needed Starting in May Surveying for Social Science Research. Requires Travel to Rural A.P. Competitive Salary. Ph:040-40208482. (C/CL/1213/C00613) WANTED RECEPTIONISTS, Office Assistants, Administrator and Lecturers to teach all subjects. Intermediate, Degree Colleges at Santoshnagar, Himayathnagar, Bahadurpura. Ph:9391062107. (B/1213/C00837) WANTED SMART &Dynamic Female Secretary/ Office Assistant, 4- 5years experience, must be fluent in English/ Telugu/ Hindi. Good Communication Skills. Graduate+ computer knowledge of Letter Drafting, M.S-word, Excel & PowerPoint. Mail your Resume to [email protected] Interview on 22/4/2012. (C/CL/1213/C00614)


EARN RS.25000/- by Form-filling,Work from home or Internet cafe. Investment only Rs.2799/-Get Data-entry and Ad-posting work in Bonus Free. Contact:09791032922/09962670582 (C/LI/1213/C00001)


OX DIAMOND for Regd. Trained/ Untrained Male part time job with earning. Contact: 09312456005, 09999209112, 09312456003, 09711760817. (D-5640) (S/1213/C00692) URGENTLY REQUIRE candidate age between 25 and 35, well conversed in atleast 2 South Indian language at Gaya (Bihar). Salary 10,000pm+ free food and lodging. Contact: 09631087593. (printadex) (S/1213/C00998)

Hyderabad Chronicle WANTED SALESMAN/ Girls, Helpers for Bentex Roll Gold Jewellery, Crockery, Stainless Steel, Kitchenware, Home Appliances, Showroom in Monda Market, Secunderabad. Ph:9248253060. (S/1213/C01159) WANTED WIFE & Husband (Graduates) for Office Assistants & Supervisors for Hitech Modern Residential HS Medchal, Excellent salary, food & accomodation provided. Interested candidate may walkin interview along with original certificates from 17th to 23rd April 2012. At Hitech Modern High School, Opp Military Dairy Farm, Old Bowenpally, Secunderabad. Contact 9848258553, 42007750. (S/1213/C01313) WANTED SMART & Good looking Female Front Office Executives- 2 Nos, for Reputed Rail Projects Firm situated at Vijaypuri, Tarnaka, Under Graduate/ Graduate having excellent communication skills in English, Hindi & Telugu & Computer skills, knowledge of MS Office, 2- 3 years experience. Ph:04027017660, 27017617, 9704333404. [email protected] (S/1213/C01318) WANTED EXPERIENCED Supervisor in Paints manufacturing Industry located at Nacharam, Hyderabad. M.B.Paints and Chemicals, 4-8-847, Gowliguda, Hyderabad. 9849083215, 9247587386, 65153456, 9248905929. (S/1213/C01334) REPUTED PVT Limited Company, Required Energetic, High Public Relations& Good Convincing skills Male/ Female, Part/ Full time Job, earn excellent Salary+ Incentives, According to Company Standards. Ph:9866912345. (C/BC/1213/C00600) WANTED TELECALLERS for Collection having good communication skills with confidence to achieve the targets. Contact at RDMS Pvt. Ltd, plot no.61, Brook bond colony, Kakaguda, Sec-bad. 27742530, 67355323. (S/1213/C01343) WANTED EXPERIENCED Front Office 1. Counsellors, 2. Administrative Incharge, 3. PRO’s having good communication skills, attractive salary & incentives. Contact Sir Newton’s Degree College (For Distance Education) near Malakpet Chermas Bus Stop. Ph:8106482618, 8106482765. (S/1213/C01355) PART-TIME JOBS wanted M/ F candidates for Part-time Customer Care & Telecallers. Qualification no bar, Age- 25 years. Freshers welcome. Passion for food is must. Call on 7702040179 (11am- 5pm). (B/1213/C00812) WANTED EXPERIENCED Receptionist, PRO’s in Marketing and door to door compaign for a Intermediate Junior College at Bowenpally for appointment contact: 9700157172. (S/1213/C01393) WANTED SITE Supervisors. Qualification: Inter/ ITI/ Diploma in Civil/ Mechanical with 2- 3years experience at sites may attend to walk-in interview between 10am to 5pm. M/S. Srikanya Steel Building Systems Pvt. Ltd., Plot No.212, MP & MLAs colony, Road No.10C, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad. Ph:040-64640035. (C/CL/1213/C00620)

PLACEMENT BUREAU LINKWELL RECRUITS!!! Near Citylight Hotel, R.P.Road, Secunderabad.Ph:9618015676, 040-66712668. SSC, Inter, Graduate, MCA, MBA, Diploma, ITI, B.Tech (ECE, EEE, Civil, Mechanical) VBASPPHP.Net/ Java/ Webdesigners/ Hardware/ Networking/ Receptionist/ Counsellors/ Telecallers/ Callcenter/ DEO/ Computer Operator/ AutoCAD/ Accountants/ Administration/ Marketing Supervisor/ Hotelstaff/ Office Assistants/ Securityguards. Hyderabad. Ph:9291341705, 040-66102668 ([email protected]). “Companies contact manpower” Ph:9959061567. (B/1112/IC00778) GUARANTEE JOBLINKS!!! (Java/ VBASP.Net/ Webdesigners/ Receptionist/ Telecallers/ Computer Operators/ DEO/ Accountants/ Administrations/ Teachers/ Showrooms/ Marketing/ Hardware/ Air-conditioning/ Mechanical/ Civil/ AutoCAD/ Supervisors/ Office Boys/(SSC, Intermediate, Graduates/ ITI/ Diploma/ B.Tech/ MBA/ MCA). JOBLINKS #206, 2nd Floor, Pushpanjali Complex, Koti. 9246215526, 9246114422. “Companies Contact Manpower”. 040-66255526, 9963955582. ([email protected]) Welcome Agents/ Consultants/ Training Institutes. (C/CL/1112/C11400) DIRECT RECRUITMENTS!! part & fulltime/ SSC, Intermediate, Graduates, MBA, MCA, B.Tech., Diploma, VB.ASP.NetPHP/ Java/ Hardware/ Webdesigners/ Telemarketing & BPO/ Computer Operators/ Receptionists/ Counsellors/ Customercare/ Executives/ Managers/ Accountants/ Stores/ Administration/ Civil/ Mechanical/ Autocad/ Electronics/ Electricals/ Countersales/ Drivers/ Officeboys, #810,R.R.Towers, 8th-floor beside Medwin Hosiptal, Abids- Ph:040-

66784732, & 9000801072, Ph:04040209588. “Companies contact manpower”. ([email protected]) & Welcome Agents/Consultants. (B/1213/IC00016) IMMEDIATE OPPORTUNITIES fresh &experienced Software Programmers/ SAP- All/ Java/ .Net/ Testing/ Webdesigners/ 2D 3D Animations/ Hardware Networking/ Call Centre/ MBA/ HR/ Finance/ Accountants/ Administration/ Office Assistants/ Data Entry/ Computer Operators/ Receptionist/ Telecallers/ Collection/ BE/ B.Tech/ Diploma/ ITI. Zoom Placements, 610, 6th Floor, B-block, Kushal Towers, Khairatabad Ph:9391704337, 8374871337. Mail: [email protected] (C/CL/1213/C00556)


WANTED RECEPTIONIST (female graduate) with good communication and computer skills for Sigma Solutions Nallakunta Hyderabad. Salary 5000 6000. Contact 09160199669 (W/1213/AT000375) WANTED MBA, PRO& Marketing Executives, Sales Counselors, Tele callers, Receptionist (male/ Female) for Slimming Cosmetic Clinic, Hyd. ph:8341688235/ 040-40177353. (C/BC/1213/C00565) WANTED GOOD looking young dynamic Lady Receptionist with good English, communication skills for Overseas Educational Consultants at Narayanguda. Ph:66616369, 9177707881. (B/1213/C00763) FEMALE/ MALE experienced Front office executive with computer knowledge. Age between 25-35yrs. Salary 7,000/- to 10,000/-. Walk-in Bravemen Security Services Pvt, Ltd., Near postoffice Nacharam X Roads Hyderabad. Ph:040-27152211, 8500283234. (C/KY/1213/C00289) URGENTLY REQUIRED Receptionist cum Office Assistant, Fresh or Experience for Pharmaceutical Distribution Company situated at Tardbund, Secunderabad. Call 9000913388, 040-27890719. (S/1213/C01357) VIBRANT INTERNATIONAL leading overseas educational consultant recruiting a Receptionist and Counsellor. Applicant should have a great appearance, good communication skills. Preferred smart, tactful and professional. Walk-in G.R.Complex, behind South Indian Bank, Suchitra Centre, Jeedimetla. Timings 10am to 2pm. Ph:040-32572559, 8464999090. Email:[email protected] (S/1213/C01412) URGENT REQUIRED good looking Female Counselors, HRs with excellent communication skills with 2years experience. Salary 10- 15K. Elina Institute Ph:8686666959. (C/CL/1213/C00616)

SECURITY URGENTLY REQUIRED Security Guards,Field Officers,Operations Manager & Receptionist.Good Salary & perks.Contact Swatch Security Services, A S Rao Nagar, Secunderabad. 040-65142068, 9248155570. Email: swatch.securityforce @ gmail.com (W/1213/AT000380) WANTED OPS. Manager, Field Officer (2 wheeler must) and Security Guards to work in city & suburbs, good salary. Contact with originals & photos 9246870880, 9246203303. (S/1213/C01085) ASO/ GUARDS (M/F) having 3- 4years experience, age between 25 to 38, salary for Guards 8,000/- to 9,000/- & Supervisor 10,000/- to 12,000/-. Contact with original certificates. Timings 4- 5pm. Organic Electronic India Pvt Ltd., Koti. Ph:7893218380/ 24613846. (C/CL/1213/C00432) WANTED EX-SERVICEMEN, Para Military & Retired Police Constables to work as Security Guards at Bank Street, Koti, Hyderguda, Hasmatpet, Jeedimetla. Contact Experts Group 9573217795, 9390435513. (S/1213/C01317) EXPERIENCED OPERATIONS Managers, Field officers salary the best in Industry. Contact with originals, Bravemen Security Services Pvt, Ltd., Near postoffice Nacharam X Roads Hyderabad. Ph:040-27152211, 8500283234. (C/KY/1213/C00288) WANTED ASO salary 7000/- 8 hours 10th pass, Guards. Contact with originals salary 7000/- to 9000/-. Free accomodation to work at Jubileehills, Kukatpally, Hi-tech city, Balanagar. Contact RS Security Solutions, above SBH, P.G.Road, Sec-bad. 040-27722319, 04065555095. (S/1213/C01363) WANTED SECURITY Officer, Assistant Security Officer and Security Guards with experience in Hotels/ Hospitals

below 45 years age. Contact: 9703592557/ [email protected] (A/1213/C00507) WANTED ASO Salary 12,500/-, Supervisor salary 9000/-, Guards salary 7,500/-, Gunman (Ex-service man) salary 10,000/-, Gunman (Civil) salary 9,500/-, Ex-service man Guard salary 8,000/- for Twin Cities, Bachupally, Kazipally. Contact: 040-27746156, 04023151456. (S/1213/C01413) URGENTLY REQUIRED ASO Rs.11,000/-& Guard (45 Nos) Rs.7,500/, 10th pass/ fail, Posting at L.B. Nagar, Hayathnagar, Near Ramoji Film City, Gaganpahad& Nanakramguda, Free room, Canteen& Medical facility. Ph:9640222255, 9391191600. (C/BC/1213/C00616) URGENTLY REQUIRED Security Field Officers 5-6 years experience and experienced Security Guards, Security Supervisors. Bharadwaj Security Force. Ph:9949700859/ 040-66333765 (C/KY/1213/C00314)

TEACHERS PART TIME Lady Trainers required for Russells Spoken English. Locations: Ameerpet, Dilsukhnagar, Kukatpally and Balanagar. Call: 9848036888, 9246379977 (W/1213/AT000251)


OLAND, EUROPE. Looking for experienced Primary / PrePrimary Female teachers in an International school in Warsaw, POLAND. Best salary and accommodation provided. send your cv : teachers.poland @gmail.com , Contact: 0048-729228630 (W/1213/AT000266) WANTED VICE Principals, IIT Foundation, High School, Primary, PrePrimary Teachers, PET (female) Activity Teahers. Salary Rs.10000- 35000. Walkin interviews, Brahmam Talent High School, Vengal Rao Nagar, neer SR Nagar X Roads, Hyderabad. [email protected] Ph:04023818443, 9491241720. (A/1213/C00302) WALK-IN INTERVIEW on 19-4-12, 204-12 & 21-4-12 between 9.00am & 4.00pm to teach all the subjects for High School & Primary School. St.Alphonsa’s High School, 15/A, Sidhardha Nagar, behind Vengalrao Nagar, Hyderabad500038. Ph:23810202/ 66742202/ 03/ 04. (A/1213/C00329) ST.PATRICK’S HIGH School, Secunderabad needs trained & experienced Kinder Garten Teachers, English & Social Teacher to handle High School, Attractive Salary. Walk-in Interview on 20-4-2012 between 9am- 11am. Ph:27701915, 27701422. (S/1213/C01013) WANTED CLERK, PET, trained/ untrained, experienced Teachers for all subjects from I to X, part timers for study hours. Contact with resume Bharata Bharathi Concept School, Srikrishna Nagar, Yousufguda, Hyd. Ph:9290558623, 23542694. (A/1213/C00368) WANTED TRAINED/ Untrained, Experienced teachers to handle primary & high school classes for all subjects in St.Paul’s Hitech High School, Kachiguda, Hyderabad. Contact: 8008847027, 9666850222. Attractive pay for deserved candidates. (B/1213/C00748) WANTED EXPERIENCED & Qualified Teachers for Hitech Group of Schools, Bowenpally, Medchal, Telugu High School- 3, Maths High School- 2, Physics- 2 Social- 2 PET- 2, Walk-in interview along with original certificates from 17th- 23rd April 2012 at Hitech Modern School, Opp Military Dairy Farm, Old Bowenpally, Secunderabad. Ph:9848258553, 42007750. (S/1213/C01312) WALKIN INTERVIEW for the post of teacher Biology (1), English (1), Computers (2), PET (Male/ Female), Drawing (1), Attender (1) on 19th & 20th April 2012. from 9.30am to 12.30pm. Bring bio-data & testimonials. Contact: Gujarati High School, 1141, R.P.Road, Secunderabad. Ph:27532057. (B/1213/C00796) SRI KUMAR’S Play School Yousufguda Checkpost Opp: NISIT Requires Trained Montessori female Teacher for Preprimery & Primery, Attractive Salary Ph:9703699305 (C/KY/1213/C00307) SREE NARAYANA Vidya Bhavan, Green Fields, near Military dairy farm, Trimulgherry, requires Teachers for Primary and High School for English, Science and Social around it’s vicinity. Walk-in interview from 19th- 23rd April between 8.00am to 12.30pm. 27796613, 9985122024. (S/1213/C01383) WANTED YOUNG, Dynamic PROs, Teachers& Tutors for all subjects Nursery-X, Fluency in English. Salary 4K-10K for reputed school @Hydershahkote Near Langerhouz, Hyderabad. Ph:64642123, 9949172060. (C/BC/1213/C00614)

APPLE PLAY School, Mallapur, Nacharam needs Vast Experienced, dynamic English fluent center head, Nursery, LKG, UKG teachers. Time 9am -2-30pm. Good salary offered. Mail CV to:[email protected] Ph:9246162406. (S/1213/C01408) PRATIBHA HIGH School, Nacharam needs Experienced, dynamic Teachers with English fluency. High Schools: Incharge, Maths, English, Biology, Social. Primary: Inchage, English, Hindi, Science, Pre-primary, Incharge LKG, UKG Teachers, DTP Operator, PET’s, Computer Teacher. Good salary offered. Call: 9000205358. Mail CV to: [email protected] Ph:9246162406. (S/1213/C01409) (PPTTC) PRE-PRIMARY Teacher Training Classes. Regular/ Correspondence, (Govt. of India Certification), 100% Placements. Dilsukhnagar: 8008214833, Secundrabad: 9866302527, Nallakunta: 9391187818, Chandanagar: 9866302527. (C/CL/1213/C00607) PRATHIBHA HIGH School, H-39, Madhuranagar, near Yousufguda, Hyderabad- 38 requires experienced Teachers with fluency in English to handle (1) Pre-Primary Classes (2) Primary Classes (3) all subjects for High School (4) PET (5) Computer Faculty/ Operator (6) Receptionist. Attractive renumeration. Ph:23812543, 64512543, 9885437808. (A/1213/C00522) CBSE SCHOOL Requires Qualified Trained Teachers for all Subjects, PET, Craft, Art, Music, Dance, also Require Drivers, Aayas, Support Staff. Ph:9346207252. (C/KY/1213/C00321) TEACHERS- GOWTHAM Model Schools require immediately, Experienced &Qualified Teachers for Pre-Primary, Primary &High School Sections for all subjects. Contact us at 040-66337733 (C/KY/1213/C00318)

TECHNICAL I.T.I. FITTERS: Required by ISO 9001:2008 private limited company at hyderabad. Candidates having 3 to 5 years Industrial experience may apply complete bio-data, expected salary email: hp_fitterappoints@ rediffmail.com or contact 040 -27535123/27530224 at 11:00am to 6:00pm. (W/1213/AT000306) ELECTRONICS ITI/ Diploma field Service Technicians and Marketing Executives. Inter/ Degree M/F for Reputed Electronics Security Company. Contact: 9440524488/ 040-23324489. (C/BC/1213/C00333) WANTED EXPERIENCED Quantity Surveyor with Diploma in Civil Engineering having min. 5 years experience in constructing of houses and villas. Call: 040-23555852, 99639-72099. (A/1213/C00478) WALK-IN INTERVIEW Any Degree Fresh OR Experience. B.Sc http://experience.b.sc/ (Production) with 1-3 Years Experience. ITI Fitter, HVAC, Instrumentation with 1-5 Years Experience. Contact: Nalanda Factors &Corporate Services Pvt Ltd., Hyderabad. Ph:040-23817817/ 23817837/ 9010025666 Website: nalandacor porateser vices.com (C/CL/1213/C00576) NORTHSTAR NEEDS Electricians to work for our clients (Reliance/ SPAR), Hyderabad. Qualification: ITI. Experience: 2- 10yrs. Vacancies- 30. Call: 8008844567. (C/CL/1213/C00589) WANTED ITI Trained Carpenters minimum 2 years experience contract Godrej Interio, modular kitchens. B.R.Panels, 55-1048/1, Goshamahal, Hyderabad-12. Cell: 9246541088, Ph:24602879. (B/1213/C00804)

WANTED URGENTLY experienced Supervisor for a construction site with technical knowledge who can handle independently. Immediate appointment. Contact: 8008955004/ 40020777. Email: [email protected] (S/1213/C01426)

WALK-IN FIXED SALARY Rs.7000+ Petrol +Incentives. Urgently required 8 nos Executives, 3 nos Tele Callers. Qualification and Age no bar. Bike & Mobile is must. Walk-in today CarsnDeals.com Sales outlet #P.No 12, sripuri colony, karkhana, secunderabad15 Ph:66905265, 66326642 (W/1213/AT000406)

MATRIMONIAL BRIDE WANTED MUSLIM SM PARENT of 28yrs boy post graduate in finance seek a good looking Andhra/ South India/ Telangana Girl from a decent family. Ph:8977865760. (C/BC/1213/C00627)





Thursday 19 April 2012 25 30

CLASSIFIEDS GROOM WANTED CASTE NO BAR DIVORCED EMPLOYEES alliances *Hindu, 52, 5’.4”, *muslim, 37, 5’2”, son, *christian 39, 5’.3”, childrens. Serious proposals. Contact: Perfect Matches, Ph:9346589686. (S/1213/C01418)

MARRIAGE BUREAU AYESHA MARRIAGES (Hyderabad/ Andhra/ Telangana/ Rayalaseema Muslims) MD, MS, MBBS, M.Tech, B.Tech, MS, MCA, MBA, M.Sc and other Graduates India, Abroad Grooms and Brides. Contact: 9392420344. (B/1213/C00586)

FINANCE FINANCE LOOKING FOR urgent funds visit www.landmarkfinsol.com Get property, personal, project, takeover loans within few looking hours. Normal documentatio and low rate of interest. Best future option for DMA/ Agents. Call:08437194720, 08437194730. (Amedia) (S/1213/C00987) GET LOANS within 48 working hours from MNC Banks & Private Finance, Housing, Mortgage, Construction, Flats, Lands & Personal Loan, Gram Panchayat layout, Huda layout & Builders can also apply. Ph:9052836646, 9052909244. (B/1213/C00808)

ACTING TO Films, Serials & ADs is ✔ENTRY your Dream? Join Glitters Film Academy (since 2000) Diploma course in Acting, Anchoring, Direction & Dubbing. No.1 Film Academy with 100% placements, records till date. For details & Application log on to www.glittersindiaz.com The Promise of Perfection, Professionalism & Placement. Contact 040-64560080, 9640776300. (A/1213/C00254) INDIA’S BEST acting school now in Hyderabad. Film stars aamir khan, abhishek bachchan, rani mukherji etc., trained at Roshan Taneja.. 2 months special summer course for kids in “Acting & Dance” Batch starts from April 23rd. Contact 9030312255, 9032912255. Adult “Acting & Direction” courses also available. Admissions in progress. w w w. r o s h a n t a n e j a . c o m (A/1213/C00260)

AEROBICS AEROBICS BATCHES at Fitbuzz, Begumpet. Starting from 23rd April. Demo Class on 20th April for details contact: 9949738001, 9849452956. (S/1213/IC00041)

AGENTS WANTED JOIN AS Financial Advisor in SBI Life. Unlimited earning. Make people to pay 1,000/- p.m. Special batch for ladies. Ph:9492321149. (C/CL/1213/C00600)

ASTROLOGY ASTROLOGY SHASTRY SHIRIDI Saibaba Upasakulu 100% immediate solution. Specialist Love Astrologer. Call Love affairs, Husband Wife, Marriage & other (problems confidential) Ph:9000992685/ 9 3 9 6 9 7 5 9 2 7 . [email protected] (S/1213/IC00036)

AYURVEDA “EASTWEST” AYURVEDA Provides Special Oil and Cream Massage Therapy. Ladies and Gents with Hygenic Atmosphere. Ph:9966248522, 8897702317. (C/KY/1213/C00298) SONA THERAPY Rejuvenating Yourself Exclusively with Ayur Oil & Cool Cream for M/F. Contact: 8179460650 / 7702462730. (C/KY/1213/C00304) WELLNESS SPA for Swedish, Deep-tissue, Balinese and Ayurveda with AC room @Diamond Point, Secunderabad. Ph:9542738224, 040-27815226. www.greenmintsps.com. All cards accepted. (S/1213/C00008) AMRUTHAA AYURVEDA Massage Services by certified young people in hygenic place. Call for perfect Massage, feel the good relax. Ph:9553991585, 9951528231, 9618515636. (S/1213/C01347)

BEAUTY PARLOUR VLCC INSTITUTE Asia’s Largest Beauty Academy Offers Professional Courses: Dip, Adv.Dip& PG Dip in

Cosmetology& Make-up, Spa& Nutrition in Collaboration with IGNOU, 100% Job Assistance. Ph:9397821119, 23706082/83, 9346256948, 24051062, 40182158. (C/KY/1213/C00008)

FANTASTIC STYLISTS Unisex Spa & Salon now offers Summer discount on Balinese, Thai, Swedish, Deeptissue and signature massages with complimentory Fish Spa 10am to 10pm with appointment. Panjagutta040-32936516, 9948837599. (A/1213/IC00019) ATTEND BEAUTICIAN Seminars in USA. Mohammed Rahman (MJ) C/o. Breeze Tours & Travels, will be taking Professionals in Cosmetology to USA, so they can attend seminars. By taking classes and workshops in seminar, they can update their Practices and learn new Products,Trends and Techniques. Call MJ 9700614288. Email: [email protected] (B/1213/IC00026) GIRLICIOUS ACADEMY offers Advance Courses in Beauty therapy, skin care, hair styles, chemical work & bridal make-up exclusively for ladies. Avail 25% off on course fee this summer with job guarantee. Call: 9290812755 www.girlicious.in (B/1213/C00813)

BOREWELLS BALAJI BOREWELLS 61/2 dia 2000 feets, 41/2, 500 feets Drilling, Flushing specialist, New high pressure rigs. Reasonable rates. Ph:9848048088, 9000207289. (C/KY/1112/C06986) SRI LAXMI Narsimha Borewells 61/2 dia 1500fts, 4/12 dia 500fts. Drilling, Fleshing, Specialist new high power rigs. Ph:9848751198, 9652111198. (C/KY/1213/C00286) GANESH BOREWELLS. 61/2 dia 1800 feets, 41/2 dia 500 feets Drilling, Flushing& Re-bore. Specialist in new high pressure rigs. Reasonable rates. S.G.Goud Ph:9848159787, 9676333778. (C/CL/1213/C00566) AIBABA BOREWELLS 6/12 1500 feets, 41/2 400 feets Drilling& Flushing Specialist new high-power hydraulic rigs reasonable rates. Ph:9949114508, 9848099784, 9247866538 (C/KY/1213/C00309)


BUSINESS OFFER WE WANT 2 sincere working partners. Invest 3Lakhs and earn 30K per month. Working partners only contact 9703829960. (C/CL/1213/C00587)

CHANGE OF NAME I DESU Sureka W/o Desu Sampath Kumar, Residing at 2-22-194/401, Jayanagar, Bhagyanagar Colony, Opp. KPHB Colony, Kukatpally Henceforth be known as Desu Surekha. (K/1213/C00205) I YASMEEN Khatoon Hashmi W/o Syed Irshad Ahmed, R/o 7-8-307/1/2, Gauthamnagar, Ferozguda, Bowenpally have changed my name to Hashimi Khatun. (S/1213/C01396) I, SHOBHA Rani Eega W/o Sanjeeva Rao Eega, R/o 4-1-216/216/1, Karthikeyanagar, Nacharam, Hyderabad. Is the holder of passport E3000643 issued at Hyderabad in above passport Father name changed from Gujja Chandrakala to Gujja Mallaiah. (S/1213/C01406) I YOGENDRA Singh Shekhawat R/o Trimulgherry, Sec-bad changed my minor son’s name from Manmohan Singh Shekhawat to Aditya Singh Shekhawat. (S/1213/C01422) I, GANGARAJU Sudhamanamma, H.No:6-3-1206, Flat No:305, Vasavi Lifestyle, Kundanbagh, Begumpet, Hyderabad- 50016, A.P changed my name as Gangaraju Sudhamani (A/1213/C00523)

COOKERY CLASSES CHEF RUCHIKA’S: Learn Restaurant Style (50 dishes) Hotel Gravy’s, Biryanis, Snacks, Soups, Tandoori, Naans, Sandwiches, Salads, Punjabi, Chinese Rs.2000/-. Cakes, Pastries, Cookies, Tarts, Puffs, Croissants, Doughnuts, Pizza, Burger, Desserts Rs.2000/-. Icecreams, Mocktails, Chocolates, Chaats, Italian, Continental, Mexican each Rs.550/-. (Individual Attention, Convenient Batches). Modern airconditioned kitchen. Classes: Secunderabad 9246395515, 9246205224. (S/1213/IC00047)

COMPUTERS COMPUTERS A TO Z Scraps purchase all computers Dead Monitors LCD, working systems, Desktop, Laptops, UPS, Inverter Stabilizers, A/c, Batteries, Generator, Electrical wiring, Fridge, furniture etc.

Hyderabad Chronicle 9849452727, (B/1213/IC00930)



LNT COMPUTER Services @Your Doorsteps Rs.100/onwards Hardware/ Software, Installation. Virus Cleaning, Formatting, Troubleshooting, No Display, All Drivers, Laptops &Desktops. Ph:9989210785, 9030533226. (C/BC/1213/C00368)


ESKTOPS/ LAPTOPS: Service @your Doorstep @99/onwards...... Formatting, all OS, Software/ Hardware Installations, Virus cleaning, Data Recovery, No Display, Restarting, Hanging- Yuva Technologies. Ph:9032444365/ 9030539456. (C/CL/1213/C00561) SOFTWARES & Games, Windows8, PhotoshopCS6, CoreldrawX6V16, Adobecs5.5mastercollection, Avidstudiosuit, Autodesk2013allproducts Dragonmedical10 Homeopathyradar10 Mathworksmatlab2011Ra S o n y s o u n d f o r g e 1 0 . 0 c Digidesignprotools9, Canopusedius6.0, Pinnacle15contentdvds, SQLserver2008R2, Avevapdms12sp6, Mentorgraphicspads9.1 Ansys13products BentleysuiteV8iXM, Archidcad14 C h i e fa r c h i t e c t X 2 V 1 2 . 4 S o l i d w o r k s 2 0 1 1 S p 3 CadenceorcadV16.32010 Gemcomminex6.0.5, IBMRationalsuites HPTestingsuite10 Delcamartcam2010 Delcamfeaturecam2011 Pitneysbowesmapinfo10.5 Encomdiscovermapinfo10.5 A p p l e f i n a l c u t s t u d i o 7 MacosforIntelAMDboards Microsoftvisualstudio2010, CBTNuggets.trainsignal Appdev.Iynda.vtc SapEcc6.0Sr3 SapBusinessobjectsXI All2011antiviruses Windows7activated MCSEMCITP s h a r e p o i n t 2 0 1 0 c b t s . Windowsserver2008, Spss20.0, TallyERP. Ph:8688808020. (B/1213/C00772) LAPTOP CHIP-LEVEL Training & Repairing, New batches started shortly. Ram Hi-Tech Solutions, Opp: Satyam theatre, Ameerpet, Hyderabad: 23745930/31, 9248065204. w w w . r a m h i t e c h . c o m . (C/KY/1213/C00305) SPOT CASH we buy used Laptops desktops, working, not working payment at your place. 9848437068, 9246366847. (S/1213/C01385) OMPUTER MOBILE services offer C 24 hrs service, trouble shooting, virus cleaning, all O/S software & hardware installations, upgradation, networking, all printers, laptops & desktop, chiplevel servicing any problem. Call us 040-32575713, 9885071728. (B/1213/IC00035) AUTOCAD2012, ADOBESUITCS5, Autodeskinventor2012, 3DSMax2012, Mayasuit2011, Staadpro8i, Solidworks2012, ProEwildfire5, Catiav5r20, Teklastructures17, Ansysproduct13, Primavera6.1, SiemenSNX8, Reallusioniclone5, Mapinfopro2010, CoreldrawX15, MSProject2010, Visualstudio2010, SQLserver2008, Arcgissuit10, Qualitycenter10, Quicktestpro10, Loadrunner11, Informatica8.6, Cognus8.4suit, BusinessobjectXIR3, Abbyfinereader11, Matlab2011unix, Rhadvserver4, Mac0s.4Intel, A p p l e f i n a l c u t s t u d i o , Windowsserver2008, Oracle10Gsuit, SAS9.2, Eview7.1, Recoverytools, R e d h a t l i n u x 5 . 3 , Mathematica8,Pinnaclesuit15, Avidexpress5.5, Googlesketchuppro, Abaqussit6.10, Quarkexpress9.2, Windows7 Ultimate, E x c h a n g e s e r v e r 2 0 1 0 , Convertercollection, Nerosuit11, Antivirus2012, LearningCBT. Ph:9502144796. (C/BC/1213/C00624)

CIVIL CONTRACTOR FOR INDUSTRIAL, Commercial, Residential constructions from don’t fall prey to unscrupulous contractors, Reliable, Professional, Economical, Transparent time. Delivery, look no further contact. www.verdantinfra.com Ph:040-23008073, 9951885888. (C/BC/1213/C00620)

COMPUTER RENTALS COMPUTERS FOR Rent, bulk supply for MNCs, Softwares companies & individuals with bulk new brands, high configuration. Contact more details- VC Technologies, KPHB, Hyderabad. Ph:9949424759, 9989749355. (K/1213/C00116)


SINGAPORE MALAYSIA Work Visas for IT People, USA-5yrs, UK2yrs Student Visas, Visit Visas to Dubai2m, Qatar-3m, Kuwait-2m, Singapore2yrs, Malaysia-1yr, China-1m in 5days, Ph:9848229619 (W/1213/AT000210) REE PROCESSING!!” “F Guaranteed i-20 100% Visa, USA, Canada, UK, NewZealand, Australia, Ireland, Germany, Singapore, Sweden&

Schengen, Visit, Business, Immigration. 2-5 years Visa. SSC, Intermediate& Graduation. April, May& September. All Countries Visa Documentation, Loan Letters, FD’s. Ph:040-64612349, 9912921517, 9014541475. [email protected], w w w. p e o p l e c h o i c e c o n s u l t i n g . c o m (C/BC/1112/IC00404)


SA F1-VISA Assured. Study MBA/ MS 1st- year in Europe& 2nd- Year in USA with OPT. We also process UK, Ireland, Germany, Australia& Singapore. Study, Visit& Business Visas. Contact: GUES Consultancy. Ph:040-64554837, 9989140503. www.gues.co.in* (C/CL/1213/C00575)

ETECH (CSE/ IT/ EEE/ ECE/ E&I/ Mechnical/ Automobile/ B Architectural/ Civil/ Chemical/ BioTechnology), BCom, BBA, BSc (CS, IT, Electronics, General), MBA (all) & Diploma Programmes in One Sitting/ Fasttrack, 50% fee concession for Discontinued Students. Exams shortly. Contact: 09396966145, 04065241448. For Details Logon: www.hyderc.com (K/1213/IC00010) ONE SITTING:- B.A, B.Com, BBA, BCA, B.Sc (all), M.A, M.Com, MBA (all), MCA, M.Sc (all), Diploma, B.Tech, M.Tech. Contact SecunderabadPh:9390081018, HyderabadPh:9395567555. (A/1213/C00485)

FASTTRACK: ✔ONESITTING/ VISA EXPERTS:- We assisted sucBCom, BBA, BCA, BSc (All) ✔ cessfully thousands of families for MCom, MBA (all), MCA, MSc (All), last 15 years in all types of visa docuSecondary (10th), Senior Secondary mentation to USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia with 95% visa assurance. Specialists in visa rejected cases. Undertake passport services, Foreign exchange & Air Ticketing. Contact: Guru Consultants, Sultanbazar, Hyd. Ph:040-24750678, 9000666656. (S/1213/C01420)

COMPUTER SALE HP BRANDED P4 2.4 Ghz/ 512/ 40GB/ CD-RAM/ 17” Crt @3999/- with new LCD 6299/- Core2Duo complete system 8699/-, Laptop also available at Intelligent Branded Systems, Mehdipatnam. Ph:9246574062, 9052460019. (C/BC/1213/C00622) BRAND NEW with One year warranty P4 2.8Ghz 120GB, 1GBRAM, DVD Writer, 17 CRT used Rs.7,800/-, Branded Dell in bulk, 2.4Ghz 40GB, 512MB, 15 CRT Rs.4500/-, P4 1.7GHz Rs.3,600/-, Laptop starts from 6,500/-, Used Core2duo Laptop in bulk 11,800/. We buy used laptops & desktops. Computer Root, Basheerbagh. Ph: 9700469328, 9959638353. (B/1213/C00802)


BESTDETECTIVES.NET SINCE1990 Undertaking A2ZInvestigations: Pre&Post Matrimonial, Love/Extra Affairs. Providing VideoAudio Proofs. Expert-Advice, SpyCell, Missing_Cases, Legal&Counselling. Welcoming Trusted Detectives. T e l u g u : 9 9 4 8 3 4 4 0 0 1 D i r e c t o r : 0 8 1 4 7 0 4 3 8 1 0 (W/1213/AT000338) PERFECT DETECTIVE 100% Confidential, Shadowing, illegals, Marriages, Diverse, Personal, Counseling for all Problems. ph:8341726354, 8374254254 (C/KY/1213/C00285) INVESTIGATION LIKE matrimonial enquiries, extra martial affairs, employment screening, shadowing, student activities, trademark infringment, duplications, fake insurance claims, tracing missing persons, financial frauds, private security & armed body guards undertaken. Contact: IPG, 9393001809, 04064585911, confidentiality assured. (Throughout India). (A/1213/C00471)

DRIVING MARUTI DRIVING School, a Maruti Suzuki Company provides the best motor driving training using world class simulator. A/C Cars with power steering theory classes on the road safety, vehicle maintenance and emergency handling techniques, Lady Instructor available. Contact: 9848866640, 9948512302/ 303, 23434545. (A/1213/C00473)

DISTRIBUTORS WELCOME TO Distributors, Retailers to buy our Candles MRP: 13/- 22/- 27/- our offer price 8/- 14/- 18/- at Adikmet, Hyderabad 9290750931. (C/CL/1213/C00198) NEW ZEALAND based company invites self motivated& enterprising distributors to start ur own business full-time/ parttime. (colostrum) based health products. For venue details SMS Ur Name& Location to: 9618916151. (C/BC/1213/C00598) DISTRIBUTORS WANTED. USA MNC Expanding, Work From Home/ Office, Part/ Fulltime. SMS your Name, Occupation& Location 8897000301. (C/KY/1213/C00297)

EDUCATIONAL CAREER/ENTRANCE COURSES NUTRITION COURSES Diploma in Dietetics, Health, Nutrition& Correspondence Courses offered by VLCC Institute Asia’s Largest Beauty& Nutrition Academy Affiliated to IGNOU. 100% Job Assistance. Ph:9397821119, 23706082/ 83. (C/KY/1213/C00009)

(12th), Diplomas (All), 50% fee concession for discontinued students. Exams shortly. Contact: Ph:09390542414, 040-42617164. (A/1213/IC00038)

DISTANCE EDUCATION NIVERSITY ADMISSIONS: 10th, Intermediate, Degree, P.G, MBA, MCA, M.Sc(all) M.A, M.Com, B.Tech, Diploma & Hotel Management since 1994 UGC Recognised Univerisites. Ph:040-66838886, 040-23741302. (A/1112/C13604)


OIN 10TH, Intermediate, B.A, J B.Com, M.A, M.Com, M.Sc(all), MBA, MCA, Diploma, B.Tech(all), (Recognised by Govt of India). Ph:040-23734302, (A/1112/C13605)

Since 1989. 42021302.

ONE SITTING Degree & P.G. B.A., B.Com., BBA, BCA, B.Sc. (Comp.), B.Tech., MA, M.Com, MSc all branches MCA, MBA, M.Sc (I.T), M.Tech., Direct 10th, Inter one sitting, Hiworth Educations. Ph:9912173666, 9912177044, 040-27015522. Bangalore: 09538893666. (S/1112/C32651) DIRECT FINAL Year Exams Next month, B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, B.E, MBA, LLB, B.B.A, B.B.M, M.C.A, M.Phil, Ph.D. Contact 040-65810320, 9533962259. (S/1213/C00668) NESITTING/ FASTTRACK: BCom, BBA, BSc (All), BETech (CSE/ IT/ EEE/ ECE/ E&I/ Mechanical/ Civil/ Architectural/ Automobile/ Biotechnology/ Chemical), MCom, MBA (all), MSc (all), & Diploma Programmes, 50% fee concession for discontinued Students. Exams shortly. Contact: Ph:09949321085, 04042617163. For more details logon www.hyderc.com (K/1213/IC00011)


DIRECT FINAL Year UGC/ DEC Recog University (Fail /Discontinued) Courses P.hd, M.Tech, B.Tech, MCA, MSC, MBA, BBA, BA, B.COM, BSC @Habsiguda. Ph:9346434298/ 27170568. (C/CL/1213/C00572) ENGINEERING COURSES, Masters, Bachelors, Diploma in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Automobile, Mettalurgi, Nanotech, Biotech, M.phil, MadhumithaCollege. Ph:9948422922 (C/KY/1213/C00291)

ONE SITTING/ Regular BA (all), B.Com, B.Sc (all), BBA, BCA, MA (all), M.Com, MCA, MBA, Diploma in Engineering, M.Tech, M.Phil, Ph.d & without qualification. Join Degrees St.Marys College, Secunderabad. 04032440615, 09394354167, hyd (ECIL), 040-27141210, 09441541138. (S/1213/IC00066) DIRECT FINAL. Special offer/ regular P.hd (all branches), M.Tech, B.Tech, Polytechnic Diploma, M.Sc (MLT), 10th, Inter, B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, BBA, BBM, BCA, MA, M.Com, M.SC, MBA, MCA, D.Pharma, M.Phil. BPT, B.Sc (MLT). Ph:9246873596/ 9246873595. (C/CL/1213/C00583) DIRECT FINAL. Special offer/ regular P.hd (all branches), M.Tech, B.Tech, Polytechnic Diploma, M.Sc (MLT), 10th, Inter, B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, BBA, BBM, BCA, MA, M.Com, M.SC, MBA, MCA, D.Pharma, M.Phil. BPT, B.Sc (MLT). Ph:9248000245/ 9248000147. (C/CL/1213/C00584) XTH, INTER Diploma from International Board U.S.A. approved by Govt of India, B.Tech, M.Tech from reputed Indian Universities. Ph:9573474047, 8121585812. (C/BC/1213/C00605) DIRECT FINAL year for Discontinued from University Authorised Study Centre. B.A./ B.Com./ B.Sc. (All) M.A. M.Com. MBA, MCA, M.Sc (All). Contact: B.S.College, Secunderabad. Ph:9885276543. (S/1213/C01392)

ONESITTING/ FASTTRACK: BCom+MCom, BBA+MBA, Eligibility: minimum 5 years gap after 12th & BCom, BBA, MCom, MBA, Programmes, 50% fee concession for discontinued Students. Exams shortly. Contact: 09391833617, 04065241767. For more details logon www.aiibm.co.in/ www.aiitc.co.in (A/1213/IC00036)

EDUCATIONAL MEDICAL EDUCATION Guidance. Contact: 9885233622 or 9440390757. (S/1213/C01286)

BBA/ MBA Programme in Fasttrack offered by a reputed Institution. Exams shortly. 50% fee concession for discontinued students. Contact AIIBM: 9393758296, 040-65740282. For more details logon: www.aiibm.co.in (K/1213/IC00009) NATIONAL ACADEMY of Construction offers Certificate course in “Architectural Assistantship” which includes Manual Drafting and AutoCAD 2D & 3D for Inter/ Diploma/ ITI/ Degree holders. Date of commencement of the course is 26th April, 2012. For more details contact: 9030458745/ 9441735887. (A/1213/C00488) ONE SITTING (For Discont.) 10th, Inter, B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., MBA, MCA, MSc (All) M.A, M.Com from UGC, DEC approved. Contact: S.V.College, Begumpet. Ph:9849401025. (S/1213/C01365) GROUP OF Engineers launched new CAD/ CAM/ CAE training centre at Road No1, KPHB, Hyderabad. Training Programmes offered: CAD- Pro-Engineer, Unigraphics, Catia, Solid works, Solid Edge, Ideas& Inventor, CAE- Hypermesh, Abaqus& ANSA, CAM- Unigraphics, Specialized Trainings- GD&T, Drawing study& Analysis, Tool design, Product design& development. ph:40056689/ 23056689. (C/BC/1213/C00625)

ENTERTAINMENT/ENGAGEMENTS ENTERTAINMENT INTERNATIONAL FRIENDSHIP. For matured Broad minded high profile male/female private meetings & gettogether,make new friends, good earnings. Especially for VIPs not for students. Hyderabad: 9640466154. Bangalore: 8050812910. Chennai:8122747345 (C/OH/1213/C00035)


BUY/ SELL Travellers Cheques Foreign currencies Most Competitive rates. M/s Sai Forex Pvt Ltd. 9848532136, 23742604, 66622771, 23732155, 66622773. (A/1213/C00200)

FILM URGENTLY REQUIRED new faces two films shooting running for all age groups. Charactors, Child Artists, Villians, side friends charactors, M/ F Asst. Directors, Writers, Singers. Contact immd 9849233013, 040-32437365. Email: g l b m ov i e s @ g m a i l . c o m . (S/1213/C01166)

GENERATORS/UPS/INVERTERS DIGITAL INVERTERS, UPS, Batteries Sales & Services. Exchange of old Inverters, UPS, Batteries available Amaraja Batteries. Power Planet Technologies. Ph:9248144899. (C/CL/1213/C00553)



EARN TO Fly, Radio Controlled Aeroplanes at Pullela Gopichand Badminton Academy, Near Gachibowli Stadium. For ALL ages. Enjoy Sundays. 8 weeks course. Funday on Sunday. Aviators Aeromodelling Academy, Jubilee Hills. Call Sekhar 99127 55426.Limited Seats. (W/1213/AT000359)

HELP LINE IS LIFE too Painful? Is Life not worth living? Are you worried, depressed or suicidal. Call Roshni, Confidential Free Service A Voluntary Organisation That Values Human Life. Ph:66202000/ 27848584. 11am- 9pm. MondaySaturday. (B/1213/C00288)

HOME FOR OLD AGE WE ARE providing all kinds of Medical requirements at your doorsteps and also Oldage Home. Trained, Nurses by shift/ monthly basis, ambulance services, medical equipments, aaya, wardboys etc. 9030898898, 9885506402. (S/1213/C01401)

HOME FOR THE BEDRIDDEN WE PROVIDE Nursingcare, bedside attendars, physiotheraphy, naturecure and Postsurgery rehabilitation for patients suffering from Stroke, Paralysis, Dementia, Parkinsons, Coma, Neuro &Orthoproblems. Both at your homes and Goldage Hospital since 1979 by Ex-Army Doctors. Secunderabad- 9246334409, Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad- 9247800840, Dwarakanagar, Vishakhapatnam9290635086, Bilekhalli, Bengaluru9243132888, Porur, Chennai9282216333, Wadgaon, Pune9225521919. (C/CL/1213/C00559)





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CLASSIFIEDS HOME SERVICE HOME SERVICE Split Window A/C Repair and Refregerator Service. Contact 9542229642. (C/CL/1213/C00534)

INSURANCE CONSULTANCY SBI LIFE family protection plan- save Rs.500/- to Rs.2000/- monthly get Rs.520 Lakhs insurance with your premium back at maturity, special plans for NRIs& existing SBI life customers. Details 9030012571. (C/BC/1213/C00502)

LOST I, P.BHAGAT Varma S/o. P.V.S. Subba Raju, have lost my original ICSE Board 10th class original pass certificate. If found please contact: 9849205454, 9866154012. (B/1213/C00834)

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MOSQUITO NET GLASS FIBER Mesh (Saint Gobain), Fly Doors, Windows with Aluminum Powder Coated Frames. Velcro (Detachable), Rollon, Sliding systems. Curtain Rods, Chick Blinds. Call: Satya Creations. Ph:040-65887513, 9849057513. (C/BC/1112/IC00405) NETLON/ FIBER Mesh/ Detachable (Velcro), Rollon, sliding, Pleated Screens, fly doors, windows, Pully Cloth Drying Roof Hangers. www.welltechsystems.com Ph:9550765346, 7569610019, 04064509509. (C/CL/1213/C00599)

MODELLING LEARN MODELLING by Fashion Choreographer; Get Internationally recognized certificate and guaranteed opportunity. Syllabus designed by LIFW. Walkin Lakhotia before joining any other institute. And if you still find better placements. Go and join Admissions open now at Abids & Punjagutta. Call: 9885527474. (B/1213/C00773)

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AREEKA FRIENDSHIP Club meeting, dating with highprofile, V, Vips, housewife, models, same day service good earning (Govt. Regd.) No.A7/H_HD 002.2012_2013. 9030219683/ 08756627352. (Bee wears of mony eaters) (B-5172) (S/1213/C01430)

POULTRY MAYURI FARM Fresh Chicken: Tender Chicken & superior quality Eggs from our own farms at competitive rates. For Regular & Bulk orders. Contact:Mr.Sridhar Naidu Manager- Marketing on 7702345353, 9246504079 or [email protected] (B/1112/C18604) VENCOBB CHICKEN rich in protein, great in taste eat & enjoy. Vencobb’s Broiler Hyderabad Zone price per kg. Farmgate Rs.56, Wholesale Rs.62, Live retail Rs.71, Dressed with skin Rs.102, Skinless Rs.120, Boneless Rs.230. Ph:27992239. (Hope) (S/1213/C00004) SUGUNA CHICKEN Good quality, High Yield, Live-Birds. Farmgate Rs.56/-, Wholesale Rs.62/-, Retail live Rs.71/-, Dressed Rs.102/-, Skinless Rs.120/-, Boneless Rs.230/-. Ph:9346402116, 9346041115. (K/1213/C00011)


NJOY SNEHA fresh Chicken very hygienic and delicious. For bulk supplies, hotels, functions & institutions. Most competitive rates on skinless/ boneless. Special discount for Caterers & Educational Institutions. Please call P.Anand-

General Manager (Planning & Marketing) on 9705301333, 9705567249. Email: [email protected] (S/1213/C00787)

PEST CONTROL MARSHAL PEST Control Expertised Termite Treatment. 10 years warranty, effective Cockroach treatment, wonder gel @299/-, Herbal gel @599/-, Kitchen, bathrooms. We also do Bedbugs, wood borers, lizerds, honeybees treatment. Regd.2159. Call: 9989959818, 9849737394, 9010943308. w w w. m a rs h a l p e s t c o n t ro l . c o m (S/1213/C00054) EDDORKINS PEST Control. R Expertised Termites treatments 10 years warrantee. Cockroaches wondergel Rs.299/-, Herbal Rs.599/Kitchen, Bathrooms. Efficacious, Woodborers, Bedbugs, Honeybees, Rodentrats, Ants, Lizards, treatments. Ph:9885076578/ 9989956152. w w w. r e d d o r k i n s p e s t c o n t r o l . c o m (C/KY/1213/IC00003) GOLDEN PEST Control. Termite treatment for 2 bedroom flat 2000/- & 3 bedroom flat 2500/-. 10 years guarantee. Cockroach, herbal gel treatment for kitchen & bathrooms Rs.599/-. Contact: 9618034224, 9676211260. (S/1112/C32897)

PAINTING SIRI PAINTING Institute offers Summer special classes, excellent coaching on Drawing, Oil Painting, Tanjore, Clay Painting. Age no limit, Himayathnagar. Branch: Banjarahills, Cell: 9849419642, 9949887211, 23222214. (B/1213/C00807)



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Hyderabad Chronicle ADITYA (HOME) Packers and Movers. Experts in household goods and cars shifting within India and within city. Call Pawan- 9989481217, 9347051546. w w w. a d i t ya h o m e p a cke r s . c o m (A/1213/C00220) APOLLO PACKERS & Movers Leaders in household movements & cars countrywide, door to door services. Just dial Hyd: 23058130, 9849099005, 9849051066, Chennai: 9840746286. Visit us: apollopackersindia.com (K/1213/C00107) REASONABLE CHARGES for household shiftings local (Hyd- Sec-bad) A.P & all over India services storage/ half/ full loads, two wheeler/ car carrier services. Sai Packers: 9908204642, 04064567300. (A/1213/C00272)

REPAIRS CELTEC INSTITUTE Offers Complete Chiplevel Course in Cellphone Repairing with Latest Equipment Lab and Live Particles contact: CeltecAmeerpet, ph:9393936386/ 9652557877 (C/CL/1213/C00493)

RESORTS “BRINDAVAN RESORTS, Shamirpet offers privinate dining room for kitty parties with facilities of coffee shop, multicusine restaurant, conferences, marriage & banquet parties, A/C cottages, swimming pool, amphi theatre, indoor and outdoor games. Facilities of outdoor catering. Ph:09346234799/ 09347634703/ 08418-245084. (S/1213/C01397)

DEALERS WANTED DEALERS WANTED for Domestic LPG Gas Cylinder’s Safety Device for A.P. and Karnataka. Contact IGI Enterprises. Ph:040-23391000, 9533138886, 9885054943. (C/BC/1213/C00612)

FOR SALE BENTONITE/ FULLER’S earth Pulverized powder for sale. Interested companies in purchase of above material may contact Mr.Lakshman Rao: 9246563810. (A/1213/C00490) NUMERIC 3 KVA UPS (1PH- 1PH) with 30 mins backup in working condition. Contact 9949297377. (S/1213/C01425)


B RELIABLE Packers & Movers. RENOWNED Life ✔SINGAPORE’S Professionals in Packing & Moving of Transformational camp “I am giftJ Household goods & Cars, for Local & ed” for children (9-19) now in India. 5 Countrywide. Serving the Nation since 2 decades. Ph:9866542555, 27120222, 27120333 & Relax. w w w. j b r e l i a bl e p a cke r s. c o m (S/1112/IC01214) URYA PACKERS & Movers Professionals in packing& moving of S Household Goods, Cars for Local& Countrywide. Ph:9849478333, 8008478333, 27244117, 27244118. w w w. s u r y a p a c k e r s a n d m o v e r s . i n (C/KY/1112/C06340)


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EO PACKERS &Movers India Pvt. Ltd., 31yrs ExperienceHome Relocations. Beware of Imitators. Look for the Leo Symbol. Ph:23775558, 23771238. (C/BC/1213/IC00002) TRANS PACKERS & Movers, Paineers Shifting in House Hold Goods Movement. All Over India. Door to Door Service. ph:9640519666/ 9640529666. (C/KY/1213/C00301)


ARUTHI PACKERS & Movers Pvt. Ltd. Professional Packing & Shifting household goods/ cars countrywide International/ local shifting. Export packing & industrial packing. Branches all over India. Ph:9849057183, 9866147183. (K/1112/C04782)

days and see the Miracle Emerge. As your child’s Academic, Confidence and Personal values Shoots up radically. Money back guarantee. Call Sixth Sense at 9390303666, 04039186666, 30548366, www.sixthsenseindia.com (A/1213/C00483) BRIGHT INTERNATIONAL Summer Camp starts from 23/4/2012- 31/5/2012. Yoga, Dance, Karate, Skating, Art, Craft, Caligraphy etc near NMDC lane, before Humayun Nagar Post Office, Hyderabad. Ph:9652663336. (C/CL/1213/C00604) SUMMER CAMP for Girls. Age 12 years -16 years. Mocktails Chocolate making, Bouquets/ Table laying/ swimming/ Lamsa/ Calligraphy/ needle work/ gift boxes/ paper parchment/ beauti tips/ grooming workshops/ bag & lots more. Call: 9885389884, 9885151333. (S/1213/C00988) TEENAGERS CAMP at Tripthi Tripathis Finishing School H.No:64, LIC Colony, besides NTR stadium, Opp: Indira Park. Age 15 years onwards. Learn 100 dishes cooking self baking, mocktails etc., Swimming, flower arrangement, self grooming, diet, nutrition, table etiquettes, car driving. Fees Rs.12,500/-. Hurry! Call: 9391011975. (B/1213/C00677) HYDERABAD HORSE Riding School, Learn Royal Sport of Horse Riding & Stay Fit this Summer, open for all age groups, Spl Summer Camp at 7 Tombs Road, Tolichowki, Hyderabad. Contact Mr.Abdul Wahab 9908186447. (S/1213/C01352) NIRMALA’S FUN-N- Frolic Summer Camp at Nirmala High School, Khairtabad, 2nd batch begins activities, swimming, skating, dance, aerobics, robotics, modelling, clay modelling, potter’s wheel, painting, crafts, transport available. Contact: 9849075004, 9885638904, 65572082. (A/1213/C00513)

SHARES INVEST IN your own D-mat account and get monthly 6% assured profit. No locking period. Contact: 9705930235, 04040024222. (C/CL/1213/C00615)


camp @ Smiles

himayath nagar starts from April 25th to May 25th for age 13 to 20 yrs. 70 mouth watering dishes, 15 creative and exclusive hand crafts and paintings, self makeover from facials to nail-art , Bollywood dance. Call-9248025432 (W/1213/AT000264)

SWIMMING SUMMER SWIMMING Classes started from 8th April to 10th June at Kalpa School, Road. No. 8, Banjarahills, opp: GVK Mall. For information contact Swimming Coach Shahab Ahmed 9849000421, 9010181711. (B/1213/C00519)

TAX CONSULTANTS VAT/CST/TOT, SERVICETAX Registration /Returns, Import Export Code, Income Tax Returns, Pan Card, Company/Firm/Society Registration, Accounting Services Contact 9966001094/ 9440913845 (W/1213/AT000353) PAN, IT, Pvt Ltd, Labor, Ser-Tax, ESI, PF, VAT, TIN, CST, IEC &Domain, Hosting& Web Designing. www.srisaiservices.com Sudarshan Ph:9246368595. (C/BC/1213/C00597) PANCARD, SERVICETAX, VAT/CST, TOT Registration, Import Export Code, Firm/ Society Registration, Company Registration Labour & Trade License. Contact 9000933780 (S/1213/C00809) PAN, ROC, LLP, Firm Registrations, ETDS Filing Servicetax, Incometax returns, Refunds, Accounting services, VAT, PF, related services. Please contact Ph:8688111635. (S/1213/C01375)

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WATER PROOFING ALPHA WATER proofing solutions for roofs, walls, water tanks, bathrooms & other leakages. 100% guarantee. Call Joseph, 9705454543. (S/1213/C00750)


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IKAS ACADEMY (Regd.) No.1 in V Greater Hyderabad, 100% Result oriented Home/ e-Tutions/ Class Room Coaching by experienced lecturers/ teachers. 1 - XII (IB/ I.G.C.S.E/ I.C.S.E/ C.B.S.E/ S.S.C) Inter, Degree, IIT, EAMCET, AIEEE, B.Tech, M.B.B.S, MBA, MCA, GRE, CAT, GATE, CA (CPT), ICWA, French languages. Ph:04066253414, 9246156687. Welcome Tutors. [email protected] w w w. v i k a s a c a d e m y. c o m (S/1112/C30552) IIT, AIEEE, EAMCET, BITSAT, VIT, AIIMS, Manipal, Inter, CBSE, ICSE, IB, IGCSE 100% result oriental Home Tutions for Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics by 15 years experience Corporate Faculty. Contact: 9949816241, 9705446760. (S/1112/C31508) ASTERMIND HOME Tuitions M (Regd) offers Professional faculty for I-XII (ICSE/ CBSE), EAMCET, IIT, BE&B.Tech M.B.B.S, I-CET, GMAT, CA, ICWA, French M.B.A. Spoken English. Welcome tutors M/F urgently. Ph:8341878066, 9550510260 [email protected] (C/CL/1213/C00223)


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Hips, Thighs, Arms Through Naturopathy& Yoga Therapies, Treatment for Arthiritis, Spondylosis, Chronic Diseases at Vrindaa Clinic, Vidyanagar. Dr.Sangeetha Ph:65156118, 27666118, 9441510842. (C/KY/1213/C00295)

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email:[email protected] OUR COUNTERS: Somajiguda: No.8 A, Amrutha Villa Rajbhavan Road Hyderabad - 500083 Ph: 23396395. Basheerbagh: Pragati Chambers, Skyline Theatre Lane, Ph: 23228693 Kukatpally: Lakshmi Complex, KPHB Main Road, Near Bus-stand. Ph: 23063310. DC Authorised Classified Counters Dilsukhnagar: Catalysst Advertising 1st Floor, Lingala Complex, Beside Megha Theatre, Opp. Kanakadurga Temple Dilsukhnagar Main Road. Ph: 24151237, Cell: 9391480808. email: [email protected] Habsiguda: Kasturi Media Links, SMS Plaza, 102 1st Floor, Opp. HDFC Bank, Adj. DCB Bank, Nacharam Road. Ph: 40071818. Cell: 9246591516 e m a i l : [email protected] Mehdipatnam: Koundinya Communications SGM Mall, Shop No. 3 & 4 Door No. 12-2-825 & 826, Below S.C. Rly. Reservation Counter, Mehdipatnam. Ph: 9849570222.

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35 Hyderabad Chronicle Thursday 19 April 2012


O’Neal’s cancer is under control Ryan O’Neal was shocked to learn he has stage four prostate cancer recently, but the 70-yearold actor is remaining positive about his chances of recovery. In an interview with US TV show Nightline, he said when he heard he has developed the disease, h e thought, “ ‘ W h y me?’ I just sort of chalked it up to bad luck.” He also told the show he has skin cancer, in the form of a melanoma on his nose, adding. “Welcome to Malibu and the sun.” Ryan added he is spurred on in his fight by thinking of his long term partner, Farrah Fawcett, who lost her battle with cancer in 2009. He added, “Farrah taught me that, about fighting it. Fight a good fight.”

Miley involved in a kitchen accident Miley Cyrus was rushed to hospital after cutting her finger while cooking recently. The singer was taken to the emergency room near her house in San Fernando Valley, California after her plans to prepare a meal for her mother, Leticia, grandmother, Ruth Ann, and boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, went wrong. She gritted her teeth as she went into hospital, wearing a skull printed romper suit and a cardigan, but was quickly given stitches by a doctor and is not thought to have been hurt too badly by the incident. She tweeted, “I’m all stitched up & have on a splint so I’m good. As you can tell by my expression, didn’t feel so good. Curse u blender (sic)!” Miley’s representative confirmed to E! News that “She had to get a few stitches but she’s doing fine.”

Thursday 19 April 2012



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Aries: Luck will be on your side today. You must avoid behaving roughly with your colleagues at work. You are likely to make important decisions regarding your career. Taurus: Ignoring the feelings of your partner can strain your love life. You are likely to face some financial crunch. Your moody behaviour will upset your relatives. Gemini: Teachers and artists will get due recognition for their works. You are likely to raise capital through collecting outstanding debts or funds for new projects. Cancer: You must be aware of the actions of your adversaries at work; they might harm your personal interest. The day will likely bring you financial security. Leo: You must make sure that you don't neglect your family traditions and values for personal gains. You are likely to make many changes at your professional front. Your expenditure will rise today. Virgo: Children need to strive hard to live up to family's expectations. You will be unable to remove misunderstanding with your friends. Health of a female member in family might cause worry.

You share b’day with Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi, best known for his role as Circuit in Munnabhai M.B.B.S. and Lage Raho Munnabhai. Libra: Your communication skills would immensely help in motivating your subordinates. You are likely to shoulder important responsibilities at work today. You must avoid over-eating. Scorpio: You might get into arguments with your seniors at work. Your hard work and sincerity will be acknowledged and rewarded at work.

Down 1 (In grammar) the possessive case (8) 2 (Of a figure) approximate (8) 4 Garden where Aristotle taught philosophy —




ale Carnegie said, “There are four ways, and only four ways, in which we have contact with the world. We are evaluated and classified by these four contacts: what we do, how we look, what we say, and how we say it.” There are four tricks, and only four tricks, that are needed to defeat a contract of four spades. East needs to bear that in mind when defending in this deal. West leads the club two. South wins with his ace, plays a spade to dummy’s ace, and returns a spade. East is in with his king. What should he do now? East knows that West led a singleton, because he would have led the four from doubleton four-two. And when a player knows his partner has a void, there is an automatic reac-


Across 1 Desert of Mongolia and northern China (4) 3 Best bib and tucker (4,4) 8 Lacking any legally binding force (4) 9 Animal with a sting in its tail (8) 11 Upside down (5-5) 14 Whirlpool (6) 15 Butt of a comic’s jokes (6) 17 English football club (5,5) 20 US state, capital Lincoln (8) 21 Bubbles in champagne? (4) 22 Prepare oneself (3,5) 23 In this place (4)

London theatre (6) 5 Imitative of the work of another (10) 6 Continent (4) 7 Drop in the ocean? (4) 10 Worldwide computer environment (10)

THE TOUGH DEFENSE TO WIN FOUR TRICKS tion to give him a ruff. But East should pause for a moment and ask where the other two defensive tricks will come from. The play cannot go club ruff, heart to the ace, second club ruff, because West has only one trump left. The defense must take two heart tricks. This is easy if West has the king, but in case he has the queen, East should immediately shift to a low heart. Yes, declarer might rise with his king and win an overtrick, but that is unlikely. He will probably conclude that if West had queen-high hearts, he might well have led the unbid suit; but with acehigh hearts, he would not have led it. The main point, though, is that East must make declarer guess, not give him the contract on a silver platter.


12 Hot medical dressing (8) 13 Impress with brilliance (or bright light?) (8) 16 Very tired (6) 18 Kiss and cuddle (4) 19 Touch on (4)

Word Mine


How many words of four or more letters can you make from the letters shown in today’s puzzle? In making a word, each letter may be used once only. Each word must contain the letter at the top of the pyramid. There should be at least one nine letter word. Plurals, foreign words and proper names are not allowed.

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ANSWERS: apology, gallop, loop, opal, pall, pang, plan, play, ploy, poll, polo, polygon, POLYGONAL, pony, pool, pylon

By Dr C.V.B. Subrahmanyam

scrabble brand | G2 R1 As Ms S1


Sagittarius: People engaged in informal sectors are likely to get many benefits. There are high chances of promotion and additional responsibilities coming your way. Capricorn: One of your longheld wishes is likely to be fulfilled. It’s a good day to engage in some recreational activities with other family members. Avoid wasting too much time on entertainment. Aquarius: Your failure in tightening the domestic budget could give rise to unnecessary expenses. You must take suggestions from your family before making any changes at home. Pisces: Investing surplus money in secure financial schemes for long-term will reap you profits. You must not follow your dreams with unrealistic planning. Your training would enable you to provide better service in respective fields.

WHAT TO DO Fill in the grid so that every row, every column, and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 to 9. Every puzzle has only one correct solution.


Did you think the

SU◆DO◆KU on the left was easy? Try this. Check the solution tomorrow. Tips available at www.sudoku-xls.com DC-AGE SU DO KU FORUM: Discuss the SU DO KU puzzles printed and contribute mind teasers of your own at www.sudexel.com/ forum


DIRECTIONS: Make a 2- to 7-letter word from the letters in each row. Add points of each word, using scoring directions at right. 7-letter words get 50-point bonus. “Blanks” used as any letter have no point value. All Judd’s words are in the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary (Merriam-Webster) and OSW Official Scrabble words (Chambers). JUDD’S Solution Tomorrow

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coffee-break CALVIN AND HOBBES|Bill Watterson

Hyderabad Chronicle dennis the menace

THE WIZARD OF ID|Parker and Hartsd

ARCHIE|Bill Henry Scarpelli & craig boldman

hocus focus

BLONDIE|Dean Young and John Marshall

ANDY CAPP |Reg Smythe


TARZAN|Edgar Rice Burroughs

Friday 18 February Thursday 19 April 2011 2012 25 38


Hyderabad Chronicle


Shah Rukh Khan is known to have a great sense of humour, but can he take a joke about himself ? One newbie in Bollywood would sure like to know. In his days as a fledgling VJ, Ayushmann Khurana had pulled off an extended spoof against the superstar. Now, as he makes his Bollywood entry, will those old spoofs haunt him? “Ayushmann’s Cheque De India was a no holds barred spoof of SRK’s Chak De India,” a Bollywood insider reminded us. SRK’s inner circle had informed him about the spoof, but he chose to ignore the episode. “Isn’t imitation the best form of flattery? SRK didn’t even remember this episode until someone told him that Ayushmann was debuting as the lead in Vicky Donor,” says a source close to the King Khan. Ayushmann himself doesn’t anticipate any animosity, and says, “Over the years, I’ve interviewed SRK several times and I’ve hosted many events with him. I’ve never sensed any discomfor t. REENA KAPOOR He’s a very mature Bipasha Basu hasguy.” n’t been sleeping a wink at night since the past few days. And before you think up any naughty reasons for why Bips should be out of bed, let us tell you that the poor girl is suffering from the demands of a grueling work schedule. “The shoot for Raaz 3 begins post-sunset and continues into the wee hours of the morning,” a source from the sets says. “It’s finally taken a toll on Bipasha, who’s now suffering from sleep deprivation and exhaustion.” But does that mean the sultry actress will just curl up in bed or whine? Not our Bips! “I’m not the

John’s tryst with Independence Day In Hollywood, launching or releasing a film on July 4 (the American Independence day) is quite the norm. Now John Abraham wants to follow the same trend by kickstarting his ambitious new project, Kala Ghoda, on August 15. “Kala Ghoda is a light-hearted look at the corruption prevalent in India. When John and his team brainstormed on the film’s launch, there were many dates considered. However, John felt that August 15 would be apt,” a source from John’s production house tells us. Kala Ghoda has John playing a cop with Kunal Roy Kapoor (of Delhi Belly fame) as his partner. “Since John comes from a marketing a n d

advertising background, he understands that building the right buzz around a film is of paramount importance,” our source added. John confirmed the Independence Day launch for Kala Ghoda, saying, “With an August 15 start for the film’s shoot, we are indeed looking at making a statement.” Point noted, type who’ll complain or throw tantrums. Raaz 3 is John. — JT very close to my heart…yes, I’ve hardly slept at all because of the workload, but I’ve always thrived on hard work,” the Bong beauty told us. Of course, Bips’ great attitude has impressed Raaz 3 director Vikram Bhatt. “We need to wrap up the film on time, so we’re all working at odd hours and crazy speed. Bipasha has proved her dedication to the film and she’s going to dazzle on screen,” the director said. Incidentally, Raaz 3 marks the re-entry of both Bips and Vikram into the Bhatt (Mahesh and Mukesh) camp. Does that have anything to do with their complete dediParineeti cation to the proChopra may be ject? only one film old, but she seems to have picked up on a trait that B’town’s best celebrate: Perfectionism. For a scene in Ishaqzaade, Ms Chopra fired 200 rounds of bullets for a scene in which she has to fire a gun. “Parineeti underwent training for a month to get the scene just right,” said a friend of the actress. Pari practised how to hold a gun, fire and reload it, but even then, when the scene was being shot, she kept asking for retakes until she thought it looked just right. Fortunately, the YRF team wasn’t put off by her quest for the perfect ‘shot’. “It’s good to see the spark of enthusiasm in newcomers like Parineeti,” said an official from YRF, which is producing the film. As for Parineeti, she explained the incident saying, “I have to get it all right.” Yes, because in the industry, the path to the top often has no retakes. — RK

Sleepless nights for Bipasha

I’m not the type who’ll complain or throw tantrums BIPASHA BASU

Parineeti angles for perfect ‘shot’

Friday 18 February Thursday 19 April 2011 2012 25 39


Hyderabad Chronicle

Tukaram second best



City lad could not capitalise on his excellent technique and speed as he had to be content with silver at the South Asian fencing meet

won the yellow metal, defeating compatriot Pinky Chanu 15-11. In the last four stage, Ambily WOMEN’S (INDIVIDUAL) EPEE ended Mounica’s excellent run Final: Ambily (India ‘A’) bt Pinky Chanu (India ‘A’) 15-11; Semifinal: in the competition. The India ‘B’ Ambily bt Mounica (India ‘B’); Pinky Chanu bt Piyuni Krishanthi (Sri girl lost 8-15. Earlier, Pinky had Lanka) 15-12. scored a 15-12 win over Sri MEN’S (INDIVIDUAL) FOIL Lanka’s Piyuni Krishanthi. Final: Kripal Singh (India ‘A’) bt M. Tukaram (India ‘B’) 15-8; Semifinal: The women’s epee team event Kripal bt W. Roushan (India ‘A’); Tukaram bt Deepak Singh (India ‘A’) saw India vanquishing Sri 15-7. WOMEN’S (TEAM) EPEE Lanka 38-16 to clinch gold. In the Final: India bt Sri Lanka 38-16; Semifinal: India ‘A’ bt India ‘B’ 44-24; Sri semifinals, India ‘A’ proved too Lanka bt Bangladesh 45-27. hot for India ‘B’, sealing the deal WOMEN’S (INDIVIDUAL) SABRE DC CORRESPONDENT 44-24. Final: Komalpreet Shukla (India ‘A’) bt Reni Devi (India ‘A’) 15-7; Meanwhile, Komalpreet Semifinal: Komalpreet bt Cherish Devi (India ‘A’) 15-2; Snehal Vidhate Hyderabad’s M. Tukaram Shukla (India ‘A’) outclassed her (India ‘B’) lost to Reni Devi 7-15. faltered at the final hurdle teammate Reni Devi with her of the men’s individual fast moves and technique to win foil category at the ongoing summit clash. India in the championship as the the tie 15-7 and clinch gold in the South Asian fencing champiIn the semifinals, Kripal had hosts stamped their superiority women’s sabre (individual) onships at the Kotla Vijaya got the better of W. Roushan of over their opponents, winning event. In the semifinals, Bhaskar Reddy Indoor Stadium India ‘A’ 15-9 while Tukaram the coveted gold in virtually Komalpreet beat Cherish Devi of in Hyderabad. cruised past Deepak Singh of every category. India ‘A’ 15-2. Reni, on the other Tukaram lost to Kripal Singh, India ‘A’ 15-7. In the women’s epee (individ- hand, saw off Snehal Vidhate of representing India ‘A’, 8-15 in the However, it was a gold rush for ual) category, Ambily of India ‘A’ India ‘B’ 15-7.


he Indian men’s and women’s teams emerged victorious by comfortable margins in the first Carrom Test against hosts Sri Lanka in Panadura. While the men conceded a point to win 2-1, the women completed a comprehensive 3-0 whitewash. The youngest member of the team, K. Srinivas, of the Petroleum Sports Promotion Board, Hyderabad, was quite impressive against Sherifuddin. He blanked his opponent 25-0 in the first game and took the second game 25-15 with relative ease.


FINAL RESULTS: MEN: Yogesh Pardeshi (IND) bt Chamil Cooray (SL) 25-15, 25-7; K. Srinivas (IND) bt Sherifuddin (SL) 25-0, 25-15; D.N. Fernando (SL) bt Prakash Gaikwad (IND) 12-25, 25-22, 25-16. RESULT: India won 2-1. WOMEN: I. Ilavazhaki (IND) bt Madhusika Kanchanmala (SL) 25-20, 25-4; M. Parimala Devi (IND) bt Chalani Lakamali (SL) 25-0, 16-25, 25-0; Kavita Somanchi (IND) beat Roshita Joseph (SL) 25-20, 25-16. RESULT: India won 3-0.


he Deccan Sports and Games Development Association will conduct a summer cricket coaching camp from April 21 to May 30. The camp will be conducted on the premises of the Government Boys High School, Moghulpura, Hyderabad. For further details, contact Kabeer Siddiqui on 9581451755 or 9676676235.


Fencers in action on the second day of the South Asian fencing championship held at the Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy Indoor Stadium in Hyderabad — S. SURENDER REDDY on Wednesday.



hastri Club, Trimulgherry, thrashed IIT Hyderabad 5-0 in their match at the Peter Thangaraj Memorial football tournament at the Gymkhana Grounds in Secunderabad. Shashank scored a hat-trick, the second of the tournament, to spur his team to a crushing victory. He opened the scoring in the 17th minute and doubled his tally six minutes later. Rahim made it 3-0 when he scored in the 30th minute. Rahul scored a goal in the 42nd minute. Shashank struck again in the 60th minute, completing the humiliation.


Easy day at office for top seeds DC CORRESPONDENT The top seeds faced little trouble as they advanced to the third round of the Talent Series tennis tournament being organised by the NVK Tennis Academy, Hyderabad. In the girls under-14 category, top-seed Sama Satwika of Andhra Pradesh defeated statemate Snigda Puram 8-2 to progress to the next round. Second-seed Sai Nikita too joined her, beating Kirti C. Parek by a similar scoreline. In the girls under-16 category, title contender Nikita thrashed Rushika Nama 8-1. Nandini Gupta, seeded second, was also hardly stretched in her 8-4 victory over Annam Sahiti. In the boys category, Vatsin S. Thakre of Maharashtra continued his dominance, brushing off his

opponents in both under-14 and under-16 categories. Vatsin defeated statemate Aditya Chaloo 8-2 in the under-14 category to advance to Round Three while in the under-16 category, he annihilated Rahul Sharma 8-0. RESULTS Boys U-14: Vatsin S. Thakre (1 )(MAH) bt Aditya Chaloo (MAH) 8-2; Apuroop Reddy (2) (AP) bt Jude Leander (AP) 8-2; Vanshal D’Souza(3) (MAH) lost to Krishna 7-8(5 7), V.Sudhansu (4) (AP) lost to Ritwik Choudary (AP) 1- 8; Sai Pranav(5)(KAR) bt Srivasta Ratakonda (AP) 8-4, Surya Prasad (6) (KAR) bt Aditya Kallepalli (AP) 8-1; Kaivalya Kalamse (7) (MAH) bt Vignesh Valliyar (AP) 8-3, Dhruv Sunish (8) (MAH) bt Gaurav Reddy (AP) 8-6. Boys U-16: Vatsin S. Thakre (1) (MAH) bt Rahul Sharma 8-0; Affan Abdul (AP) bt Nandu 8-2; Sri Jitesh Swamy (3) (AP) bt Sai Kartik Reddy 8-7 (7 2), Parth Lal (4) (AP) bt Adithya Chaloo

8-1; Yash Puri (5) (AP) lost to Md. Vali 8-7 (7 2), T.S. Jude Leander bt Vaishnav Bendalam 8-1; Venkat Nagendra Sai (7) (AP) lost to Ponnala Sidhardh 2-8, Tarun Anirudh bt Apuroop Reddy 8-6. Girls U-14: Sama Satwika (1) (AP) bt Snigda Puram (AP) 8-2, Sai Nikita (2) (AP) bt Kirti C. Parek 8-2; Nandini Gupta (3) (AP) bt Apurva 8-0, Sai Dedeepya (4) bt Amineni Shivani (AP) 8-7(9 7); Shivanuja (5) (AP) bt Aishwarya (AP) 8-2, Shaik Humera (6) (AP) bt Shajiha Begam (AP) 8-3; Rachapudi Pratusha (AP) bt Rachana Reddy (AP) 8-7 (7 3); Raveena Reddy (8) bt Rushika Nama (AP) 8-0. Girls U-16: Sai Nikita (1) (AP) bt Rushika Nama 8-1, Raveena Reddy (AP) bt Sravya Shivani 8-2; Rachana Reddy bt Shajiha Begum 8-6, Shivanuja (5) (AP) lost to Ananya (AP) 8-4; Sama Satwika (6) (AP) bt T. Nikita 8-1, Nandini Gupta (2) (AP) bt Annam Sahiti (AP) 8-4; Sai Dedeepya (3) (AP) bt Shaik Humera 8-3, Janavi Reddy (AP) bt Raman Angela 8-6.


he Ranga Reddy District Amateur Athletics Association will conduct a selection trials on Friday to pick the team that would take part in the Andhra Pradesh Senior and Youth athletics championships, to be held at Kakinada on May 26 and 27. Athletes who are born between January 1, 1995 and December 31, 1996 will be eligible. Those interested must report to coach Sai Reddy at the DSA Grounds behind Saroornagar Indoor Stadium by 8.30 am on Friday. For further details, contact Stanley Jones on 9346616266.


DC invites readers to send in their blogs on sports at [email protected]. Write-ups should be accompanied by a photograph, phone number and details about the author.

Thursday 19 April 2012

be sporty Kobe, Vanessa set to part ways Kobe Bryant and his estranged wife Vanessa, who had sparked hopes of reconciliation by sharing a Valentine’s Day kiss, have apparently hit a rough patch in their reunion attempts. The former couple went to watch the L.A. Kings playoff game with their daughters as “really good friends.” According to sources, close to the basketball star, the divorce is still on ... but the 33-year-old is adamant the two are “really good friends” who still love each other, TMZ reported. It was earlier reported that the NBA player has been “aggressively” trying to save his marriage swearing up and down that he will never cheat again. Earlier Vanessa was open to the idea of a reconciliation, but as of now, the divorce is still moving forward.

FOR BURKE, IT’S ROONEY FOREVER Alexandra Burke may be dating Spurs’ footballer Jermain Defoe, but it is Wayne Rooney who is her favourite when it comes to the sport. “Rooney is going to be my favourite player to the day I die,” the Daily Star quoted the 23-year-old star as saying. “I love him. I will always support Manchester United. “I’m a massive fan of football and such a good player, which you will see soon,” she added.

‘Short-haired’ Maria stumps fans on web A short hair-look by Russian tennis star Maria Sharapova caught the chatter amongst fans but as it turned out, the new look was just a wig for a shoot. The glamorous tennis player admitted that she had never expected such extreme reactions from her fans as it was witnessed. “Wow, when I posted those photos with the short hair I had no idea everyone would

all go bananza....( my dear friends, I never actually said I cut my hair!)”, wrote Sharapova on her official Facebook page as she posted a picture with usual long hair to go along with it. Websites and portals were swamped with fans expressing their disapproval of the ‘new look’. “I am in shock! It’s too short!” Singaporean fan Keith Chern commented on Sharapova’s Facebook page.

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Hyderabad Chronicle

Liz reveals brief Warne split

LIZ AND WARNE believe their match is made in heaven

Elizabeth Hurley has confirmed reports that she had briefly split from Shane Warne before realising he is her perfect man. The 46-year-old actress began dating the former Australian cricketer Warne in 2010, following the breakdown of her marriage to Arun Nayar, and the couple got engaged late last year. The loved-up couple are adamant their fairytale romance is a match made in heaven — but now the Austin Powers star has confirmed rumours the couple split for a short time before rekindling the relationship. On being asked during an interview whether reports of a split were true, Hurley replied in affirmative. “Yes, but ultimately we decided we got on too well not to give it a shot,” the Daily Express quoted her as telling. “As Elizabeth said, yes, we did briefly (split up), but we realised that what we had was special,” Warne added.