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Honorable mention was Heather Bentley ('11) and Lindsay Starkey. ('11). The 3-legged race ended in a runoff between John Psaila. ('13)/Elizabeth Zipperle ...
Net Vet Weekly Week in Review:

Buoncompagni participates in Military Conference Dr. Simona Buoncompagni, Small Animal Internal Medicine Resident, presented “Basic Ultrasound” and “Abdominal Ultrasound” at the Military Conference held recently in Colorado Springs, Colo. This is the 3rd consecutive year she has been invited to speak.

Watson invited to Taiwan Symposium

Megan Downing (’11) and Jennifer Rudd (’11) won the egg toss. Honorable mention was Heather Bentley (’11) and Lindsay Starkey (’11). The 3-legged race ended in a runoff between John Psaila (’13)/Elizabeth Zipperle (’13) and Paige Mackey (’12)/ Brad Stock (’11). And the winner is the team of Mackey and Stock (left)!

Dr. Alastair Watson, Department of Physiological Sciences, spoke at the Symposium on the Conservation Strategies for Sousa chinensis in Taiwan 2009 held recently in Taipei, Taiwan. He presented “Diagnosis of human interaction marks on Chinese white dolphins in Taiwanese waters.”

Davis receives DoD Grant Congratulations to Dr. Michael Davis, Oxley Chair in Equine Sports Medicine and Director of the Comparative Exercise Physiological Laboratory in the Physiological Sciences Department! Davis received an award from the Department of Defense for a three year study of endurance exercise metabolism using racing sled dogs as a model. The total budget for this grant is just over $1 million.

2009 Distinguished Alumni Congratulations to the 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award recipients— Drs. James W. Carpenter (’74), Anthony Confer (’72), Robert Hudson (’55) and Gary White (’68)!

Traditional Tug of war results are ’11 beat ‘12 for the win. Carlos Cuellar (’11), Chris Allen (’12) and Dave Miller (’13) represented their classes in a pie eating contest. Miller (’13) won.

Week Ahead:

Veterinary Biomedical Sciences Seminar

The recipients will be honored at the Distinguished Alumni Award  Shashidhara Marulappa, BVSc, MVSc, Department of Veterinary Luncheon during Fall Veterinary Conference on Friday, Oct. 30, at 11:30  Pathobiology, will present “Simple Test for Rapid Detection of Canine a.m. in the ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center.  (full story)  Parvovirus Antigen and Canine Parvovirus-Specific Antibodies” on Thursday, Aug. 27, at 4 p.m. in Room 259 McElroy Hall. Refreshments will be available.

2009 BRD Symposium & Academy of Veterinary Consultants Horse Owner’s Symposium At the BRDS 2009 Symposium Dr. Robert Fulton presented “Summary of Bovine Respiratory Disease Research” and Dr. Anthony Confer presented “Update on Bacterial Pathogenesis.” More than 200 registrants from the U.S. and Canada attended representing researchers, private practice veterinarians, veterinary biologics and pharmaceutical companies, and U.S. government researchers and AFRI administrators. At the AVC meeting Fulton presented “BVDV Diversity: Impact on

The Annual Horse Owner’s Symposium will be held on Saturday, Aug. 29, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Topics will include equine transport stress, transporting the injured horse, latest treatment modalities of tendon injuries, managing pastures for maximizing nutrient intake and nutritional value of forage based rations. Labs will focus on emergency first aid, what to do when you find your horse down, problem solving clinical cases, and nutrition and pasture management.

Fatal Pneumonias with Multiple Infectious Agents,” “Economic Impact in Feedlot,” “Vaccine Efficacy,” and “Diagnostic Testing.” Confer presented “Immunity to Bacterial Pathogens, Now What?”

Symposium speakers will be Drs. Dustin Devine, Lyndi Gilliam, James Hart, Todd Holbrook, Hank Jann, Dave Freeman, and Daren Redfearn.

In addition, Dr. D. L. Step attended the AVC meeting. His recent article in the Journal of Animal Sciences, 2008, vol. 86pp 346-3158, was cited multiple times in other sessions, especially by Dr. Bob Smith, former CVHS faculty member and currently in feedlot consulting. This was the largest AVC meeting ever (280 members). Two other OSU alumni were on the program: Dr. Tom Latta, Vice-President for the AVC, and Dr. Wayne Sizelove.

Getting to Know You

Publications Publications from the BRDS 2009 Bovine Respiratory Disease Symposium, August 5-6, 2009. Colorado Springs, Colo.: Terrill, S.J., Madden, R.D., Dillwith, J.W., Burciaga-Robles, L.O., Step, D.L., Montelongo, M., Confer, A.W., Fulton, R.W., Krehbiel, C.R.: Metabolic Fingerprints Related to Bovine Respiratory Disease in Beef Steers. Mills, R.L., Carlos-Valdez, L., Burciagara-Robles, L.O., Stein, D., Step, D.L., Fulton, R.W., DeSilva, U., Krehbiel, C.R.: Microarray Analysis of Muscle Tissue from Beef calves Using an Experimental Model of Bovine Respiratory Disease.

Pope Appointed to Editorial Board Dr. Carey Pope, Physiological Sciences Department Head and Sitlington Chair in Toxicology, was recently appointed member of the editorial board for Archives of Toxicology, the official journal of the European Society of Toxicology. He is currently on the editorial board of nine toxicology-related scientific journals, and is also an Associate Editor for the Journal of Pharmacology and Therapeutics.  

Dr. Chelsea Makloski is an assistant professor of Theriogenology in the Veterinary Clinical Sciences Department. Originally from Trinidad, Colo., she earned her undergraduate degree from New Mexico State University and OSU and DVM and MS degrees from OSU. Following graduation in 2006, Makloski completed a rotating hospital internship at Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital and a Theriogenology residency at OSU. Her research interests focus on mare infertility, canine infertility and canine brucellosis. In her spare time, Chelsea tends to her water garden and barrel races. She also spends time fishing her new puppy out of the water garden. Favorite Quote: “Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving, and tolerant with the weak and the wrong. Sometime in your life, you will have been all of these.” – Bob Goddard

School Picnic and Student Games Nearly 300 students, faculty, staff and family members attended this year’s picnic and games on Thursday, Aug. 20, behind McElroy Hall. This is a publication of the Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. We welcome your comments as well as suggestions for content. Please send all feedback to Derinda Lowe, Coordinator of Public Relations, Marketing and Alumni Affairs.