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Action 3.1 - Training Course. CHISINAU, MOLDOVA. 22 - 31 May, 3201. “ ” Lets Get Started. NiTiN is a non-profit organization within the field of international ...
Nordisk Institutt for Trening og Internasjonal Nettverk NiTiN is a international oriented non-profit organization within the field of education and culture based in Stavanger, Norway since December 2010. NiTiN aims to promote intercultural understanding and international cooperation through: 1. Creating possibilities for mobility for all Europeans regardless of age or occupation; 2. Providing qualitative training and educational opportunities for people working in the educational and cultural sector; 3. Assisting Norwegian organizations and municipalities in developing and implementing international projects. Activities NiTiN has been coordinating several seminars, trainings and mobilities of people from Norway and other European countries within the field of education and intercultural learning through international programmes such as Youth in Action and Lifelong Learning Programme. Target Group Provide personal and professional development for students, volunteers, young entrepreneurs and workers in general, through international training, mobility and volunteering programmes in Norway and other countries. Office Contacts: Ulsnesveien 11, Hundvåg - PostBoks 9040, 4085 Stavanger, Norway org. nr: 996 686 981 | [email protected] | +47 98840975

Action 3.1 - Training Course

“Lets Get Started” CHISINAU, MOLDOVA 22 - 31 May, 2013

LETS GET STARTED : Project Description


24 youth leaders from: Norway, Denmark, Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Armenia The training is based on the principles of non-formal learning and is strictly non-academic. The project aims to strengthen democracy and participation through active local associations. The project aims to provide participants with tools to:

Day 1 - Arrival Introduction Name games Team building Day 2 - Democracy Democracy and civic engagement The basics of associations Sightseeing in the city

• To understand the democratic value in local community work. • To understand and be able to develop statutes, etc. for local associations. • Managing meetings and communicate effectively both internally and externally • Recruitment and motivate members • Develop and maintain information strategies. • Develop, describe and apply for funding for projects. • Use study circle method in association work. • engage in lobbying and advocacy. • networking strategy.

The project addresses program priorities and goals as follows: The project provides participants with concrete tools to take part in community life through voluntary associations and organizations.

Day 3 - Organizational strategies Organizational planning and strategy Enrolment and motivation of members PR and information strategies Day 4 - Communication Communication Meeting techniques Day 5 - Local inspiration Meeting with local NGOs and e.g. Meeting with a Local CONTACT center Excursion e.g. to Sahana, Tipova or OrheiVeci

Day 6 - External cooperation Lobby and advocacy Networking Day 7 - Projects Project management and fundraisings Day 8 - Project development Project design Day 9 - Future Future Evaluation Open session Day 10 - Departure Departure

PRACTICAL INFORMATION The currency in Moldova is Moldovan LEU (MDL) and 1 EUR = 16,080 MDL FOOD AND SPECIAL NEEDS The participants will be provided with three meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner. For any special needs (health problems, diet etc.) please contact the hosting organization. ARRIVAL TO CHISINAU: When you arrive in Chișinău International Airport catch a local taxi to the hotel address (see below). TRAVEL COSTS AND REIMBURSEMENTS The reimbursement of the 70% of all travel expenses will be made by bank transfer to the sending organization after we receive all the original documents (receipts, invoices and boarding passes) and the transport claim no later than 30 days after the last journey is made for the project. COMING TO MOLDOVA BEFORE THE DATES OF THE PROJECT For those who come earlier or/and leave later, the project cannot cover the extra nights/stay. So if your flights are earlier or later then the venue dates you have to find accomodation for yourself.

CHECK LIST - W HAT TO BRING WITH YOU PRESENTATION OF ORGANIZATIONS Please bring material for presenting your organization and it’s activities (brochures, flyers, books, posters, videos, etc.). Keep in mind, that for presenting organization we recommend not to make ppt as usually other participants gets tired of watching it for hours. Bring information for the activities that your organization is planning to do in the future and needs international partners, as this training can be a good opportunity for meeting future partners and to build future cooperation.

FREE EVENING MATERIAL If you have any cultural film that you found interesting please bring it with you.Bring with you table games if you have, it can be very useful during free evenings;

BUFFET OF THE REGIONS Some might remember it as the “inter-cultural evening” where people should bring something typical from their countries but instead we chalenge you to share something you like especially from your home or the place you live at the moment: self-made liquor, your grandma's home-made jam, a piece of your favourite bread or the beer from a small brewery around the corner. Bring with you some food or drinks to taste, some music or movies or anything else to present and to make other participants to fall in love with your country!!! We're looking forward for your contribution.

CAMERA AND/OR LAPTOP Bring your computer and/or camera if you have, it will be very useful during activities.

ACCOMMODATION The training will be held in Aparthotel in Natalia Gheorghiu 27, Chisinau. Each participant will stay in double rooms and there´s a big room for activities and a big living room.

CONFORTABLE CLOTHES Bring with you confortable clothes and for the indoor activities we strongly advise you to bring inside shoes and also comfortable clothes for the activities inside.

GOOD MOOD CONTACTS: Project Coordinator: Gonçalo Guerreiro +47 98840975 Co-assistant: Kamila Gabrysiak +45 52765472 Co-assistant: Asser Mortensen +373 69529729

Anything you think you will need during stay in Norway and of course the best motivation and mood to meet new friends.