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JOB TITLE: Secretary. WAGE/HOUR: Non- ... confidential information and proactively problem solve while being versatile a


WAGE/HOUR: Non-Exempt


Executive Director for Transformational Learning



Transformational Learning

DAYS: 243

ROLE AND PURPOSE: To ensure the efficient operations of the office of the Executive Director of Transformational Learning and provide coordinating support and clerical services to the Executive Director of Transformational Learning. Work under general supervision, be knowledgeable concerning district operating procedures, effectively manage time, handle confidential information and proactively problem solve while being versatile and flexible. QUALIFICATIONS: Education/Certification:  High School Diploma or equivalent  Two years of college credit or successful demonstration of areas of competency including typing, word processing, database management, spreadsheet development, presentations, filing procedures, records management, metrics management and tracking, office management, and business writing Experience:  Minimum three (3) years of secretarial experience  Proficient in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Microsoft Excel, and Google Docs/Gmail  Knowledge of school district organization, operation, and administrative policies/procedures  Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills  Customer service orientation and ability to manage competing priorities  Proficient in budget oversight  Ability to utilize personal computer and technology to develop and maintain spreadsheets and databases  Perform complex secretarial and administrative assistance duties/tasks

MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES: I. MANAGEMENT A. Assist the Executive Director of Transformational Learning with administrative matters; exercising considerable judgment and applying experience in making decisions; provide information in accordance with established procedures and policies; refer problems requiring specialized assistance to appropriate administrators B. Oversee, coordinate, prepare, and schedule meetings for the office of the Executive Director of Transformational Learning C. Attend and take minutes during meetings required by the Executive Director of Transformational Learning or and maintain a proper record for communication and documentation purposes D. Design various (electronic and hard copy) forms and distribute on behalf of the Executive Director of Transformational Learning, as required E. Maintain the calendar of the Executive Director of Transformational Learning including appointments, conferences, deadlines, and commitments F. Receive and route phone calls and answer questions effectively and efficiently G. Compose effective correspondence independently; reference policies, rules, and regulations in preparing correspondence; review and edit material prepared by others H. Coordinate and compose communication between the office of the Executive Director of Transformational Learning and other district personnel, stakeholders, educational institutions, vendors, etc. I. Compile data and information on issues or topics, as required J. Prepare and maintain a variety of records, meet schedules and deadlines K. Receive, process, and route mail and other outside communication L. Order, issue, and maintain inventory of office supplies, forms, and equipment M. Maintain and prepare travel documents and mileage reports for the Executive Director of Transformational Learning II.

SCHOOL/ORGANIZATION CLIMATE A. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with others B. Maintain professional office standards and conduct

C. D. E. F. G. H.


Work confidentially with discretion Analyze situations accurately and proactively adopt an effective course of action Communicate effectively both orally and in writing Exhibit an honest, caring attitude toward co-workers, staff, students, parents, and other stakeholders Demonstrates self-control and tact Accepts and carries out assignments in a positive and supportive manner Respond to requests from the staff as directed by the Executive Director of Transformational Learning


ADMINISTRATION AND FISCAL/FACILITIES MANAGEMENT A. Monitor the office budget; prepare changes, corrections or adjustments as necessary; execute all purchases in accordance to established policy or procedures B. Review requisitions and purchase orders processed through the office of the Executive Director of Transformational Learning to ensure accuracy and compliance with district policy, procurement procedures, and state/federal regulations C. Prepare reports by gathering and organizing data from a variety of sources D. Maintain and manage record logs for contract submissions/executions E. Check adequacy of equipment and recommend corrective action on operational deficiencies F. Recognize any hazards in and around assigned work areas and takes corrective actions


SCHOOL/COMMUNITY RELATIONS A. Maintain effective working relationships with the students, parents, district personnel, community and other stakeholders B. Presents a positive role model for students and the community that supports the mission of the AISD C. Responds effectively to questions and concerns in a timely manner


PROFESSIONAL GROWTH AND DEVELOPMENT A. Develop an extensive knowledge of the organization and programs under the Executive Director’s goals and seek out opportunities to expand skills related to job functions


MISCELLANEOUS A. Performs other duties as may be assigned by the Senior Director

The foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilities assigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities and duties that may be assigned or skills that may be required. Approved by


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UPDATED: Human Resources Department June 30, 2015