Dork Diaries

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including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Boomerang and Nick Jr. Tweens (aged 8 to 12 years) are very high consumers of me
The Queen of the Dorks is back in 2018 with TWO NEW BOOKS!

The Dork Diaries series has sold more than 1 million copies in ANZ!

Our 2018 campaign for Dork Diaries will run all year, with regular promotions targeting parents and kids to ensure this brand is always front of mind. KEY DATES: •

5 June – Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama

October – Dork Diaries #14

The thirteenth instalment in the bestselling series is on sale 5 June.

Nikki Maxwell is celebrating her birthday in Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama! But what’s causing the drama?

We’ve seen great results from our previous TV advertising for Dork Diaries. This year we’ll create trailers for both books and advertise on Foxtel’s children’s channels, including Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Boomerang and Nick Jr.

Tweens (aged 8 to 12 years) are very high consumers of media – watching lots of TV and video content online: •

Each day 8 – 10 year olds watch an average of 3:41 hours of TV content and spend 0:46 hours on computers and devices

Each day 11 – 14 year olds watch an average of 5:03 hours of TV content and spend 1:46 hours on computers and devices.

Media consumption is highly mobile and most tweens have their own tablet.

Our target audience are big internet users, often multi screening, with 74% watching TV and using the internet at the same time.

When online they’re playing games, watching catch-up TV and using YouTube. We’ll reach kids in ANZ through pre-roll advertising on YouTube. Our YouTube advertising for Dork Diaries: Crush Catastrophe reached 41,700 kids in 4 weeks!

We have a major advertising package with It GiRL magazine, which we’ll use to promote the Dork Diaries series throughout the year.

It GiRL has a distribution of 30,000 in Australia and New Zealand, and is the fastest growing tween girl magazine in the market. •

APRIL* Full-page ad promoting entire Dork Diaries series

JUNE Extract of Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama!

JULY* Full-page ad promoting Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama! and Dork Diaries branded gift on the front of the magazine

OCTOBER* Full-page ad promoting Dork Diaries #14 and editorial support

NOVEMBER Full-page ad promoting Dork Diaries #14

*School holidays issue (50% increase in magazine sales)

We don’t want there to be any confusion about which book is the latest in this bestselling series. Therefore we will create eye-catching shelf wobblers for stores to display in their kids’ section. The wobblers will be designed in the same colours as the new book.

We’ll let parents, librarians and teachers know about Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama! through promotions with Better Reading Kids and primary school magazine, PK. Better Reading: •

EDM subscription 45K

Better Reading Kids Facebook 18K

PK is received by: •

More than 160 schools (80% private, 20% public), including many who actively use PK in lessons

64K students

4K teachers

The next book in the series, Dork Diaries 14, will be published in October! Similar to Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama!, the release will be promoted with a major marketing campaign, including YouTube, magazine and digital advertising. We’ll also be encouraging stores to host their own Dork Day party to celebrate the release of the new book and help drive fans in store.

Dork Day is a celebration of all things Dork and this year it will be held on the first Saturday after the publication of the new book (date TBC).

Participating stores will receive a fantastic Dork Day party pack, featuring decorations, posters, activity sheets and Dorky treats. Activities will also be held in libraries and schools. The addition of libraries and schools in 2017 saw a dramatic increase in participants from 600 to 3,000.

Promotions for Dork Diaries 14 and the entire series will continue in November and December, with print ads in It GiRL, digital advertising and reviews in magazines, newspapers and kids and parenting websites.