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Progress test 1: Units 1-3. Reading FCE Paper 1. Part 4 Multiple matching. You are going to read a magazine article in which various musicians are interviewed.

test 1: Units1-3 Progress ReadingFCEPaper1 Part 4 Multiple matching You are going to read a magazine article in which various musicians are interviewed. For questions 1-14, choose from the people (A-E). The people may be chosen more than once. When more than one answer is required, these may be given in any order. There is an example at the beginning (0).

Which of the nuslcians

states the following?

Someone's misfortune was my good luck. I didnt listen to oüers' advice. I thought I'd be fumous one day. My taste in music was different from everyone else's. I didnt intend to become a professional musician. I regretted a decision I made. I sometirnes found it difficult to concentrarc. The more confident I became, the better I performed. I perform my own material. My family was more important to me üan music. l'd like to live a more stable life. I enioved all üe attention I received.

r=-t f__l f__l I--l E--l I__l I_-l

r-_l r___1T_-l t-l

r__-] I--l


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test 1 Pfogress

Making music into the music business isnt easy. we asked five different Gettine_us about their experiences' to tell



Country and western singer 17 years old

I always used to sing along to my granddad's old country and western records, and when I got a guitar for my eighth birüday, they were the first tunes I played. My mates were all into Madonna and Michael Jackson so, of course, they thought I was a bit strange. At the age of ten I began writing songs and when I was 13 I started taking part in talent contests. Things didnt go too well at first, partly becauseaudiences didnt know the words to the songs I'd written, but mostly because of nerves. I gradually lost them, though, as I got used to being on stage, and so my playing and singing improved. I won my first contest when I was 15 and I've just sisned a record deal.



34 Yearsold

When I was just seven I was accepted into a music consewatory in Moscow and had to spend four or five hours a day practising. That's a long time for someone o{ that age to keep their mind on something as intense as that, and I didnt always succeed. Friends and family tried to put me off becoming a p¡ofessional musician because itt such a Lard life. They're right of course, but I'm glad I ignored them. Now as I get older, I want to move away from performing and the constanttours, and stall composingmy own music. It'll also be easier to start my own family if T havea more permanenthome.


Jake Rap singer 19 Yearsold I remember when I was five and I sang a couple of songs on the karaoke machine at my uncle's 30th birthday party. When I finished everyone cheered and came up and 'This good,' I is gave me hugs and kisses. 'I thought, could get used to this!' Then at school I performed in plays and musicals always the lead part, of course - and once again the audience'sreaction made me feel good. I think I knew at that stage I was going to be a star. It was just a question of time.

Pete Guitarist and singer 50 years old When I was 1ó I played lead guitar in a band, doing versions of songs by The Beatles and The Stones. The other guys in the group seemed to think our chances of successwere slim, but I took no notice. I was confident I'd make a name for myself one day, with or without the rest of the band. I 1eftwhen I was 20 to become a sessionmusician, which was a mistake, I realized afterwards, as it took me away from the one place I wanted to be - the stage.Then my wife and I had two children and I decided to put them first and got a more stable job in a bank. Now they've both grown up, I've started performing again - songs I write myself, this time. I play the local pubs and clubs at weekends only, which is enough for me at my age!

Natasha Violinist





24 years old

I was a student nurse at the time. My sister was a guitarist in an all-girl band called Femme and they were booked to play on a kid's TV programme. The day before the recording my sister broke her arm and she asked me to go on instead of her. It was dead easy, really; I knew how to play the guita4 and we were miming anYnvaY,so no one noticed if I was playing the right notes or not. Then all the kids came up and asked me for my autograph, which was brilliant! I formed my own band soon afterwards, and we've just signed a deal wiü a record comDanv

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Progress test 1

Useof EnglishFCEPaper3 Part 3 Transformations For questions 1-10, complete the second sentenceso that it has a similar meaning to the first sentence, using the word given. Do not change the word given. You must use between two and five words, including the word given. Here is an example (0). Example: 0

I dont usually see him at the weekend. rare


It is rare for me to see him at the weekend.


My parents never took me an¡;vhere when I was a child. used me anywhere when I was a child.

My parents She asks boring questions all the time. keeps

boring questions.

5ne If you cant do it yourself, ask Helen for help. get


If you cant do it yourself, How much will she earn in her new job? get

in her new job?

How much will she Could you tell me your date of birth, please? when

born, please?

Would you mind I cant wait to finish these exams. forward these exams.


I havent got enough money for a car. afford I

buy a car.

He cant sing very well. good smgrng.

He 9

Steven is friendlier than David. as David



I've never seen a funlier film. far I've ever seen.

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test 1 Progress

4 Part 5 Word


For questions 1-10, read the text below Use the word given in capitals at the end of each line to form a word that fits in the space in the same line. There is an example at the beginning (0).



The (O\ earliest torm of tennis was played in the thirteenth century, when


hit the ball with their hands, instead of racquets. French



of the game, but the Pope at the

monks were enthusiastic (2)


of it, and it was banned for being too

time strongly (3)


to prevent

frivolous. The religious authorities, howeve4 were (4)


of üe game and by the sixteenth century it had

the growing (5)

evolved into the sport of Real Tennis, which was played on an indoor court. The first tennis balls were filled with hair and small stones - a (6)

with cloth. They are also more (9)


balls are now

experience for anyone who was hit by one. (7) significantly (8)


, consisting of two half shells of rubber covered than before; bright yellow is a


to see on our TV screens than the traditional white.

lot (10)

ListeningFCEPaPer4 Part 2 Blank filling You will hear a woman talking on the radio about African dance classes. For questions 1-10, complete the sentences which summarize what she says.

In her first African dance class the speaker had to dance like Throughout the class | You dont need to have good rh¡hm


i" played. to enjoy the dance classes.


Unlike aerobics, in African dance you do not have to

of an instructor.

The age range of those who attend the classes is from

to pensioners,

of the class participants perform everything they have learnt.

In the last Regular attendance at classes will improve

Correct positioning of the feet helps prevent your Sixty minutes of African dance will burn off

from being injured. calories.

This activity should lead to a dramatic increase in your

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Progress test 1

Vocabulary Decide which answer A, B, C or D best fits each space and underline it. Example: of these old books - you never read them any more.

I wish you'd get A away

B out

D lost

C rid

should not open their exam papers until told to do so by the invigilator. A Candidates 2

C Competitors

B Participants

My mum's just knitted me a lovely A high-heeled


B long-sleeved

C second-hand

B spectators

C got

B reached



lhat track again?I really like it. C play

B listen

I couldnt on; it was so funny! A give up


C lead

D principal

B court

C field

D pitch

on football.

B interested

C enthusiastic

B afford

B unhelpful

B more

The deüce is conveniently small, but A on the contrary

D keen

laughing when he fell in the pool with all his clothes

B on the other side

D help

C stand

; they spend more time chatting to each C helping

D helped of the meat as you can.

Yorscan leave the vesetablesbut eat as A much


B front

The sales assistantsare so other than servins customers. A helpless


D touch

vocalist and the bass guitarist sings

Alan's never been very A fond


D go with

The hotel is situated next to an 18-hole solf A course


D found

C match

Johnly Strummer's the the backing vocals.

A first

D viewers

me any more; they're too tight round the waist.

Do you mind if I A put

C audience

to the station the train had alreadv left.

Thesejeans dont A suit

D ankle-length

were friends or family of the actors and actresses.

By the time we A anived



Most of the people in the A public

D Takers

D many

C most

it isnt particuiarly easy to use. C on the other hand

D in addition

test 1 Progress


Writing FCEPaper2 Part I Tbansactional


You are interested in going to a tennis school in England in the summer and you have seen this advertisement in an international magazine. Using the notes you have made, wdte to the John Taylor Tennis School asking for more information.

For professional tenniscoach¡ng ¡n a perfectsetting,cometo the

JOHNTAYLOR TENNISSCHOOL Ourone-weekcoursesrun this yearfrom 16th. April 4th to September numberof people

in group? qe? overcge

All coachingtakesplacebetweenI and 1 o'clock eachday on the finestqualitygrasscourts. Individualand groupcoachingsessionsavailable. in singleor doublerooms. Accommodation

osk obout costschecperin Seplembe??

whoi oboutth¿ oft"rnoon?

and if it ro¡ns...?

For fufther deta¡lswr¡teto: John TaylorTennisSchool Mile Oak Road.Bridmouth BD47QT

Write a letter of between 120 and 180 words in an appropriate style. Do not write any addresses.


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