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KANE MILLER BOOKS. A DIVISION OF EDC PUBLISHING. I Want My Potty. Tony Ross. Description. Tony Ross's hilarious account of the royal potty will amuse ...

PUB DATE: MARCH 2007 PRICE: $4.95 AGES: 18 MONTHS - 4 ISBN: 978-1-933605-23-4 FORMAT: PB DIMENSIONS: 8 X 8 EXTENT: 28pp CARTON QUANTITY: 100 CATEGORY: Milestones/Potty-training FOUNTAS & PINNELL: H READING RECOVERY: 13-14 COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: England ILLUSTRATIONS: Color illustrations

I Want My Potty

ABOUT THE AUTHOR/ILLUSTRATOR: Tony Ross was born in London and lives

Tony Ross

and works with his family in Cheshire. He


studied at Liverpool Art School and went on

Tony Ross's hilarious account of the royal potty will amuse young children and help their parents.

cartoon drawing and animated film. Since

to work in graphic design and advertising,

1983 he has written or illustrated over 350 books for children. OTHER BOOKS BY TONY ROSS:

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Wash Your Hands!, I Don't Want to Go to

A new era classic I Want My Potty has sold over 50,000 copies New format adds to the popular Little Princess series A must-have for every preschool classroom/bathroom

Bed!, I Want My Tooth, I Want My Pacifier, Say Please!


Praise for I WANT MY POTTY

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Milestones Potty Training

"The trials and tribulations of potty-training are described with fresh humor in this story of a little princess who grows tired of having to wear diapers. With the help of the king and queen and their many attendants, the princess learns that 'The potty's the place' although it is not always easy to reach on time! This is a laugh-out-loud funny book that is sure to help both children and their parents find a bit of silliness in a sometimes friction-causing subject." - Telltales, Fine Children's Books "Kids in training pants will give this one two thumbs up!"-San Francisco-Peninsula Parent News magazine

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