BIYC Beach Manager Job Description

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they occur (i.e. if employees switch shifts due to illness etc.) •. ◦ Respect that work ... frayed lines, broken shackles, cleats, ring dings, etc.). •. ◦ Maintain a log book ...
BIYC Beach Manager Job Description General Description The Learn to Sail Beach Manager is an important leadership position. This employee is responsible for helping to oversee the BIYC Learn to Sail Program, in conjunction with a group of experienced sailing coaches. The BIYC Learn to Sail program runs for 8 weeks during July and August at Tunstall Bay beach. The Commodore’s Cup Regatta takes place at the end of August during week nine. The boats in the program include club-owned Optis, Lasers, and Laser IIs. Students in the program range in age from 7 through high school. The Beach Manager receives direction from the Learn to Sail Program Directors (volunteer committee) and reports to one specific director for daily & weekly check-in. The Beach Manager is a role model for staff and participants in the sailing programs, exemplifying integrity and the key characteristics we expect of our employees: Commitment, Respect, Responsibility and Cooperation. The Beach Manager is a full time (40 hrs per week) summer employee paid an hourly rate commensurate with experience. As an hourly employee, he/she is required to submit a weekly timecard to the designated Program Director for approval. Overtime will be paid at the same hourly rate. He/she must be available from Canada Day through the end of August, including some time in pre and post season for site preparation/take-down and boat cleanup. No vacation is provided during the eight-week teaching season. Qualifications & Certifications The Beach Manager should have sailing experience and the ability to work well with children and adults. This individual should be highly organized and possess excellent written and verbal communication skills. Computer skills to manage our sailor database are also required. We seek a candidate with maturity and the ability to act as liaison between the sailors, the Club, and the coaches. The ability to make a commitment for multiple seasons to provide program continuity would be an asset. The Beach Manager should have a working knowledge and experience with sailboat rigging repair and hull maintenance for Opti and Laser sailboats. Required certifications include: - Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card, - minimum Emergency level first aid/CPR from a nationally-recognized provider, and - Radio Operator’s License.

BC Sailing Program Manager and/or Community Coach courses are desirable, but not required.

Primary Responsibilities Duties of the Beach Manager include: •• • • • • • •• • • •• • • • • •• • • • •• • • • • •• •

• • •• • •

Help ◦ ◦ ◦

to develop and implement the sailing program for all levels. Work with Sailing Coaches to plan boat use for sailing season. Help create and schedule special instructional clinics and events. Assist in the organization & planning of the Commodore’s Cup Regatta trip. Communicate safety rules and proper behavior to participants. ◦ Assist in development & implementation of report card system. ◦ Provide written evaluation of sailing program with specific suggestions, ideas and long term goals. Communicate effectively with coaches to ensure implementation of program goals. ◦ Listen to and incorporate, if appropriate and beneficial, the ideas and suggestions of the staff. ◦ Actively observe and participate in the program and special events while providing daily feedback. Organize & schedule preseason program planning with the coaches. ◦ Review instructor & beach manager roles and responsibilities. ◦ Review proper use of coach boats. ◦ Review proper care and storage of the club's fleet. ◦ Review maintenance, safety and cleanliness of dock, boat shed & beach. Communicate effectively on a regular basis with Summer Sailing Director. ◦ Accept direction from Summer Sailing Director while taking initiative to offer ideas to develop and implement a successful program. ◦ Coordinate registration information with Summer Sailing Director. ◦ Bring employee issues or problems to Summer Sailing Director before potential problems escalate. Communicate effectively on a regular basis with summer sailing program participants and their parents. ◦ Engage and encourage junior sailors. ◦ Answer questions parents have about their child or the program either verbally or by email. ◦ Send weekly sailing program updates to all enrolled families from the Checklick account. ◦ Maintain email correspondence related to the summer sailing program through the BIYC email and Checklick accounts. Schedule working hours for Sailing Instructor Staff ◦ Incorporate scheduling needs for special events including sailing regattas, field trips & BBQ’s. Review the BIYC events calendar with the Summer Sailing Director. ◦ Communicate potential overtime issues to Summer Sailing Director before they occur (i.e. if employees switch shifts due to illness etc.) ◦ Respect that work schedules are subject to approval by the Summer Sailing Director. Provide beach support for all coaches in the teaching of sailing lessons. ◦ Establish protocol for the rigging and de-rigging of boats, seeing that they are neatly and properly returned to storage. ◦ Maintain boat safety standards to insure participant safety.

• •• • •

• • • •• • • • •• • • • • •

◦ Check coach boats are equipped with all necessary safety equipment. Supervise maintenance of boats and areas used by sailing staff and program sailors. ◦ Coordinate and assist in pre-season and post-season maintenance of summer sailing equipment. ◦ Ensure program areas are clear of related trash and that gear is stowed properly by end of program day. ◦ Ensure the boat house and all program areas are supervised at beginning and end of lessons. • Assist in planning and attending the Commodores Cup. ◦ Help plan, coordinate and supervise the hosting of any regattas involving guest clubs/sailors if required. ◦ Help plan and coordinate away regatta participation. Provide coordination and supervision of end of season Summer Sailing awards event. ◦ Help to coordinate summer sailing slide show. ◦ Help to coordinate presentations for each level. ◦ Help to coordinate presentation of awards by sailing staff. Provide repairs to club fleet and coach boat as required. ◦ Make minor repairs as needed in conjuction with coaches (i.e. replacing frayed lines, broken shackles, cleats, ring dings, etc.). ◦ Maintain a log book of all repairs made. ◦ Ensure the fleet and coach boat is in fully functioning shape for the next week lessons. ◦ Report repairs or maintenance of a more serious nature (i.e. hull damage, ripped sails, etc.) to the Summer Sailing Director. • Oversee use of petty cash for purchase of fuel, class barbecue food and approved supplies.

Contact Information If you are interested in applying for this job, please contact Wendy Wanvig, BIYC Learn to Sail Program Volunteer at 604-947-2022 or [email protected].