:er of the Gods,

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Medieval warfare is one of the features of "A Daughter of the Gods." Here is een a catapult, one of the many used in the battle pcenes. Twenty men were requited ...

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:er of the Gods, tetu Play, n th mintld It will hate itb pnrmia in r in ottsei 1.4 cMIldhe in anothrr, even monthi het wre of ltm tatn. 12,U000 ot of film tare usd it the n bi ry tfor i ention it will have cort ian on hundtd atotl ad narly

filled with and, and a drainage canal built In it Ote hundred years ago, Brid oldiere quartered in the old fort were wiped out by yellow fever.

slean»irre wny oi hativ I dramati peson.it, luilding the Moorith ciy. Thte ative workmen are here enh holding their toolt sintk Herbert Brenon, author of "A Daughter of the CGod," and 'director of Its matlo fo1m tert to Anflllh, . .i * . polnitiq

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Herbert Brenon, author hnd director of "A Daughter

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Mere maid u merrmaids play a prominent pet in A Dauhter of the Cod*. The photoraph show the maid.



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walked fm the sea m tI watlb in front of the city.

Medieval warfare is one of the features of "A Daughter of the Gods." of the many used in the battle pcenes.

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apper ra maer mteld in the pic ture ire here seen awaiting the word to don L their fish tails. ' Mr. Brenbn Ii * seen in the left * centre with hil bEack to the camera.

Takin a-" Cloes Up." The camera i standinng about Kellerman, Mr. Brenon' photo.

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tahlngate scenes Mr. Baunt, and the photographer. j. Roy Hunt,. are perched enaonIlt ei ph otographing the mi whothe aresea. ePor dtane off.emergency. On manyfiveoaona an always the mads rock into sueh an camerasboth weremen eaiara were swept from *

kept ready at han.


Iunt, may be seen on the left of the cmera,, ahd the Director himlelf, who ii eittin onh the ttand, i not only conBtrolint Mies Kellerm en, but moh offI,000 p1, l.



Here is een a catapult, one

Twenty men were requited to move this from one spot to another.